Laser B1Date   Lesson   Hour   Topics                  Grammar Use of       Vocabulary              Reading               ...
Past Simple and       Ex1, 2 p19 choosing ,                      Ex1-3 p19                         Ex2 p18 write   WB ex1-...
uncountable ex1-3    sentences TB p26-27                       matching true or                                    16 TB p...
p35                                   composition       notes         p100 draft of                                       ...
Debbie                                     sentences TB p43       complete the gaps                     up! P52           ...
Grammar I            Dictionary corner                            Ex1-3 p65                                             WB...
TBp57Use of English p75form a wordTBp58                                             Get Ready to write                    ...
notes TBp65-66                                          TBp65           WB p87 write a                                    ...
The Passive ex1-3     p101 complete each                        complete the                                         61 TB...
Use of English                                                TBp82              TBp82-83p111 form wordsTBp83             ...
Ex1-2 p123                                                  Ex1-3 p122        WB ex1-2 p75                                ...
a plan p165                                                                                                     TBp96Testb...
Dictionary corner    Ex1-2 p142-143                      Get warmed                          WB ex1-2 p87                 ...
Final test   p42-45   Keys TBp142(testbook)
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Laser b1


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Laser b1

  1. 1. Laser B1Date Lesson Hour Topics Grammar Use of Vocabulary Reading Listening Speaking Writing Home work English Do the Laser quiz SB p6-7 Keys in TB p5 Unit1 “Welcome Back!” They’re all learning Ex4 p9 complete Ex1-3 p8-9 Discussion WB ex1-3 p4 English sentences complete the table, pair work p8 WB p97 TB p11 (additional true or false TB p10 TB p121 task) TB p10-11 (ad.tak) (ad.task p11) Present Simple and Ex1-2 p11 matching Ex1-3 p10-11 WB ex1-5 p4-5 Present Continuous complete the matching, ex1-2 p6 ex1-3 p10 choosing advertisement ticking TB p12 1 Grammar Bank p2 TB p13 TB p12-13 WB p97 TB p12 additional task TB p13 Stative verbs Sound station Ex1-3 p13 WB ex1-5 p6-7 ex1,2 p12 ticking, ex1-2 p12 making notes TB p121 completing the circling words TB p14 WB p97 school report TB p14 p15 (ad.task) TB p12 (ad.task) (ad.task) Grammar Bank p4 TB p 13 (ad.task) Ex1 p13 choosing the correct TB p15 answer (ad.task) Ex1-2 p15 Ex1-2 p14 Ex3 p15 make WB ex1-3 p8 TB p16 (ad.task) ordering a plan p152 SB p15 write a matching TB TB p15 letter p15 (ad.task) (ad.task) TB p121 WB p97 Test book key TB p136 Unit 2: “Weird and the unexplained” It’s a strange world! Ex4 p17 complete Ex1-3 p16-17 Discussion WB ex1-3 p9 sentences matching, pair work p16 TB p122 TB p choosing WB p98 TB p 17 (ad.task)
  2. 2. Past Simple and Ex1, 2 p19 choosing , Ex1-3 p19 Ex2 p18 write WB ex1-4 Past Continuous complete the story TB matching, questions p9-10 ex1, 3 p18 p circling the TB p TB p122 TB p ad.task p20 correct answer WB p98 Grammar Bank p TB p ex1 p11 4-6 ad.tasks 1-3 ad.task p19 TB p122 p18-19 WB p98 used to/ would ex1- exI p21 Soundstation Ex 1-4 p20 WB p11-12 2 p20 complete TB p ex1-2 p20 play make notes ex1-6 sentences game describe role- TB p122 WB TB p TB p play p98 exI p21 complete each gap TB p15 additional tasks p20, 21 Ex1-2 p23 Ex3 p23 make Ex1-2 p22 WB p13 ex1-4 TB p15 a plan in make a story TB p122 composition descriptive WB p98 Planner 2 on (short story) p153 TB p15 TB p15 ad.tasks p21- 22 Test Book Unit 2 Test book key TB p p136 Revision units1-2 SB p24-25 Keys TB p23 Check your Units 1-2 WB p14 Keys TB p133-134 WB p109-110 progress Unit 3 “The Law‟s the Law”It’s the law! Ex1-2 p27 complete Ex1-2 p26- Discussion WB ex1-3 p15 the sentences 27ordering pair work p26 TB p122 TB p25 ad.tasks p25 TB p24 TB p24 WB p98 Ad.tasks p24 Countable and Ex1 p29 complete Ex1-3 p29 WB ex1-5 p15-
  3. 3. uncountable ex1-3 sentences TB p26-27 matching true or 16 TB p122- p28 choosing, ad.tasks p27 false TB p26 123 WB p98- finding mistakes Soundstation 99 ex1-2 p17 TB p25 ex1-2 p29 TB p123 WB Grammar Bank p7 circling words p99 ad.task p25-26 TB p27 Articles exI p30 Ex1-2 p31 WB ex1-6 p17- complete the gaps discussion pair 18 TB p27 (+ad.tasks) work role-play TB p123 Grammar Bank p168 TB p28 WB p99 Ex2 p30 complete sentences TB p28 Ex1 p32 matching TB Ex1-2 p33 answer Ex3 p33 make WB ex1-3 p19 p28 the questions TB a plan in WB p99 draft p28-29 composition composition Planner3 p154 TB p28 ad.tasks TB p29 Test Book Unit3 Test Book keys TB p136 Unit4 “Meet the stars”Celebrity interviewer Ex4 p35 complete Ex1-3 p34-35 true Get warmed WB ex1-2 p20 sentences TB p31 or false choosing up! Discussion TB p123 WB TB p30-31 pair work p34 p99 (+ad.tasks p31) TB p30 Present Perfect Ex1-2 p37 complete Ex1-2 p37 WB ex1-4 p20- Simple and Perfect sentences complete the 21 TB p123 Continuous ex1-4 TB p23 lyrics TB p32 WB p99 WB p36 choosing ex1-2 p22 TB TB p31-32 p123 WB p99 Comparatives and Soundstation Ex1-4 p39 WB ex1-5 p22- superlatives ex1 ex1-3 p38 interview a 23 TB p124 p38 complete underline vowel friend pair WB p100 sentences TB p32- sounds TB p33 work role-play 33 (ad/tasks p33) TB p33 exI p39 form words TB p34 (ad.tasks p34) Ex1-2 p41 TB Ex2 p41 make Ex1-2 p40 WB ex1-4 p24 p34-35 ad.tasks a plan in interpreting TB p124 WB
  4. 4. p35 composition notes p100 draft of Plan4 p155 TB choosing TB letter p34-35 p34 Test book Unit 4 p Test book keys TB p137 Revision units3-4 Keys TB p36 SB p42-43 Check your units3-4 WB p Keys TB p134 WB progress p110 Units 5: “The Space Race”Invaders from outer Ex4 p45 complete Ex1-3 p44-45 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p26space ! sentences TB p37-38 matching choosing up! Discussion TB p124 WB ad.task p38 TB p37 pair work p100 group work p37 Will and be going Ex5 p47 complete Ex1-2, 4 p46-47 Ex3 p47 true WB ex1-5 p26- to ex1-3 p46 sentences TB p39 matching or false TB p 27 TB p124 choosing TB p38 ad.task p39 TB p39 ad.task WB p100 ex1-2 ad.task p38 p39 p28 TB p124 Grammar Bank p14 WB p100 Present Simple and Soundstation Ex1-3 p49 WB p1-4 p28- Present Continuous ex1-2 p48 discussion role 29 TB p124- to talk about future circling the play p 168 TB 125 WB p100- ex1 p48 complete word TB p40 p40 101 the letter TB p39 Grammar Bank p16 ex4 p49 TB p41 ad.task p41 Ex2 p50 matching Ex1-2 p51 Ex3 p50 WB ex1-4 p30 TB p41 answer the rewrite the TB p125 write questions letter a letter WB TB p41- TB p p101 42(+ad.task p42) ex 1 p50 using set phrases TB p41 Test Book unit 5 p Test Book keys TBp137 Unit 6: “It takes all sorts”Laser magazine Ex3-4 p53 complete Ex1-2 p52-53 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p 31
  5. 5. Debbie sentences TB p43 complete the gaps up! P52 TB p125 WB (+ad.task) TB p43 (+ad.task describing TB p101 p43) p43 Modals1 (ability, Ex4 p55 TB p44-45 Ex1-2 p55 WB ex1-4 p31- advice, permission) ad.task p45 choosing TB 32 TB p125 ex1-2 p54 choosing p44 WB p101 TB p44 WB ex1-2 p33 Grammar Bank TB p WB p16 p101 ad.task p44 Modals2 Soundstation Ex2-4 p57 WB ex1-5 p33- (possibility, ex1-2 p57 play make notes, 34 TB p125 probability, game TB p46 compare role WB p101 certainty) ex1 p56 ex1 p56 play p168 Grammar Bank p19 TB p46 TB p46 ad.task p45 Ex5 p57 complete the advert TB p46- 47 ad.task p47 Ex1 p58 lay out Ex3 p59 make Ex2 p58 TB WB ex1-4 p35 and text structure a plan in p47 TB p125 true of false composition WB p101 write TB p47 Planner6 p157 a report Ex1-2 p59 answer TB p47-48 the questions, make notes TB p47-48 Test Book Unit 6 p Test Book key p138 Revision units 5-6 SB p60-61 keys TB p49 Check your WB p Keys TB p134 WB progress units5-6 p110 Units 7 “Going Out and Staying in”Minority Report / Ex1 -2 p63 complete Ex1-2 p62-63 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p37TavistockToyMuseum sentences fill in… matching TB p up! p62 TB p125 TB p50-51ad.task p51 50 ad.task p50 discussion pair WB p102 work, group work TB p50
  6. 6. Grammar I Dictionary corner Ex1-3 p65 WB ex1-4 p38 Modal perfect ex1- Ex4 p65 complete matching TB p125-126 2 choosing sentences TB p52 TB p52 WB ex1-2 p39 completing TB p126 sentences TB p51 Grammar Bank p21 Grammar II Soundstation Ex1-4 p67 WB ex1-4 p39 -ing form or full ex1-2 p66 circle complete the TB p126 infinitive? ex1-2 the words table role play p66 complete the TB p53 p168 paragraph TB p53-54 TB p52-53 Grammar Bank p21 Ex5 p67 TB p54 Use of English p67 Ex1 p69 answer Ex2 p69 make Ex1-2 p68 WB ex1-2 p41 TBp54 the questions notes TBp54 match types of TBp126 TBp54 writing TBp54 Get ready to WB p69 write write p69 ex3 an article TBp make a plan p158 TBp54 Test book Unit7 p18-19 keysTBp138 Unit 8 : The Problem PageAsk Miranda ! Dictionary corner p71 Ex1-3 p70-71 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p42 complete each choose the correct up ! p70 work TBp126 sentence TBp55-56 answer TBp55 in pairs TBp55 Grammar 1 Dictionary corner p73 Ex1-3 p73 true WB ex1-5 p42- Zero, First and form nouns from the or false TBp56- 43 TBp126 Second verbs TBp57 57 WB ex1-4 p44 Conditionals ex1-3 TBp126 p72 choose the correct answer TBp Grammar 2 Soundstation Ex1-4 p75 do WB ex1-4 p45 Time clausesp74 p74 play a game role-playing TBp126-127 put verbs into the TBp58 TBp58 correct form
  7. 7. TBp57Use of English p75form a wordTBp58 Get Ready to write Ex1-3 p76 WB ex1-3 p46 ex1-2 p77 answer write TBp127 the questions suggestions TBp59 TBp58-59 Ex3 p77 make WB p77 write a a plan p159 letter TBp write a letter of advice TBp59Test book Unit 8 p20-21 Keys TBp138Check your Units1-8 WBp47-48 Keys TBp134progressRevision units7-8 p78-79 keys TBp60 Unit 9 : It‟s the way you tell „em ! Dictionary Corner Ex1-3 p80-81 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p49 p81 complete each match texts to the up ! p80 work TBp127 sentence TBp62 cartoons TBp61 in pairs or in groups TBp61Grammar 1 Dictionary corner Ex1-3 p83 WB ex1-4 p49-Third conditional ex1-2 p83 match to complete 50 TBp127ex1-2 p82 complete make sentneces TBp sentences WB ex1-2 p51the sentences 63 TBp63 TBp127TBp62 Soundstation p83 TBp63Grammar 2 Ex1-3 p84-85 WB ex1-6 p50-Relative clauses compare and 51 TBp127ex1-3 p84 complete contrast theTBp64 the photos TBp64-sentenecss 65Use of English !p85 choose thecorrect answerTBp65 Get ready to write Ex3 p87 make WB ex1-3 p53 ex1-2 p87 make a plan p160 TBp127
  8. 8. notes TBp65-66 TBp65 WB p87 write a story TBp Test book unit 9 p22-23 Keys TBp138-139 Unit 10 : Fair Play !Up and Down! Dictionary corner p89 Ex1-3 p88-89 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p54 complete a paragraph match paragraphs up ! p88 work TBp127-128 TBp68 TBp67 in pairs TBp67 WB ex1-5 p54- 55 TBp128 Grammar 1 Dictionary corner Ex1-3 p91 label WB ex1 p56 Conditionals Ex1-2 p90 complete pictures with a TBp128 revision and unless the sentences TBp69 word TBp69 ex1-3 p90 rewrite sentences TBp68- 69 Grammar 2 Soundstation Ex1-3 p93 WB ex1-6 p56- So, enough, such, ex1-3 p92 play a interview each 57 TBp128 too game TBp70 other TBp70- Ex1-2 p92 choose 71 the correct words TBp 69-70 Use of English ! p93 complete each sentences TBp71 Get ready to Ex3 p95 make WB ex1-2 p58 write ! ex1-2 p95 a plan p161 TBp128 make notes TBp71 TBp71 WB p95 write a write an letter TBp informational letter TBp71 Test book unit 10 p24-25 Keys TBp139 Check your Units9-10 WBp59 Keys TBp134 progress Revision units 9-10 Keys TBp72 Term test2 (testbook) p26-27 Keys TBp139 Unit 11 : The of Plenty landWe’re talking Dictionary corner p99 Ex1-3 p98-99 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p60Rubbish ! match words and answer the up ! p98 work TBp128 phrases TBp74 questions TBp73- in pairs or 74 groups TBp73 Grammar 1 Dictionary corner Ex1-3 p101 WB ex1-4 p60-
  9. 9. The Passive ex1-3 p101 complete each complete the 61 TBp128-129p100 find the sentence TBp76 sentences WB ex1-2 p62mistakes TBp74-75 TBp75-76 TBp129Grammar 2 Soundstation Ex1-3 p102- WB ex1-5 p62-The causative ex1- p102 circle the 103 role-play 63 TBp1292 p102 rewrite each words you hear TBp77sentence TBp 76 TBp76-77Use of English !p103 choose thecorrect answersTBp77 Ex1-2 p105 Ex 1-3 p104 WB ex1-2 p64 answer the complete the TBp129 questions TBp78 sentences TBp78 Get ready to WB p105 (SB) write write a discursive composition composition TBp ex2,3 p105 make up a plan p162 TBp78Testbook unit11 P28-29 keys TBp140 Unit 12 : CU@8 Dictionary corner Ex1-3 p106-107 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p65 p107 complete each choose the correct up ! p106 TBp129 phrase TBp80 answer TBp79 discussion in pairs or groups TBp79Grammar 1 Dictionary corner Ex1-2 p109 WB ex1-5 p65-Past Perfect Simple ex1-2 p109 rewrite match gestures 66 TBp129and Past Perfect nouns correctly TBp81Continuous ex1-3 TBp81 WB ex1-2 p67p108 put verbs into TBp129-130the correct formTBp80Grammar 2 Soundstation WB ex1-4 p67-Reported speech ex ex1-3 p110 68 TBp130p110 complete the underline the Ex1-2 p111information TBp82 stressed syllable play game
  10. 10. Use of English TBp82 TBp82-83p111 form wordsTBp83 Ex1 p113 answer Ex1-2 p112 WB ex1-3 p69 the questions selecting the TBp130 TBp83 appropriate style TBp83 Get ready to WB p113 (SB) write. write an e-mail Informal transactional e-mail ex2p113 make a plan TBp83- 84Testbook unit12 p30-31 keys TBp140Check your Units 11-12 WBp70 Keys TBp134progressRevision units11- p114-115 keys TBp8512 Unit 13 : Getting By Dictionary corner Ex1-3 p116-117 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p71 p117 complete each give reasons up ! p116 TBp130 sentence TBp87 TBp86 discussion in pairs or groups TBp86Grammar 1 Dictionary corner Ex1-3 p119 WB ex1-4 p71-Reported questions p119 ex1-2 p119 guessing TBp88 72 TBp130ex1-2 p118 complete word WB ex1-2 p73complete the text patterns TBp88 TBp130TBp87Grammar 2 Soundstation Ex1-4 p121 do WB ex1-5Indirect questions ex1-2 p120 role-playing p73-74ex1-3 p120 match circle the words TBp89-90 TBp130-131to make indirect you hear TBp89questions TBp88-89Use of Englishp121 completeeach sentenceTBp90
  11. 11. Ex1-2 p123 Ex1-3 p122 WB ex1-2 p75 answer the rewrite TBp131 questions TBp90- questions 91 TBp90 Get ready to WB p123 (SB) write letter of write a letter application TBp ex2-3 p123 make a plan p164 TBp90- 91 Testbook unit 13 p32-33 keys TBp140-141 Unit 14 : Away From Home Dictionary corner Ex1-3 p124-125 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p76 p125 complete each underline the best up ! p124 TBp131 sentence TBp93 heading TBp92-93 discussion in pairs or groups TBp92Grammar 1 Dictionary corner Ex1-4 p127 WB ex1-5 p76-Future Perfect p126 choose the circle the correct 77 TBp131Simple and Future correct word TBp94 answer TBp94 WB ex1 p78Continuous ex1-3 TBp131p126 put verbs intothe correct formTBp93Grammar 2 Soundstation Ex1-4 p128- WB ex1-5 p78-Wish and if only p128 play a 129 do the 79 TBp131ex1-2 p128 TBp94- game TBp95 role-play95 activity TBp95Use of Englishp129 complete thetext TBp95-96 Ex1-2 p130 WB ex1-2 p80 interpreting TBp131 information true or false TBp96 Ex1-2 p131 Get ready to WB p131 (SB) answer the write letter of write a letter questions TBp96 compelaint TBp ex3p131 make
  12. 12. a plan p165 TBp96Testbook unit14 p34-35 keys TBp141Check your Units13-14 WB p81 Keys TBp134progressRevision units13- p132-133 keys TBp9714 Unit15 : Make or Break Dictionary corner Ex1-3 p134-135 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p82 p135 complete each complete the gaps up ! p134 TBp132 sentence TBp99 TBp98-99 discussion in pairs or groups TBp98Grammar 1 Dictionary corner Ex1-2 p137 note WB ex1-5 p82-prefer, would p137 complete each down ambitions 83 TBp132rather, had better sentence TBp100 TBp100 WB ex1-2 p84ex1-3 p136 TBp132complete theparagraph TBp99Grammar 2 Soundstation Ex1 p138 WB ex1-5 p84-direct and indirect ex1-3 p138 answer the 85 TBp132objects ex1-2 p138 circle the words questionsrewrite each you hear TBp101-102sentence TBp101 TBp101Use of English !ex1-3 p139 roleplay TBp102 Ex1-2 p140 WB ex1-3 p86 using the TBp132 correct register rewrite each sentence TBp102 Ex1-2 p141 Get ready to WB p141 (SB) answer the write ! ex3 write an article questions TBp103 p141 make a TBp plan p116 TBp103Testbook unit15 p36-37 keys TBp141 Unit 16 : Buy, Buy, Buy !
  13. 13. Dictionary corner Ex1-2 p142-143 Get warmed WB ex1-2 p87 p143 complete each do the up ! p142 TBp132-133 sentence TBp105 questionnaire discussion in TBp104-105 pairs or groups TBp104Grammar 1 Dictionary corner Ex1-3 p144-145 WB ex1-4 p88Question tags ex1- p145 complete the true or false TBp1333 p144 match to table TBp106 TBp105-106 WB ex1-2 p89make sentences TBp133TBp105Grammar 2 Soundstation Ex1-3 p147 WB ex1-5 p89-although, even ex1-3 p146 say give resons 90 TBp133though, despite, sentences TBp108insite of ex1-2 TBp107p146 completeeach sentenceTBp107Use of Englishp147 form a wordTBp108-109 Ex1-2 p149 Ex1-2 p148 WB ex1 p91 answer the find mistakes TBp133 questions TBp109 (punctuation and capitalisation) TBp108 Get ready to WB p149 (SB) write ! report write a report ex3 p149 TBp make a plan p167 TBp109Testbook unit 16 p38-39 TBp141-142 keys Student’s score sheet testbook p46Check your Units9-16 WBp92- Keys TBp135progress 93Revision units 15- SBp150-151 Keys TBp11016 Term test3 (testbook) p40-41 Keys TBp142End of the year WB p94-95 Keys TBp133fun !
  14. 14. Final test p42-45 Keys TBp142(testbook)