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Guide To Collecting Hermes bag:


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Guide To Collecting Hermes bag:

  1. 1. Guide To Collecting Hermesbag: the same amount of money, one could buy a beautiful car; go on a Mediterraneancruise on a luxury ocean liner; aid 100 dropouts in developing countries for a year and so onand so forth. Of cause we have no right to interfere in the spending habits of rich people, butthe truth is that a crocodile Birkin could cost the same as someones full years salary. If wejust buy it to feed our vanity without considering actual economic status, its absolutely notworthwhile. fashion world is to flashy, one can easily be out of his way. Either Im not a crocodileenthusiast or a worshiper of Mammon, I just want give those whom are looking for the greatbag a bit of advice. Though buying a croc Birkin is time-consuming and costly, pursuit of thebeautiful and devotion to artistic beauty and refined taste could never go wrong. If you reallylove the bag, then go get it.What is the most expensive bag in the world? Beyond all doubt it is Hermes Crocodile Birkin.In the early years, Doyle New York auctioned off a Hermes Birkin with crocodile leather and14 carats of pave diamonds hardware for $64,800. Still there is Hermes bag having a muchhigher price. Another pink Hermes bag was sold for $140,000! These bags are sooutstanding as to be beyond comparison with their matchless workmanship. Since they aresynonymous with exclusivity, luxury and wealth, I understand why they need cost us somuch. But is it desirable to spend such a huge amount of money? fact, ordering the bag on Hermes is a matter very time-consuming. When the crocodilebags will be available depend on the supply of materials. Even if you have enough money toorder one bag, you have to wait one or two years to receive it. Once the species used asmaterials cross the line of endanger list, Hermes will no longer supply their products.Fortunately Hermes Company takes eggs from adult crocodile and raises their own forleather supply. Still some people have issue with killing crocodile to make those bags. Well,as long as the fashion house does it in a humane way, it cannot be a problem with me.People like eat chickens and pigs from farms and enjoy the warm comfortable hides ofanimals, so what will make a difference? Certainly a crocodile Hermes Birkin is aboutsomething else, so we must treat it in reason.