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Benefits of wan optimization appliances


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Optimizing WAN technology reduces the cost of infrastructure at remote branches through centralizing IT applications, server, backup, and storage resources. WAN optimization techniques like bandwidth management, caching, compression, and protocol optimization significantly minimizes the bandwidth expenses.

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Benefits of wan optimization appliances

  1. 1. Benefits of WAN OptimizationAppliances/DevicesIn todays globally competitive market, corporate organizations both big and small adoptstrategic methods for productivity and business continuity. They need integrated business plans,resource sharing, and faster communications over the global network. Many of these companiesare widely using Wide Area Networking (WAN) for global communications. According toInfonetics Research, usage of WAN optimization technologies and appliances in the market issteadily increasing. The report states that WAN application crossed $1 billion mark in 2008, a29% increase compared to its previous year.WAN connects distributed offices to the main organization, links data and applications toemployees, customers, and partners in different geographical locations, shares resources andinformation, and enables to transmit critical business data across the network. Optimizedperformance of these networks is very much necessary for business organizations to performbusiness functions effectively over the Wide Area Network.Benefits includeWide Area Networking (WAN) enables quick and secure data transmissions over the network.WAN optimization technologies provide maximum benefits to businesses in terms of networkacceleration, bandwidth optimization and increased user productivity. WAN optimizationimproves the return on investment (ROI) and lowers the total cost of ownership of their IT andnetwork investments. Some of the benefits of WAN optimization devices are:Enhances the usability experience for userWAN optimization devices monitor and optimize the WAN intelligently. They prioritize,manage and accelerate the flow of data in networks on a real-time basis. WAN devices using theoptimization technology provide optimal performance and manageability along with end-to-endsecurity to enhance user productivity. As the users get data and applications quickly, they workefficiently increasing productivity.Enables applications to perform across long distancesFor many companies, WANs are now an essential part of their computing infrastructure as theyconnect remote offices to central offices enabling them to perform big-office tasks with morecost-effective workers. With the rapid globalization, branch offices, outsourcing, telecommuting,and end-users can be located anywhere in the world. As businesses are being set up across awider geography, there is a need of better connectivity for uninterrupted business operations.Critical business data such as resources, customer or client details, payroll, etc. is shared over theWide Area Network among these locations. WAN optimization solutions are utilized to preventproblems such as network brown-outs, which can result in huge loss of valuable data andcredibility.