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gp tuition


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The GP lessons at Irwin’s Study are conducted in a very interactive way where students can participate in an open environment without fear of being ridiculed.

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gp tuition

  1. 1. Founded by Irwin, a former MOE lecturer & tutor who studied in Oxford University, London School of Economics (LSE) & Raffles Institution (RI), Irwin’s Study is a unique tuition centre specializing in General Paper (GP) tuition classes.
  2. 2. In addition to the information given on this website, we also blog regularly on education, society, life, faith, love, philosophy, human nature and all that make up what Plato and Aristotle called ‘the good life’.
  3. 3. Specializing in GP tuition for JC students @ 2 centres: Tampines & Bukit Timah. Irwin’s Study also believes in serving and giving back to the community.
  4. 4. Thank you Irwin for your contributions in helping students who are enrolled in our ‘A’- Level Tuition Subsidy Scheme. They clearly enjoy your classes and say they are able to apply what you have taught them in their examinations. It is a joy to observe your classes as they are engaging and students are very participative. We certainly look forward to many more collaborations with you!” – Khamsiah Yusoff, Yayasan MENDAKI
  5. 5. East Centre Blk 201E Tampines Street 23 #02-106 Singapore 527201 (5-min walk from Tampines JC) West Centre Bukit Timah Shopping Centre #B1-42 Singapore 588179 Call : 98-333-156 E-mail :