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Health power for minorities newsletter


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Health power for minorities newsletter

  1. 1. N E W S Fall/Winter 2006 - - Vol. 3 Issue 3 Health Power® and the 2006 NMA ConventionInside this issue: As usual, Health Power played an active role the Nattional Institutes of Health (NIH), and in the 2006 National Medical Association the Women’s Health Section is chaired by Dr.Health Power at the NMA 1 (NMA) Convention in Dallas. The legendary Wilma Wooten, who is also Editor of Health Ruby Dee was the dynamic speaker at the Power’s Women’s Health Channel.Fighting the Stigma of Men- 2 Annual Luncheon of the NMA Council on ∆tal Illness Concerns of Women Physicians, where cus At the NMA Psychiatry Section, Health PowerBreast Cancer: Myths and 2 discussed its initiative to prevent, detect earlyFacts and control depression. The initiative was started through a grant from GSK. PreliminaryNew York Business Group 3 discussions about collaborative possibilitieson Health Think Tank on were also held with key Section leaders. TheDiabetes Chair is Dr. Rahn Bailey and the ImmediateCross-linked Web Partner 3 Past Chair is Dr. William Lawson, ProfessorNetwork Expands and Chair of Psychiatry at Howard University College of Medicine, and an Editor of Health2006 AHA Leadership Con- 4ference Power’s Mental Heath Channel. L to R: Dr. Norma Goodwin, Health Power Founder ∆Brooklyn Perinatal Network 4 and President, Dr. Albert Morris, Jr., President of At the invitation of Dr. Beverly Anderson, then19th Anniversary Event the NMA and Ruby Dee President of the Auxiliary of the NMA, Dr. tomized Health Power packages were pro- Goodwin addressed the House of Delegates vided to more than 400 participating women of the Auxiliary, and Health Power packages physicians. Council Chairperson, were included in the kits of all Auxiliary mem- Editor: bers. Dr. Rachel Villanueva, is also a Co-Editor of Norma J. Goodwin, M.D. Health Power’s Women’s Health Channel. To ∆ Founder and President visit it, see “Key Contents” at Health Power also provided customized age- Dr. appropriate packages to: (a) 200 youth in Assistant Editor: Cheryl Pegus, also a Council member, is Di- the NMA Youth Program, which is coordi- rector of Clinical Product at Aetna and Vice nated by the Auxiliary, and (b) members of Marilyn DeSouza Chair of Health Power’s Board of Directors the NMA Community Medicine Section. . Historical Council Note: Dr. Goodwin, Health Power’s Founder and President, was Chair- person of the Task Force on Concerns of Women Physicians of the NMA Board of Trus- R to L: Dr. tees which recommended and oversaw the Goodwin and Council’s establishment, and she served as Dr. Vivian Pinn, also the first the first Council Chairperson. and second ∆ women Speak- ers of the NMA Customized Health Power packages were House of Dele- Knowledge + also provided at the Annual Vivian Pinn, MD gates, respec- tivelyAction = Power!™ Luncheon of the NMA’s Women’s Health Section. Dr. Pinn is Director of the Office of Research on Women’s Health of
  2. 2. HEALTH POWER NEWS PAGE 2 FIGHTING THE S TIGMA OF MENTAL ILLNESS Adapted from SAMHSA’s * National Mental Health Information Center: A Health Power Cross-linked Web Partner stigma associated with their illness. An estimated 44 million Americans Stigma can result in inadequate experience a mental disorder in any insurance coverage for mental DOS given year. health services. Do: Always use respectful language. Stigma is not a matter of using the Stigma can lead to fear, mistrust, wrong word or action. and violence against people living Do: Emphasize people’s abilities, Do with mental illness, and their fami- not their limitations. lies. Stigma is about disrespect and us- Do: Tell a person if they express a Almost 1 ing negative labels to identify a per- out of every Stigma can cause families and stigmatizing attitude. son living with mental illness. 4 people friends to turn their backs on peo- DONTS with mental ple with mental illness. Dont suggest that successful per- Stigma is a barrier that discourages sons with disabilities are super hu- illness individuals and their families from Stigma can prevent people from man. avoid seeking help. getting access to needed mental Dont use generic or stereotyping getting the labels like retarded, or mentally ill. health services. help they Many people would rather tell em- Every person’s situation is different. need ployers they committed a petty Stigma often lowers self-esteem, crime and served time in which everybody needs, especially Dont use terms like crazy, lunatic, jail, than admit to being in a psychi- the mentally ill, because of the manic depressive, or slow function- atric hospital. ing. * Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Health Power Walkers Make More Strides Against Breast Cancer Don’t Believe Everything You Here Are the Facts: Hear about Breast Cancer : Fact: While most lumps in the breast Myth: If a woman finds a lump in her aren’t cancer, If you feel one, see your breast, it means she probably has breast cancer. doctor at once. Myth: An injury in the chest area can Fact: Bumping, bruising, or caressing the cause you to get breast cancer. breast doesn’t cause cancer. Myth: Breast cancer means having Fact: If breast cancer is found early, it’s to remove the entire breast. often not necessary to remove the breast. Myth: Only women get breast cancer. Fact: Although it’s uncommon, men also get breast cancer. For the third year in a row, the Health Power Walkers participated in the American Cancer Society’s Add me to the Health Power Network to improve multicultural health by “Making Strides Against Breast Spreading the Word [Please Print} Cancer “ on Sunday, October 15th. Name (First) _______________________(Last) _______________________________ Many Women with Breast Cancer Address _______________________________________Apt./Suite No. ___________can be cured If It’s Found andTreated Early! Visit City ____________________________ State _________ Zip Code ______________www.healthpowerforminorities.orgfor more information and a free E-Mail: ______________________________________________________________________brochure. Special Health Interest: _______________________________________
  3. 3. FALL/WINTER 2006 - - VOL. 3 ISSUE 3 PAGE 3 New York Business Group on Health Think Tank Poonam Alaigh, M.D “From Health Disparities to Improved Health Outcomes: National Medical Director, Leveraging Diversity and the Worksite for Better Diabetes GSK and member of Health Power’s Board of Control.” was the title of a Think Tank hosted by the New Directors. York Business Group on Health. The Think Tank was spon- sored by GSK and Aetna, and Health Power’s President, Dr. Goodwin, gave the key address. The slides from her speech, entitled “From Health Disparities to Health Competency: Challenges and Op- portunities” are available on the Health Power web site. To see them, go to: , look under “About Health Power”, and then go to “President’s Speeches”. L TO R: Cyndy Nayer, Presi-L to R: Cheryl Pegus, M.D., MPH, Director, dent, River City Partnership onClinical Product, Aetna and Vice Chair for Health, and Janaera Gaston,Health Affairs, Health Power, and Nancy Director of Programs, NewDoyle, Senior Marketing Manager GSK. York Business Group on Health Our Cross-linked Web Partner Network Keeps Expanding • Gay Men of African Descent • Student National Medical Associa-Since the last issue of Health Power tionNews, we established cross- linkages with • Health Choices • U.S. Office of Minority Healththe web sites of nine additional organiza- • International Society of Hypertensiontions. Following is a representative list of in Blacks • Weight-control Information Net-members of our Web Partner Network. work, National Institutes of Health • Latino Behavioral Health InstituteEach web partner shares with us an ap- (NIH)preciation of the mutual benefits of col- • Latino Caucus of American Publiclaborating in cyberspace, both for our Health Association (APHA)organizations, and for the individuals and • Minority Intervention and Kidney More from the NMAfamilies we serve. The full list and de- Education (MIKE)scription of each cross-linked Health • Multicultural Health Education Dr. David Satcher, Former U.S. Sur-Power web partner can be found at: Foundation geon General and now Director under • National Black Alcoholism and the National Center for Primary Care“Health Power Partners”. at Morehouse School of Medicine, Addictions Council • National Black Leadership Representative Health Power Commision on AIDS Cross-linked Web Partners • National Center for Cultural Competency, Georgetown University• American Cancer Society • National Campaign to Prevent Teen• American Diabetes Association Pregnancy• American Heart Association • National Clearinghouse on Alcohol• American Indian Community House and Drug Information, & National• Asian & Pacific Islander American Mental Health Information Center, Health Forum (APIAHF) SAMHSA, USDHHS• Association of Black Cardiologists • National Council of LaRaza • National Hispanic Medical autographs his new book,• Balm in Gilead “Multicultural Medicine and Health Association• Center for Research on Minority Disparities”, for Dr. Goodwin, a long- Health, University of Texas • National Medical Association time colleague and friend. The book• Center for Minority Health, Pittsburgh • National Minority AIDS Council is co-edited by Dr. Rubens J. Pamies, • National Minority Organ and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs University School of Public Health of the University of Nebraska Medi-• Center for the Study of Asian Tissue Transplant Education cal Center. American Health, New York University Program (MOTTEP)• DC Developing Families ..
  4. 4. PAGE 4 N E W S AHA 2006 V0lunteer Leadership ConferenceMembers of AHA’s Women and Minorities Leadership Committee (WMLC) and keyAHA leaders were among participants in the 2006 AHA Volunteer Leadership Con-ference Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C. The key conference speaker on Diver-sity was Tawara Goode, Director of the National Center for Cultural Competence atGeorgetown university, which is a cross-linked Health Power Web Partner. Let us hear---------- from You.L to R: Janet Spradin,Ph.D., Clinical Psycholo-gist, Oklahoma City; ▼Brenda Huerta, UnivisionRadio; Donna Wang, MD,Michigan State Univer-sity; Wilmia Perez, MD, To Contact Us:Manager Health Promo-tion, Austin, TX; CassWheeler, CEO, AHA; For additionalNorma Goodwin, M.D.,President, Health Power; newsletters, to get on ourRobert L. Carson, Esq., mailing list, orthen Chairman of the for anything elseBoard, AHA; BonitaTodd,, RN, AHA WMLCChairperson, of Brook- at:haven, PA; and KarolWatson, M.D., Co-Director UCLA MedicalCenter. Health Power Inc. About Health Power 3020 Glenwood Road Brooklyn, NY 11210 Our mission: To improve the health of multicultural populations or E-mail us at through: healthpower@ ● health information and promotion ● consultative and training services ● partnerships healthpower Tel: 718/434-8161 Brooklyn Perinatal Network Honors Fax: 718/434-8162 Dr. Goodwin and Key Others Visit our web site at In celebrating its 19th Anniversary, Brooklyn Perinatal www.Healthpower Network (BPN) honored Health Power’s President, Norma J. Goodwin, M.D.; New York State Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, Chairman of the NYS Assembly Health Commit-Ngozi Moses, BPN tee; Pamela Brier, President and CEO of Maimonides Norma J. Goodwin, MDExecutive Director Medical Center; JP Morgan Chase and Co.; Forest City Rat- Founder , ner Companies; and the President & CEO William J. Clinton Founda- tion. ∆ The event, held at the Mar- L to R: Terrie Williams and Dr. riott Hotel at the Brooklyn Goodwin Bridge, was chaired by George Remember: Hulse, Vice President of Healthfirst, Inc.. The moderator was Terrie Williams, Founder & President of The Terrie Knowledge + Williams Agency (PR), and an acclaimed author and Action = inspirational speaker. Special recognition was also given to BPN’s principal leaders, Ngozi Moses, Execu Power!™L. to R George Hulse, Vice President of Healthfirst; Dr. NormaGoodwin; and NYS Assemblyman Richard Gottfried tive Director, and Joyce Hall, Chairperson of the Board of Directors.