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Hıdır onur şahin


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individual presentation in ILT 366 lecture in Anadolu University 2012-2013 fall semester.

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Hıdır onur şahin

  2. 2. Content of Presentation• Hıstory Of Chess• The Rules Of Chess• Chess in real life
  3. 3. History Of ChessThe history of chess is about 1500 years.The earliest predecessors of the game originated in Indıa.There is a grean of wheat legend about invention of chess.
  4. 4. The Rules Of ChessChess is played on a square board of eight rows and eight columns of squares.
  5. 5. The Rules Of ChessThe players are referred to as White and Blackand each begins the game withsixteen pieces of the specified color.
  6. 6. The Rules Of ChessEach chessman has different characteristic. Pawn
  7. 7. The Rules Of Chess Knight
  8. 8. The Rules Of Chess Bishop
  9. 9. The Rules Of Chess Castle
  10. 10. The Rules Of Chess Queen
  11. 11. The Rules Of Chess Check
  12. 12. Chess in real lifeMake a plan.Don’t forget you are not perfect.Establish empathy.Try to see the big picture.Every time you have choices.
  13. 13. CHECKMATE
  14. 14. THANK YOU