international journal of research and innovation i influence of viscoscity modifying admixtures on fr interfacial stress analysis of externally plated r design of mould tool & cooling channel optimizatio optimized die structure design of plastic injectio optimized manufacturing processes for cooler tank engineering and technology (ijriset) international journal of research and innovation o study on comparison of self curing of concrete by .dosage of superplasticizer is 1.5% by weight of c thus resulting in the increase in strength. super- in this present experimental investigation an atte increase the density and strength. it can permit t 20% of metakaolin by volume of concrete experimental studies on high performance concrete super plasticiser and other chemicals on high perf an experimental on use of fly ash pellets in concr study of dynamic behaviour of a multistoried rcc s experimental study on the compressive strength of modelling of tall buildings with different slab co experimental behaviour of self compacting concrete assessment of self compacting concrete immersed in experimental investigation of self compacting conc cellular light weight concrete blocks with differe investigation on mechanical properties of bacteria residual compressive strength of ternary blended c performance based analysis of vertically irregular construction waste recycling a review on strengthening of reinforced concrete b model on carpooling technique to reduce congestion flexural behavior of fibrous reinforced cement con design and analysis of earth-quake resistant for m study on durability of concrete when blended with a study on high strength self compacting concrete design and analysis of multi storied structures us analysis and design of residential tower by dynami strengthening of rc beams using frp sheet effect of shear wall area on seismic behavior of m response of lateral system in high rise building u analysis of soft storey for multi storyed building air quality analysis in the city of hyderabad thermal investigation (pressure distribution) on b study and analysis of tree shaped fins by using fl thermal analysis of internal combustion diesel eng thermal investigation on propelant tank material b thermal investigation on open cycle desiccant cool failure analysis of ic engine valves by using fea thermal analysis of double pipe heat exchanger usi an experimental comparative study on the performan experimental investigation on heat transfer by nat desing of mould tool & cooling channel optimizatio a review on hybrid gokart validation of composite drawer using fea at creo-g multi cavity die preparation analysis and manufacturing process of diesel engin geometric optimization of cnc vertical milling mac design and analysis of steam turbine blade and sha geometric optimization of crank shaft for optimum reduction of impact effect on car bumper using mem dynamic analysis of engine block for selection of optimization of wire edm parameters to achieve a f geometric optimization and manufacturing process o investigation of composite torsion shaft using mat comparison of aluminum & composite materials for s locomotive wheel assembly design optimization usin design optimization of excavator bucket using fini design and analysis of heavy vehicle chassis using simulation of deep drawing die for optimized die r simulation and predictive analysis of impact barri geometrical optimization and evaluation of alloy w design and analysis of multi- stage steam turbine design evaluation of flywheel used in petrol engin cprediction of inverse kinematics solution of a re computational analysis of fluid flow through rotat development and characterisation of hibiscus lampa design and material optimization of wind turbine b geometrical and material optimization of alloy whe predictive anslysis of gate and runner system for finite element analysis of casting tool design of
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