Road cycling bangkok to phuket 10 days


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This route has some of the best coastal scenery available in Thailand as you ride along the Gulf of Thailand before crossing to the Andaman Sea. You’ll ride through quaint little villages, rest in world-class resort areas, eat delicious seafood and visit national parks known for their natural attractions. This a road ride and is flat and fast with some undulating hills thrown into the mix. Get to know the locals, be surrounded by statuesque limestone peaks and wiggle your toes in Thailand’s soft and warm sand as you enjoy the sights and sounds of endless beaches.

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Road cycling bangkok to phuket 10 days

  1. 1. Road Cycling Bangkok to Phuket 10DaysThis is a scenic and awe-inspiring adventure with seemingly endless beach views. Riding down thenarrowest part of Thailand this tour snakes along the east and west coast of Thailand, giving you theopportunity to compare the beauty of the beaches on the Gulf of Thailand to those on the AndamanSea.On this 850 kilometre road ride you’ll cycle on smooth tarmac through quaint little villages, passBuddhist temples and waving children as you absorb the slower pace of life of the relaxed and friendlylocals.Our cycling starts just outside Bangkok and ends on the beach in Phuket. In between we ride along somespectacular coastline scenery and are awed by the spectacular limestone cliffs jutting vertically out ofthe landscape.Crossing the Isthmus of Kra will prove to be hilly but offer up great scenery as a reward. We overnight ata hot spring resort and continue down Thailand’s west coast to the rugged beauty of Khao Lak beforecrossing the bridge to the island of Phuket. We overnight at beautiful resorts where you can take arefreshing dip in the pool before indulging in some fresh off-the-boat seafood.Varied riding, spectacular coastline scenery, statuesque peaks and the warm and hospitable Thai culturewill be among the many highlights of this adventure.Day 1: Day in BangkokBangkok, the pulsating metropolitan capital of Thailand, offers endless choices for excursions,adventures and shopping. Visit the Kings’ Palace, stand in awe before splendid Temples, or discoverhistorical Bangkok on a river tour. Look forward to culinary treats and endless shopping in a priceparadise. Take the opportunity to visit the huge Chatuchak weekend market on the Saturday before thetour starts. We suggest that you stay a couple of days before the tour in this exotic, fascinating city. Wegladly offer you our services to book your accommodation in Bangkok and provide you with furtherinformation to make your visit more enjoyable.More information can be found at: www.tourismthailand.comInformation Evening before Tour StartThe participants check in to their rooms in the elegant 4-star Hotel on Sukhumvit Road in the heart ofBangkok. In the evening we will welcome you in a meeting in this exquisite Hotel. You will receive allinformation regarding the tour, and you will learn useful details about your host country and afterwardswe will hand out the team jersey and backpack to all participants. While sharing a sumptuous buffetdinner we will have the opportunity of getting to know each other before the ride.Day 2: Phetchaburi (Start) – Hua Hin = 73 km / 45 milesIn a comfortable minibus we leave Bangkok traveling southwest to Phetchaburi. The drive outboundfrom the very heart of Bangkok to our start location takes about an hour and a half. After checking outthe fit of our bikes, we depart on our starting stage, rolling along flat sideroads and shoreline to Cha-Am,where we pause for lunch. The last miles to Hua Hin we ride along the low traffic main roads. In Hua Hin,an older seaside resort, Thailand welcomes us with plenty of good restaurants, shops and a 5 km (3
  2. 2. miles) long white sandy beach. Arriving in the afternoon, we will check in to our hotel where we canrefresh ourselves in the large pool.Day 3: Hua Hin – Prachuap Kiri Khan = 111 km / 69 milesAfter a splendid breakfast we ride the first 13 km (8 miles) on main road before turning off onto quiet,scenic rural roads. Numerous shrimp farms are spread through the countryside. We pass among thearresting limestone karsks of Khao Sam Roi Yod National Park and ride towards the sleepy town ofPrachuap Khiri Khan. Passing along a seaside promenade, we ride to our Hotel on the seawall with itsstunning view of the bay and only 4 km (2.5 miles) distance to the romantic beach at Ao Manao for agood swim. Very close by, you’ll find a beautiful hilltop Buddhist temple with a spectacular view; thetemple is very popular with the local monkeys. In the evening we will enjoy excellent dining with plentyof local specialties.Day 4: Prachuap Kiri Khan – Haad Baan Krut = 72 km (44 miles)In the first 20 km (13 miles) we cross the military airstrip and ride delightful sideroads through charmingtowns before continuing for a stretch on the main road which has excellent paved shoulders, anopportunity for the sprinters. We leave the highway and ride the last approximately 15 km (9 miles)once again on sideroads, to the beautiful beach of Haad Ban Krut – our finishing point for the day’sstage. The tiny, dreamy village is situated on a stunning beach – a Thai