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Best Quality Olive Oil In India


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We are engaged in Importing, Trading, Wholesaling and Supplying an attractive collection of Italian pasta, soya chunk, pomace & extra virgin olive oil in India.

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Best Quality Olive Oil In India

  1. 1. Supplier & Wholesaler of Tru Olive Oil, Green Tea, Pulses and Italian Pasta
  2. 2. Serving good health with every grain HiSense brings health in a pulsating way through Perfect Pulses. Imported from the best of Asian countries, these pulses adhere to the highest standards of quality. Providing a perfectly balanced and unadulterated meal, the pulses retain their delicious flavour without losing its appetizing colour, texture and aroma. Every grain of pulses is 100% graded using modern technology to ensure no impurities, damaged or weevil led grains making the dals, ready to cook. No need to clean grains at home, simply relish the healthy flavour. Choices of pulses • Toor dal • Moong Sabut
  3. 3. Olive O A sip of freshness to start your dayrop of gealth Green Tea is considered to be the healthiest beverage on the planet. To enrich you with this beverage’s multiple health benefits, HiSense presents Fresh Leaves Green Tea. It’s loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. Health benefits • Improves brain function • Burns fat and thus helps in weigh loss • Lowering risk of cancer • Kills bacteria & lowers risk of infection • Reduces risk of Type ll Diabetes • Lowers risk of Cardiovascular disease
  4. 4. To add a dash of protein to your diet, HiSense brings you Perfect Soya Chunks. They have multiple health benefits that give you protein, calcium, iron and many more necessary nutrients. Meat alternatives that come from soy beans are complete proteins and they have all the essential amino acids present. Soya also contains high amount of fiber that helps in losing weight. They are also helpful for the people with high blood pressure problem. Include these tasty chunks to your diet and earn maximum benefits for your health. Loaded with ample dietary advantages
  5. 5. We are HiSense Global Trades Private Limited. Born in the year 2011 based out of New Delhi, India, we are engaged in Importing, Trading, Wholesaling and Supplying an attractive collection of Olive Oils, Pastas, Green Tea, Soya Chunks, Almonds and Pulses. Our wares are highly sought in the marketplace due to their top quality, aromatic flavour, nutritive contents, deep taste and purity. Our moderately priced products are presented to the clients' destination in effective packaging and within the specified time period. We are Traders of brands like Perfect, Tru Olive, Maltagliati, Fresh Leaves amongst more. About us
  6. 6. Hisense Global Trades Pvt. Ltd. T-18, Pankaj Central Market, IP Extension, L.S.C., Patparganj, New Delhi - 110 092 Tel: 011-4301 2413, 4301 2513 Telefax: 011-4301 2413 Contact us