economic growth cointegration monetary policy inflation gdp exchange rate profitability granger causality sustainability performance nigeria. gross domestic product ecm fdi co-integration financing vecm two stage least square financial crisis firm value production money and interest rates ols employment insurance sector economy ghana money demand growth capital structure debt nigeria return on asset (roa) net interest margin (nim) demand for money and exchange rate foreign exchang overconfidence economic development growth. imports export saudi arabia principal component analysis microeconomics stock market. volatility liberalization openness emerging market stability ecm. forensic accounting corporate governance agricultural productivity economic activity asymmetry interest rate economic growth. agricultural sector bank performance unemployment economic history banking industry globalization investment causality ardl model. unit root test firm size palestine. pse expertise audit committee independence leadership. developing others conflict management emotional expressions multinational and bilateral relationships good leadership effective performance management linear discriminant analysis. probit regression loan charasteristics probability of default commercial mortgages financial products demand for money financial innovation business productivity equity financing scheme keynesian theory of public debt imf loan federal government bond business productivity. equity investment elv. weee waste oil extended producer responsibility operating performance. r&d multinational corporation remittance the fourth industrial revolution. enterprise accounting cloud computing value added. putput import input stakeholders. internal factors commercial banks developing economy credit private sector frontier stock market trading strategies artificial intelligence machine learning intraday prices efficient market hypothesis tax. exchange interest macroeconomics economic model economic analysis agricultural export labour force middle class. wealth account payable period inventory turnover period current asset (ca) working capital management (wcm) psychological empowerment behavioural dynamics organizational culture organizational structure personality characteristics emotional intelligence leadership behaviours organizational dynamics co-operative behaviours financial cost. non-debt tax shield (ndts) leverage (debt/equity ratio) uganda. official development assistance world oil price shocks debt service. gross capital formation public debt united arab emirates financial stability bank liquidity financial analysis ols regression. risk velocity stock market performance covid-19 coronavirus cycles. business fluctuations economic welfare financial markets and the macroeconomy central banks and their policies reduced form equation simultaneous equation balance of payment monetary approach learning effect feedback self-assessment emotions mood quantity supply. gewata complex systems. graph model corporate development network relationship graph theory mobility occupation intergenerational dutch auction system. macroeconomic variables exchange rate regimes market disequilibrium market equilibrium market failure egarch volatility persistence asymmetric effects conditional variance (volatility) multiple regression analysis. reit dividend policy market capitalization multivariate structural model linear trend model svar model potential gdp output gap and foreign portfolio investment (fpi). reserves uncertainty fixed-income instruments foreign securities rentier economy safe haven monetary policy. central bank jordan foreign portfolio investment worker remittance foreign direct investment international capital flow ardl test granger causality test labor force participation rate macro policy stock investment industry insurance industry asset beta risk managemen marketing consumer packaged goods food marketing consumer decision process rural consumer base-of the pyramid subsistence consumer subsistence market lq-45. csr gcg islamic banking industry. fixed effects model panel data internal determinants bank profitability first bank of nigeria plc sustainable profitability international management royal niger company alfred lewis jones granger-causality test. social welfare. loss function financial markets and the macro-economy human capital. agricultural output healthcare life expectancy mortality rate mmg. waemu west africa gdp. eswatini vector error correction model agriculture ardl. energy prices ottoman empire restricted procedure. open procedure types of public procurement procedures public procurement techniques public procurement next generation access broadband infrastructure in the republic of croati performance. contemporary challenges policy interventions and non performing loan (npl). operating cost (bopo) capital adequacy ratio (car) conventional bank loan to deposit ratio (ldr) granger causality. error correction model oil revenues business performance. business characteristics regional enterprises belt and road adequate stakeholder risk management. stakeholder opposition risk stakeholder accountability theory approach stakeholder theory public-private partnerships stakeholders well-being of the household. multinomial logit education and inequality child labour the rate of bankruptcy springate altman z-score modification accounting information. value relevance ifrs saving. election internet cost credit facilities market performance sales icts afghanistan. import & export : fdi balance of foreign trade exports operations management. mergers and acquisitions stock returns return on investment. electronic funds transfer cheques interbank settlement system petroleum revenue. investments oil and gas production diseconomies. influence stock exchange deposit money financial performance qatar. adjusted operating profit based on operating cash operating profit accruals emerging market. cc by: creative commons attributi bhutan stock market budget policy. terms of trade macroeconomic volatility transfer pricing ardl model : financial sector financial liberalization agriculture business. balkan agriculture value chain nigeria and technology economic and financial crimes cbn. vat bangladesh. influential factors loyalty satisfaction online purchase intention África. tertiary education enrolment gender equality : key drivers rate of return. net profit ratio audit committee board