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Artist As Entrepreneur Pdf


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Pitch on similarities of Artists and Entrepreneurs

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Artist As Entrepreneur Pdf

  1. 1. CPAC Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute Presentation by Steve Therrien November 9, 2005
  2. 2. Characteristics of Artist v. Entrepreneur artist entrepreneur Innovator/Risk Taker Perseverance Planning/Goal Setting Focus Timing Exit Strategy lots of similarities … interesting but not surprising!
  3. 3. Characteristics of Artist/Entrepreneur v. Business Manager artist manager Innovator/Risk Taker Perseverance Planning/Goal Setting Measurement/Control Focus Timing Reward Driven opportunities for joint benefit abound … just remember you are different
  4. 4. Defining Markets – Artist v. Entrepreneur artist entrepreneur Government Business Religion General Public Private Collector Open Sale Commission market segmentation is key … where are you, how are you differentiated
  5. 5. Defining/Developing Products – Artist and Entrepreneur artist entrepreneur Concept Design Prototypes Function Form Price/Cost Distribution product CTQs … what is important to customer, how are you perceived
  6. 6. Defining Goals/Success Factors – Artist and Entrepreneur CREATIVITY WEALTH Artists and Entrepreneurs struggle for CONTROL RECOGNITION RECOGNITION BALANCE so waddaya-wanna-be when you grow up? you just might get what you ask for!
  7. 7. Success Strategies – Artist and Entrepreneur • Product/market differentiation and segmentation • Play to your strengths … know who you are • Stretch and take risks … pages from J. Welsh playbook • Maintain focus … don’t go chasing the next shiny rock • Timing, be prepared for opportunity … think like a hunter, action oriented • Promote yourself … brand recognition • Ask for feedback … sharpens focus • Relationships are key … act like a hunting pack (compete/co-operate) • Paris in early 1900s - art • SF Bay area in the 1960s – music • Cleveland/Detroit in early 1900s – manufacturing • Silicon valley in 1980s – technology • Medieval fairs and festivals plan, act, measure, control
  8. 8. Success Measurement – Artist and Entrepreneur $$$, Recognition Broader Growth Foothold, Unique Niche Getting Started, Survival customers control impact and scope of success factors … surprise
  9. 9. Success Stories – Artist and Entrepreneur Michelangelo – Commissioned by the Vatican, legacy artwork R. Crumb – Underground following, unique identifiable style Laurel Birch – turned love for cats into international accessory business Matt Stone/Trey Parker – Ya luv ‘em or hate ‘em Nolan Bushnell – Innovator in video gaming who believes that everyone can be successful entrepreneur (note: there is a hitch) success comes in many shapes, forms and sizes … but ACTION key
  10. 10. The Dark Side … • Serial entrepreneurs … failure is an option, but winners don’t give up • Naysayers … the earth is flat until proven otherwise • Fast followers … look over your shoulder, they’re coming • Understand market shifts … the Bowman brain • Ego … the good, the bad, the ugly artists and entrepreneurs can run the fine line between brilliance and lunacy
  11. 11. Other Thoughts … • If you don’t know where you are going, any road will do • Perceptions Preference Choice • The (hu)man, the plan, the market • Following up and following through critical • It’s never to late to learn new tricks … evolve • Winners don’t dwell on their mistakes • People like free things … helps branding, keep them coming back • Life is short … have fun, take risks ultimately its up to you, but having a plan and a good support team helps