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Google services-audio-to-text-conversion


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Google services-audio-to-text-conversion

  1. 1. Google Service Audio to TextWebsite: http://www.hitechtranscriptionservices.comGoogle services converts, audio to text translates multiplelanguage text to desired language text and now Googletranslates voice inputs.If you are tired of reading lengthy eBooks, white paper or otherinformation online than use Google services to read and listento selected text. “SpeakIt” an indigenous Google serviceprovides the facility to convert text to audio.Is that means there are numerous other online services,application or software that can convert speech, voice oraudio into text? We find many questions of this kindregularly on internet like: • People are looking for spoken word to audio speech recognition file into text. software, tools or • Microcassettes full of applications for mobile devices. • Business willing to add speech input capabilities to their applications using specific APIs. • Way to upload audio files to Google Voice memos transcription mail for auto to text formats. transcription of audio files to text format. • Search for software’s that will convertSome of these services are available either by Google or byindependent website and companies.