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Rich's Rules


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Rich's Rules

  1. 1. Your Life, Rule 1: Rule 2: “It’s all about “Always push My Rules perception” the boundaries” 4 Rules to live your life by This one sometimes confuses Some consider this the golden people, basically it depends rule, but they’re wrong. It relies how you look at it. As ‘Cool upon rule 1, as what constitutes Rich’ says “everything depends ‘pushing the boundaries’ is a ‘Cool Rich’ on your perspective on it.” matter of perception! Rule 3: Rule 4: “Never (ever) “Don’t get blood show any on your sword” insecurity” This one’s obvious boys, you Insecurities get you into trouble, shouldn’t have to be told. But and not only with the opposite ‘Cool Rich’ has a tip for you; “If sex. but also dicey golf buggy the red river’s flowing, you can incidents. Don’t show them! always take the dirt track.”