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  1. 1. 5 GENUINE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE Majority of internet users are there looking for ways to make money online. There are millions of People on the internet everyday, but only some actually know legitimate ways to make money. I was doing a lot of studying online, searching for ways to make good money online. Sure, there are ways to make money online, but what about “good money”? There aren’t millions of ways to make money online so that’s not even in the question. I will be showing you 6 different ways to make money online. You don’t need to pay anything for a genuine online job. Again these sites are PERFECTLY GENUINE AND FREE Make money with paid to click, read and signup and complete offers .This won't guarantee huge incomes but you can use it to make some extra cash for yourself, this sites pays you to click on some paid adverts, signup to paid ads and complete paid offers. Here You Go 1) Hits4Pay -- paid to read emails (My Favorite Site) Over 90% of the PTC sites are SCAMS.I worked for many of them and waited for my paycheck but nothing happened. All of them were scams. I got my first payment from this site. They offer $10 for sign up and $0.02 for each email you read. Also they have a 2 tier referral system and you will get $0.01 for every email your referral reads.
  2. 2. Specialties of the Site *$10 Sign Up Bonus *$0.02 per E mail *6-10 Emails per day (depends on your interest categories) *$0.01 for every mail your referrals read. This goes up to 2 levels. *$25 minimum payout. (Easy to reach) 2) YUWIE -- Paid To Socialize Yuwie is a social networking website just like MySpace, face book, orkut etc. Yuwie is completely free to join. When you sign up, you are paid to do everything that you would normally do on other social networking websites. You get paid to blog, upload pictures, send messages, and post comments. You get paid whenever someone else views your profile, photos, blog or comments. You also get paid when you bring referrals to the site. You get paid for every time they use Yuwie website. They have got a 10 level referral program. Now with over 1,000 new members a day, it is one of the fastest growing social networking communities today.
  3. 3. Specialties of the site *One of the best Social Networking website *Paid for every page view *Can find a lot of friends here *Earnings unlimited.. *The Big 10 level referral system Just take a look 3) CORPSCAN – Paid To Take Surveys Another good way to earn online is Surveys. It is very simple yes or no questions. Most of the surveys are 20-30 min long. You will get $2 to $15 for each survey depending on the length and difficulty. This is an Indian survey site and yet members from many countries are allowed. They do have a lot of surveys daily so that you can earn a nice amount here.
  4. 4. Specialties of the site *4 to 8 surveys daily *10 -20 points for each survey. *Rs 20 for every point you earn *1 point for your direct referrals *Rs 1000 minimum payout (Easy to reach) 4) DO YOU WANT FREE MOBILE PHONES XBOX HD TV etc???????? You can get it from XPANGO. Just follow these steps Go to
  5. 5. Select a free gift. You should collect sufficient credits for your gift. To get credits you should complete offers. Most of the offers cost a little. So go for the 'emusic' offer. It is a 14 days free trail. Sign up for that offer giving your credit card number and cancel your emusic account after 7 days. Your credit card won’t be charged and u will get credits in xpango. If u has any doubts regarding xpango feel free to mail me at Getting referrals Joining in the above sites won’t make you rich. You should get referrals for your program. GETREF - A site that is designed to get you referrals, sign up for free, earn credits and then spend credits on bringing referrals to your own program. Look into getting a gold membership, it’s worth it.