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Exactly How To Raise Your Self Esteem By James Malinchak


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Exactly How To Raise Your Self Esteem By James Malinchak

  1. 1. Exactly How To Raise Your Self Esteem By James MalinchakHaving a low self-image is among the most difficult things to change, and the lack of self-esteem is among the heaviest anchors holding you back from realizing your true potential.However, it isnt impossible to boost your self-esteem as this post will show. The main thingits going to need is courage!When youre in a rut of constantly putting yourself down, and you truly believe that everyoneelse is smarter, prettier, and stronger than you are, there will not be an overnight fix toimprove your self-esteem. You have been telling yourself that everyone else is better thanyou for too long. What you have to find the courage to do is to hear these voices in yourhead, and then learn to dismiss them. Just because, you can hear the words, doesnt makethem true.Keep a journal, a cheap notebook is suitable - its for recording your thoughts, not for publicdisplay. On the first page write a list of positive things about yourself. Start each one on awith the words “I am ….” - For instance, “I am kind.” “I am helpful.” “I am compassionate” “Iam well organized”. For someone with low self-esteem, this wont be an easy list to compile,so keep it as an ongoing project and add to the list each time you think of something else thatis positive about yourself.In the journal make a quick entry every single night with regards to the good things youvedone that day - whether it was to smile at a lonely looking old lady in the supermarket, or youheld a door open for a mother with small kids. Make a note of any volunteer activities you do,or cash you give to fund raisers. Whenever you pay your bills on time, jot it down. Wheneveryour check book balances, record that accomplishment. Whenever you read a book, ornewspaper, take note of it. All of this exhibits your positive attributes.The journal is not just for the moment that it is written. It has another purpose. On the dayswhen you feel that your self-esteem is low, read through your entries. See how often youread the newspaper and keep up-to-date with what’s happening in the world, see how manytimes you have made someone else’s day a little brighter, read the evidence of how you area good person! You wrote it so it has to be true.This takes time. To increase your self-esteem is to change your value set as regardsyourself. You have to record what you’ve done that’s good so that you can read it later, youhave to stop yourself from listening to that voice which tells you that everyone else is better,and you have to keep telling yourself that you are just as good as the next person. Learn torecognize and respect yourself for the person you are and you will raise your self-esteem.James Malinchak, Highlighted on ABC’s Hit TV Program Secret Millionaire, is recognized asby many people professionals as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. ForAbsolutely free Video Trainings regarding how to get money to speak and how to be a
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