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2013 05 19 safe host conference ecpat sscm_eng


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Sexual tourism against minors is a world plague that encompasses mainly the south east Asian region, Latin America, Africa and eastern Europe. Western countries are those which register the biggest outgoing fluxes. Sexual tourists abuse of the common channels and networks of tourism to reach their victims. Companies and workers in the sector may play an important role in the prevention and struggle against this practice. To be able to do this, they must learn how to identify and prevent it, they need to possess the knowledge and skills to identify it and have the tools to actively prevent those who exploit and those that make use of this practice from making use of tourist services to reach their victims. To Favor the establishment of a permanent social dialogue platform for tourism, encouraging the exchange and synergies between social parts throughout the whole supply chain, starting from the exchange of actions for the fight against child exploitation in the tourism sector, and the adoption of Directive 2011/92/EU. Analyze the ways in which services and tourism channels are used for illegal aims and identify changes linked with use of information and communication technologies. