Server Side Event Driven Programming


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Emerging paradigms - Server side event driven programming.

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Server Side Event Driven Programming

  1. 1. Emerging Paradigms -Server Side Event Driven Programming Kamal Hussain
  2. 2. Agenda● Linear Vs Nonlinear Code● Concurrency through threads and events● Event loop● PHP and Javascript● Node.js - closeup● Important concepts
  3. 3. We are used to ..val client = new HttpClient()val method = new GetMethod("")val statusCode = client.executeMethod(method)println("Server responded with %d" .format(statusCode))
  4. 4. Event driven approachvar callback = function(data) { console.log("firing callback " +data);};$.get(/endpoint, callback);console.log(Did you see callback?);
  5. 5. Achieving scale and concurrency● Multiple threads/processes● Size the threadpool correctly● Each thread is responsible for one task such as serving a request● Asynchronous programming
  6. 6. Asynchronous withthreads/processes
  7. 7. Asynchronous with events
  8. 8. Problems with Threads● Hard to program● Memory requirements are high● Large overhead● Context switching● Priority inversion
  9. 9. Threads wait
  10. 10. Cost of IOL1 Cache 3 CyclesL2 Cache 14 Cycles RAM 250 cycles Disk 41 000 000 cycles Network 240 000 000 cycles
  11. 11. Event Loop Architecture courtsey:
  12. 12. Writing synchronous VsAsynchronous// Good: write files asynchronouslyfs.writeFile(message.txt, Hello Node, function (err) { console.log("Its saved and the server remains responsive!");});// BAD: write files synchronouslyfs.writeFileSync(message.txt, Hello Node);console.log("Its saved, but you just blocked ALL requests!");This can cause performance drop from thousands of requests/seconds to a fewdozen/second.
  13. 13. Tale of two languages● PHP was invented in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorfas as a replacement for CGI scripts● PHP was a substitute for single-threaded C programs● Brendan Eich developed Javascript in 1995 for a completely different purpose. JS was designed to run within Netscape Navigator and was primarily designed to handle events.PHP -> eventless, Javascript -> eventful
  14. 14. Node.js● Ryan Dahl invented Node.js in 2009 as a continuation of Javascript heritage.● Node.js is modeled after multi-task, multi- page handling of a web server.
  15. 15. Whats Node.js?"Node.js is a server-side software system designed forwriting scalable Internet applications, notably web servers.Programs are written on the server side in JavaScript,using event-driven, asynchronous I/O to minimize overheadand maximize scalability." - from wikipedia
  16. 16. Node.js - asynchronous I/O● First class functions● Closures● Event loop● Callback countersCPU intensive tasks are delegated to workers
  17. 17. PHP Way$fp = fopen("fp.txt", w)fwrite($fp, "hello world");fclose($fp);
  18. 18. Node.js wayvar fs = require(fs);, w, 0666,function(error, fp) { fw.write(fp, helloworld, null,utf-8, function() { fs.close(fp, function(error) { }); });});
  19. 19. Node.js simple examplevar http = require(http);http.createServer(function(req, res) { res.writeHead(200, {Content-Type :text/plain}); res.end("Hello Worldn");}).listen(8000, "");console.log("Server running at");
  20. 20. Node.js Core APIsEvents EventTransmitter Event listener Event emitter Call backHttpI/O
  21. 21. Node.js WorkersSynchronous callWorkers are blockedCall returns
  22. 22. Workers Vs EventsWorkers 1 event per connection N workers per CPUEvents N connections per CPU 1 process per CPU
  23. 23. Node.js Typical Applications● Proxy● API server ○ REST API calls ○ Simple transformationsSee performance comparisons at:
  24. 24. Concepts to learnFirst class functionsLambdas - anonymous functionsClosuresNon-blocking IO
  25. 25. Deploying Node.js
  26. 26. Key takeaway Learn Javascript and functional programming. Future is brighter :)
  27. 27. Reference● Node - Up and Running by Tom Hughes-Croucher, Mike Wilson - Oreilly● Node.js for PHP Developers - Oreilly● Javascript: The definitive guide - Oreilly● LinkedIn, Netflix Blogs● programmers-1-event● nodejs-event-loop-91298● in-node-dot-js