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Incnetives Solutions - Sales Performance Management


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Incentives Solutions is a global provider of comprehensive sales performance management and
incentive pay systems that amplify both employee and channel partners’ performance, while
significantly reducing administrative and IT costs.

For more information about sales performance management visit our website:

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Incnetives Solutions - Sales Performance Management

  1. 1. Inspire Motivation. Increase Productivity. Maximize Performance. COMPANY PROFILE March 2012
  2. 2. Company profile 2012 Who We Are Incentives Solutions is a global provider of comprehensive performance measurement and incentive pay systems that amplify both employee and channel partners’ performance, while significantly reducing administrative and IT costs. Established in 2002, Incentives Solutions has an installed base of over 70 Tier 1 and 2 companies in the telecom, insurance, high-tech and other industries. Our field-proven Sales Performance and Compensation Management solutions help you align employee and channel performance at all levels and disciplines with your corporate objectives, growth targets and quest for excellence, while reducing operational costs and maximizing the Return On Incentives (ROI). What We Offer Our flagship INCENTIVES-SPM offering is an innovative Compensation Management and Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution that supercharges the performance of sales operations, driving both revenues and profits. This holistic solution is used to manage incentives programs for your own sales team as well as channel partners, based upon their targets and actual performance. Using powerful analytics, the product translates your company’s strategic goals into tactical incentives programs based upon your sales force's ability to meet and exceed their established goals. INCENTIVES-SPM is an integrated solution that motivates your sales force and maximizes results:  Motivate sales and service staff. Offer any type of incentive program with a full spectrum of commissions for sales, customer contact centers (CSR), retail stores and service depots, channel distribution networks and other channels.  Full access to actionable information. Each employee, manager and channel has access to the most updated information from their own private desktop, including analyticsdriven Next Best Action (NBA) suggestions, self-service tools, simulation capabilities and more.  Easily adapt compensation plans to market demands. Powerful and flexible tools facilitate the fast creation and implementation of customized incentive plans, including simulation and validation.  Implement changes in real-time. Our agile technology platform enables users to implement changes in real-time, providing employees with a full and transparent view of new incentive opportunities at all times. 2 Commercial Confidential March 2012
  3. 3. Company profile 2012  Predict future profits. Gain in-depth insight into operational processes and analytical requirements, enabling you to make sound business decisions based on comprehensive data and powerful analytics.  Regulatory and fiscal management. End-to-end auditing capabilities, log files and tracked changes, electronic signature and other tools eliminate overpayments and comply with SOX and internal regulations. How You Benefit: Measurable Results and Fast ROI By driving enhanced sales performance while streamlining incentives management processes, INCENTIVES-SPM has enabled its customers to achieve outstanding results: • 6% increase in quota attainment • Double-digit top-line growth reported in sales campaigns • 17% increase in attaining sales quotas • 8-10% savings on the annual incentive-pay budget: – – Better accuracy in incentive payments – • Reduced IT and administration resources Financial overhead reduced dramatically 4% improvement in customer satisfaction due to improved performance and customercentric approach of customer support reps Selected Case Studies 3 Commercial Confidential March 2012
  4. 4. Company profile 2012 Blue-Chip Customer Base Our rapidly growing customer base spans over 70 Tier 1 and 2 companies across multiple verticals, including:  Telecom – mobile operators, ISPs, triple-play service providers (including dealer management and call center)  Insurance companies - managing agents, agency performance and commissions  Call / Contact center operations  Enterprises with over 100 payees in high-tech, pharma and other segments (managing sales, marketing, logistics and call center operations) 4 Commercial Confidential March 2012