composition psx board size firm performance ownership financial decisions pecking order trade-offs developing economies nigeria stock exchange human capital physical capital labour productivity growth capital accumulation equity multiplier. asset utilization ebit margin interest burden tax burden roe dupont forecasting. technical analysis resistance support : fibonacci retracements inflation. net export industrial output stock exchange market. c foreign exchange market stock trading monetary authority exchange rate policy sims-causality test flow oriented model var/pair wise causality test real stock price returns real exchange rate returns turkey j-curve marshall-lerner condition trade elasticity development classifications measures of growth sovereignty women parallel trading informal sector bank. bank capital cooke ratio impact credit supply capital volatility. news stock price garch german stock index. portfolio optimization garch models heteroscedasticity real effective exchange rate long run short run merchandise trade ardl effective tax rate non-linearity quartile regression technological development sect oral deployment of bank credit capital adequacy exchange rate dynamics gender studies stock price forecasts experiments behavioral finance excess liquidity. islamic banking farming. songhai development initiative keynesians classical apologists government intervention publics goods subsidies agriculture public expenditures unit root tests. error-correction mechanism two-stage regression model world trade organization trade patterns international trade africa governance double scroll attractor. jerk and jounce variation phillips curve new keynesian model moderating effect. musharaka mudharaba ifrs adoption fair value level 2&3 fair value level one fair value accounting earnings predictability hospitality. capacity utilization profit per available room wage employment john keynes macroeconomic management probit model. factors programme willing accessibilty school feeding south korea. mahathir malaysia look-to-the-east idea british germany nardl international financial markets. information and market efficiency forecasting and simulation foreign exchange demand for money and exchange rate gross domestic product growth rate inflation rate shocks : interest rate foreign direct investment (fdi) supply chains multinational corporations : globalization russian ruble (rub). sortino ratio sharpe ratio uncovered interest rate parity (uip) carry trade inflows. gdp per capita integration inclusive growth physical investment. cash flow : financial-market imperfections egarch model. conditional volatility index options stock price. petrochemical firm break date a-share market upward trend. market forces consumer price index adf ted co-integration test. extroversion economy international fisher effect. policy implications foreign capital distribution correlation coefficient trend graph analysis poverty incidence : unemployment rate exchange rate pass-through transmission influx official market parallel market needs. poor people hopelessness minimal standards traditions cointegration. regime shift cexp rexp tfge fuel exports in merchandise (fem) and technology e population growth (pgr) inflation in consumer prices (icp) interest rate spread (irs) democratic rule (dmr) change in government (cig) vietnam. structure linkage index input – output china the civil regime of the moroccan pension fund redistribution and contribution generosity inter and intra generational equity internal performance indicators hong kong stock market. weekend effect short sales labor force survey. logit model principle factor analysis poverty camel. survival strategy business growth shareholders wealth merger and acquisition india. cid cbi sfio sebi top-management team satyam computer modus-operandi used financial statements manipulation of accounts frauds and scams zero-based budgeting incremental budgeting implementation budget punjab districts. panel ardl panel co-integration climate change harrod-domar model oil revenue financial services mobile money financial inclusion impulse response function namibia forecasting yield-curve price. forecast : economic stability quality indicators. equity indicators dropout rate enrolment of students secondary schools primary schools accrual. financial reporting information size quality taxable person. vat returns vat efficiency voluntary compliance savings deregulation demand shocks. zero lower bound new-keynesian models monetary policy discretionary policy impulse-response function. lead-lag effect hkexgem less liquid index hkex large cap liquid index jarrow-van deventer model. arma asset liability management liquidity risk non-maturity deposit manufacturing sector : bank credits financial intermediation. credit analysis asset management problem loans loans default financial constraints. precaution motive transactional motive leverage variance decomposition. asset quality sustainable development. government revenue real gdp balance of payments exchange rates historiographical and sources and methods development of the discipline general fiscal policy history of economic thought role of economists role of economics competitive advantage : swot model credit scoring agencies. credit scoring semiparametric logit kse-100 chemical sector equity working capital management manufacturing sector performance soft-core infrastructure hard-core infrastructure pioneer status infrastructural decay perception tertiary institutions enhancing home economics enrolment vector autoregressive regression (var) export trade non-linear model trade balance technology. product innovation financial service mobile banking correlation analysis eim securitization leaveraging autoregressive distributed lag (ardl) foreign reserves real exchange rate : interest rate differential road transport infrastructure. real consumption expenditure poverty level government expenditure tanzania cooperatives smallholder warehouse e/p. b/p d/p interest rate and securities risk : camp divided payout ratio additional fund needed financial control financial planning stock price oil & gas. abnormal returns. dividend dividend announcement web-based text mining (wtm). rule–based expert system (res) hybrid intelligent system group method of data handling (gmdh) neural networ iron price forecasting january effect beta tunisian stock exchange
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