National Business Coalition on Health, 11.09.10


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  • Well-Being is affected most directly by choices and actions of individuals, their relative access and coordination to the experts they need to be successful, by the home, work and community environments they live in, and by the company they keep…family, friends and co-workers.

    The ability to track the well-being of our constituents through the duration of the Vitality Cities program was very important to us.

    The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index allows us to utilize a standard metric to measure well-being in Emotional Health, Physical Health, Healthy Behaviors, Work Environment, as well as our residents’ basic access to essentials and their personal Life Evaluation. And the BlueZones Vitality Compass will allow us to measure factors influencing longevity.

  • While we are very proud of our beautiful community, we face many of the same challenges that other communities do.

    In many ways we’re just Like You…with a Little More Stress

    Higher income, higher stress
    Obesity and disease prevalence… just like you
    A “silver tsunami” is coming
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  • Note that these are total lives of target population that committed, not the actual number of WBAs distributed which may be less (due to exclusion of dependents, retirees, those without email addresses, those not on employer-sponsored health plan, those committed but not yet deployed, etc.)
  • Emotional Health is the lowest scoring domain for BCHD. They are barely above the national average in September of 79. The item level scores get very interesting.

    The percent of people that experienced a lot of worry yesterday was 37%. This would place the community in a tie (w/Stockton) for 170th among the MSAs.

    The percent of people with a lot stress was 46% —ranking them at 177th among the 187 MSAs. Similarly stressed cities include Chico, CA; Huntington, WV; Fort Smith, AR

    The percent of people without a lot of anger yesterday was 16%, which would place them at 139. Similarly angry cities include Stockton, CA; Palm Bay, FL; Huntington, WV; Fort Smith, AR; Detroit, MI

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  • National Business Coalition on Health, 11.09.10

    1. 1. Working with the Healthways | Blue Zones Vitality City Team Susan Burden CEO, Beach Cities Health District
    2. 2. 6 The Transition from Health to Well-Being
    3. 3. What it Takes to Become a Vitality City 7 • Motivation to innovate • Leadership for permanent change • Readiness to make it happen • Standard metrics for well- being
    4. 4. Ben Leedle CEO, Healthways Public:Private Collaboration
    5. 5. 9 Individuals ● Experts ● Environments ● Relationships Improving Well-Being
    6. 6. 10 Why It Matters: The Economic Case for Well-Being Improve Well-Being Adopt or maintain healthy behaviors Reduce health-related risks Optimize care for health conditions Performance Increases • Productivity • Engagement • Absence • Work Impairment Total Medical Cost Decreases • Hospitalizations • Event Rates • Disease Rates • Lifestyle Risks Total Economic Value Increases • States • Communities • Sponsors • Individuals •Prevent or delay next new case of disease or condition •Prevent or reduce impact of the next new episode •Enhanced ability to actively manage one’s own health Economic Drivers
    7. 7. 1111 Emerging Science Well-Being Relationship to Hospital Utilization 0 5 10 15 20 0-50 (n=109) >50-60 (n=151) >80-90 (n=683) >70-80 (n=582) >60-70 (n=347) >90-100 (n=363) Admission ER Visit Percent Well-Being Score (Composite)Low High Impact of Well-Being on Event Frequency -83% -49% Source: Wellmark Data, Healthways Center for Health Research Analysis (n=2,235)
    8. 8. 1212 Emerging Science Well-Being Relationship to Medical Costs 0-50 (n=109) >50-60 (n=151) >80-90 (n=683) >70-80 (n=582) >60-70 (n=347) >90-100 (n=363) Annual Costs (Indexed) Well-Being Score (Composite)Low High Annual Medical and Rx Claims Cost Source: Wellmark Data, Healthways Center for Health Research Analysis (n=2,235) 4.0 1.0 2.0 3.0 Low:High Well-Being = ~3.5x more cost
    9. 9. 13 Huge Value In Health Risk Reduction Recent Publications 10 — 50% Risk Reduction $0.6T — $1.4 T 10 Year Impact 10 — 25% Risk Reduction $0.4T — $1.1T 10 Year Impact Source: Healthways, Center for Health Research, 2009 and 2010
    10. 10. Application at the Personal Level Life Evaluation Basic Access Work Quality Emotional Health Physical Health Healthy Behavior Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index™ Healthways Well-Being Assessment™ Life Evaluation Basic Access Work Quality Emotional Health Physical Health Healthy Behavior P E R F O R M A N C E Core HRA Biometrics
    11. 11. Strong Market Reception: Nearly Four Million Individual Surveys Committed To Date Hardware retailer 5,000 Insurance company 90,000 Bank 2,700 Engineering consulting 5,400 Regional health plan 2,000,000 Regional health plan 100,000 Regional health plan employees 3,000 Regional health plan 200,000 Technology and consumer products 21,000 Construction and equipment manufacturer 101,000 Integrated energy company 47,000 PBM 7,000 Insurance company 49,000 Regional health plan 1,500 Supermarket 50,000 Defense contractor 175,000 Federal government 5,000 Packaging solutions provider 4,300 Transportation franchise 50,000 Regional health plan 1,000,000 3,916,900 Organization Lives Total Source: Healthways Well-Being Assessment 2010 Pipeline of 100% Commitments, October 2010 Healthways Well-Being Assessment™
    12. 12. 73 63 79 81 70 57 91 66 48 79 76 65 48 82 COMPOSITE Life Evaluation Emotional Health Physical Health Healthy Behavior Work Environment Basic Access Beach Cities Nation 16 Well-Being in Beach Cities
    13. 13. 17 Basic Access Domain Highlights Community Strengths Access to / Affordability of basic necessities for the majority of the population… And access to health care resources equally as strong… 82 92 Nation Beach Cities % With Enough Money for Food 91 94 Nation Beach Cities % With Enough Money for Housing 81 88 Nation Beach Cities % With Personal Doctor 92 96 Nation Beach Cities % With Access to Medicines / Health Care 84 93 Nation Beach Cities % With Health Insurance 80 90 Nation Beach Cities % With Enough Money for Health Care
    14. 14. 18 Access + Higher Income Levels ≠ Higher Emotional Well-Being But negative affect in emotional health domain illustrates significant variances to national averages… City Ranking # 170 / 187 City Ranking # 177 / 187 City Ranking # 139 / 187 Huntington, WV Fort Smith, AR Reno, NV New Orleans, LA Stockton, CA Detroit, MI 40 46 Nation Beach Cities % With Significant Stress 28 37 Nation Beach Cities % With Significant Worry 12 16 Nation Beach Cities % With Significant Anger
    15. 15. 19 Brings Focus to Community and Social Domains Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index as Measure of Progress Home Work/ School City Friends & Family Colleagues Neighbors Individuals ● Experts ● Environments ● Relationships
    16. 16. Comments and Questions