secret! At the north end of theidyllic beach a spectacular modern temple overlooks the bay – worth a late afternoon excursion. Riderswill be thrilled by the ride along the palm-studded beach backed by the green foliage of the lushhinterlands. The resort, located directly on the spectacular, nearly deserted sandy beach with excellentswimming, also features two lovely pools in jungle settings and a stunning spa offering excellent Thaimassage, a welcome invitation to relax.Day 5: Haad Baan Krut – Chumphon = 122 km / 76 miles, rollingStarting off riding along the beach road colonnaded with palms, this day we’re cycling this rolling stageon quiet sideroads displaying a rich variety of Thai life. We pass numerous plantations, rice paddies andpalm groves. In the little villages we are always greeted with a hearty “Hello”. The beach of Ao Tha WuaLaen is our finishing point for the day, a serene eco-resort sequestered near a quiet fishing communityon an exquisite beach, located 15 km (9 miles) north of Chumphon.Day 6: Day of rest in ChumphonThe day of rest offers the opportunity to sleep in, relax or stay by the Hotel pool. Nature lovers mayprefer the white sandy beach and the warm sea water and perhaps later, treat themselves to anexcellent massage. The restless may enjoy an optional ride down the coast on the bikes past otherfishing and farming communities and beaches. Chumphon is considered to be the gateway to the southof Thailand and therefore offers plenty of opportunities to see and explore with the tour bus. Othersmay opt to just enjoy a quiet day on this beautiful beach, which still seems like a secret Thai destination.Day 7: Chumphon – Ranong = 140 km / 86 miles, rollingWe will make an early start and after 16 km (10 miles) enter Chumphon, the capital of the provincebeyond which the road gets a bit steeper, hillier and very curvy. We will see splendid fruit orchards andtall palm trees with fan like tops as we climb over the height of land dividing the Gulf of Thailand fromthe Andaman Sea. On the way we will pause to taste local Dim Sum specialties. We pass the marker forthe Isthmus of Kra, the narrowest part of the Malaysian peninsular, lunch at a floating restaurant,refresh at the pool beneath a breathtaking waterfall before descending to Ranong, located on the Indian
  3. 3. Ocean and bordering Burma. Here we check into a lovely Hotel which offers Hot Spa/ Thermal pools andswimming pool. The thermal waters are highly regarded for their healing effects and may be just thething after our longest stage. Riders may relax in the thermal pools or swim in the outdoor pool. Thewellness facility offers us a well earned massage.Day 8: Ranong – Kuraburi = 127 km / 78 miles, rollingFrom Ranong, our route turns south again, riding rolling roads along the shoulder of hills covered in rainforest with spectacular waterfalls appearing on the slopes above. There is always something to see,whether it is monkeys jumping around in the tree tops or elephants clearing the undergrowth – astrenuous work. The last miles of our stage finish with a climb up to our Hotel, nestled like an oasis inthe middle of the jungle. Set in a splendid garden with a small lake and a swimming pool among amazingtropical plants, birds and butterflies, riders breathe the fresh mountain air and let the feeling of the lushrain forest sink in.Day 9: Kuraburi – Khao Lak = 74 km / 46 miles, rollingOur stage today begins with an invigorating descent before leading us through rubber plantations,coconut groves and little villages. After Takuapa we will reach the coast of the Andaman Sea. Khao Lak islocated at the foot of the splendidly verdant Lamru National Park. The resort’s swimming pool and thebeautiful white sandy beach compel us to swim. Jungle fans can explore the National Park on the back ofan elephant.Day 10: Khao Lak – Phuket = 90 km / 56 miles, rollingWe will ride on the main road to our finishing point, south towards – Phuket. After 60 km (37 miles) wecross the famous Sarasin bridge and reach Thailand’s biggest island. We finally arrive at Choeng Thale /Laguna and dismount at the Siam Bike Tours shop. Proud of our achievement, but a little melancholythat this wonderful road bike tour is already over, we lift our glasses with a refreshing drink to propose atoast to the tour.INFORMATIONSurface and Terrain: GuidedThis tour is 100% on road and we have designed the route with road bikers in mind. We start with atransfer out of Bangkok to avoid the dangers of riding through a very busy metropolis.The first half of the ride is on flat roads mainly following the beach. The total distance is 528 miles/850kilometres in eight riding days. Some of the distances are quite long, but the roads are smooth making itan achievable distance on a road bike.The trip is fully supported and your guide’s expert knowledge of the area and terrain means that youalways know what is coming up in terms of distance and difficulty. This makes a tremendous difference,as does the constant supply of cold drinks, ice and fresh fruit.Fitness, of course, will be a huge asset on those long days and on the undulating hills. The tour is fullysupported and the bus is always close at hand for those that find the riding too difficult.This tour is rated Challenging and is for cyclists in above average physical condition.
  4. 4. How To Get There: GuidedTour startNearest airport: Bangkok, ThailandTour endNearest airport: Phuket, ThailandInternational and domestic flights to and from these places are not included in the tour price. Pleasecontact us for advice before arranging flights for the best arrival and departure times.Weather: GuidedSouthern Thailand has a tropical climate with fairly high humidity. There are three seasons: from Marchto June it is hot and dry, with temperatures between 27C/ 80F and 35C/95F and, with nighttemperatures in the 20s.The rainy season is from July to October, but temperatures are slightly lower, because of the effect ofthe rain. During this time it will not rain continuously, but in sharp bursts, and the sun can come outquickly.The cooler season is from October to February, with average temperatures between 20C/68F and30C/86F.Weather Underground offers information on average and record temperatures at many destinationsthroughout the globe. Type a destination in the search box and enter a travel date range to learn aboutseasonal weather patterns.Get weather information.Visas and Vaccinations: GuidedVisasAll nationalities require a passport for entry into Thailand. Please ensure your passport is valid for atleast 6 months from date of entry. If staying less than 30 days then a visa in advance is not required byEuropean, North American, Australian and many other nationalities. You will need to show proof of anonward flight out of Thailand to be eligible for the visa on arrival. This is strictly enforced.VaccinationsWe recommend that you visit a travel medical doctor and ask about the following vaccinations: typhoid,polio, tetanus and hepatitis A. A certificate for Yellow Fever is required when arriving from an infectedarea within six days.Food and Drink: GuidedMeals are included as per the itinerary where B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner. Most meals are localand feature noodles, rice, curries and soups. Any special dietary requirements can also be catered for aswell. Please let us know at the time of booking.Keeping you completely hydrated is a job we take very seriously. Cold water, some energy-restoringdrinks while you are riding are included in the tour price while riding. Soft drinks and other beveragesduring meals are not included. Beer is freely available everywhere, but is NOT included in the price.
  5. 5. Money and Currency: GuidedThe Thai currency is the baht. ATMs, which are abundant, are the easiest ways to get Thai baht. Have asupply of US dollars in cash on hand, just in case your card doesn’t work. Banks or the more rare privatemoneychangers offer the best foreign-exchange rates. Credit cards are accepted in big cities and resorthotels but you’ll need baht for family-run guesthouses or restaurants.We recommend that you tuck away a few extra dollars, perhaps US$20, for incidentals.Packages and Prices: GuidedPer person, double occupancy: USD1795Single room supplement (1 person/1 room): USD475Bike Rentals: USD260Notice: We can arrange additional customized trips for you if the above itinerary does not match yourexpectations.AVAILABLE DEPARTURE DATES29 Jun, 2013Seats available…15 July, 2013Seats available…21 Aug, 2013Seats available…27 Sep, 2013Seats available…15 Oct, 2013Seats available…10 Nov, 2013Seats available…29 Dec 2013Seats available…10 Jan, 2014Seats available…20 Feb, 2014Seats available…05 Mar, 2014Seats available…15 Apr, 2014Seats available…
  6. 6. 17 May, 2014Seats available…19 Jun, 2014Seats available…20 Jul, 2014Seats available…27 Aug, 2014Seats available…07 Sep, 2014Seats available…10 Oct, 2014Seats available…17 Nov, 2014Seats available…19 Dec, 2014Seats available…Contact: tours@greentrailtours.asiaMore: