Vein Treatments


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This PowerPoint presentation shows how to choose a quality doctor that can provide an excellent service in vein treatments.

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Vein Treatments

  1. 1. Theres no need to make varicose veins or spider veins force you to be uncomfortable by having to wear long clothes to conceal them.
  2. 2. Vein treatment in the San Diego area is now simple and effective, and can really allow you to enjoy the warm weather our great city has rather than constantly trying to conceal those unsightly veins. In this article well discuss vein treatment here in San Diego so youll know all of your options.
  3. 3. While it is a simple process to have your veins treated it is not that simple to find a well qualified doctor here in San Diego to perform the procedure.
  4. 4. Many San Diego physicians simply attend a weekend long seminar on vein treatments and then try to enhance their practice revenue by providing the service. While they have the basics down you should ensure the doctor you end up visiting for your treatment is an expert.
  5. 5. An expert vein doctor is someone who (at a minimum) is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, a member of the American College of Phlebology, associated with the American Venous Forum, and has vast experience treating veins.
  6. 6. Its important that you only deal with experts as there are many doctors here in San Diego county who have only taken a few seminars or continuing medical education on the subject, so by looking for the credentials listed above youll ensure you are dealing with an expert.
  7. 7. The best way to find them is to start with your primary care doctor and ask for a referral or search the internet on reputable local sites that list only vein experts.
  8. 8. You should ask some tough questions and request references and credentials. Ethical physicians are eager to share their qualifications.
  9. 9. Only seek out those doctors who willtreat your veins with FDA approvedsolutions. The FDA approved solutions are thesafest and most efficient solutionsmodern medicine has available. Some supposed vein doctors here inAmericas finest city will try to sell youcheaper mixed formulas and non-approved compounds.
  10. 10. This will cost you money in the long run because they dont work as well and youll have to have the veins treated over and over again not mention safety concerns involved with using non- approved compounds.
  11. 11. Theres been a lot of talk here in the county about treating leg veins with lasers and they simply do not work as well as near painless injections do.
  12. 12. The hype around town about using lasers for treating leg veins is simply hype. Using lasers for vein treatment can be potentially dangerous as well in the wrong hands. There is risk of scarring and it is just more painful.
  13. 13. Proper treatment of leg veins done by an expert San Diego physician can lead to some excellent results.
  14. 14. Results that will allow you to feel comfortable in a pair of shorts or a short skirt which our climate calls for. Residents of San Diego simply cannot be self conscious about leg veins because you live in short and skirt weather. Find an expert physician to assist you.
  15. 15. Mitchel Goldman M.D. is double-board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, recognized by the American Board of Dermatology and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.
  16. 16. He is a volunteer Clinical Professor in Medicine/Dermatology at the University of California, San Diego and the founder and Medical Director of Goldman Butterwick Keel Cosmetic Laser Dermatology.
  17. 17. Goldman literally wrote the book on vein treatments, known as " sclerotherapy." His textbook Sclerotherapy: Treatment of Varicose and Telangiectatic Leg Veins now in its fourth edition is considered the gold standard for medical practitioners.