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Purpose Built Stories White Paper


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Purpose Built Stories White Paper

  1. 1. handcrafted by Grownman Brand
  2. 2. Let’s start with a seemingly harmless question...
  3. 3. This is a question companies like yours ask everyday. It may seem academic at first glance, but let’s throw in a twist...
  4. 4. The savvy marketer of today, realizes that the days of the mass media advertising campaign, while not altogether extinct, are waning in significance and that the new channels of modern communication demand not only dynamic content, but prolifically dynamic content. Suffice to say that today’s marketer understands the need to develop a practical system for creating great content on an ongoing basis.
  5. 5. Which brings us back to the question...
  6. 6. Everyday you and your company face the challenge of filling some or all of these channels with dynamic content that engages the audience and tells your story in a compelling way. No two channels are exactly alike, which can lead you to make the obvious conclusion that the sheer amount of content you’ve been tasked to create on an ongoing basis is on the verge of being overwhelming.
  7. 7. At Grownman Brand, we be believe every touchpoint your company has in the world is an opportunity to tell a story about what makes you special. Every interaction someone has with your business is a chance to make a meaningful connection and turn that someone into a friend. Whether that friend someday buys what you’re selling is not nearly as important as engaging with that friend on an emotional level. That’s why at Grownman Brand every story we make is more than just a piece of content designed to fill a void. We build our stories with a specific purpose in mind. At Grownman Brand, we create Purpose-Built Stories.
  8. 8. A Grownman certified Purpose-Built Story bears the craftsmanship of its proud author knows its audience and connects on an emotional level has a point of view isn’t afraid to get lost along the way to discovery never takes the path of least resistance engages its audience by making them always wonder what happens next? takes an idea and communicates it in a new way has a knack for making the seemingly mundane seem magical understands the value of patience inspires action can withstand criticism and is always ready for a good fight tends to get even better with age doesn’t give in to petty needs of the masses
  9. 9. Your company’s goal is to engage your customer. If we were to draw it out, it would look a lot like this:
  10. 10. A well-crafted Purpose-Built Story can evolve across multiple channels of communication. Along the way, the story can be experienced in new ways by its established audience and potentially earn the praise of an altogether new one with each channel it crosses.
  11. 11. Purpose Built Stories are everywhere... You’ve experienced great stories your whole life. The movie you know by heart. The book you’ve read more than twice. The song you play when you want to remember. The picture that makes you feel like you’re there. You’ve probably even created a few yourself. The history of your family. How your favorite gadget or tool makes your life better. A particularly amazing accomplishment of someone you admire (if you have kids, you’ve probably used multiple channels of communication for this one.)
  12. 12. Think of the stories your company is currently sharing with the world through your chosen channels of communication. Do your company’s stories convey the passion of a Purpose-Built Story?
  13. 13. Purpose-Built Stories create intrigue and inspire the audience to learn more. When an audience actively seeks your content, your company has created an connection. If customer engagement is your goal (and it should be), then fostering an environment that inspires an audience to return to it on a continuing basis is exactly what your content should do. Purpose Built Stories do more than create customer engagement, they make your company’s marketing channels of communication a fun place to hangout.
  14. 14. Thanks for reading! Before you go, check out more Grownman channels chock- full of Purpose Built Stories: Or, head back to our site: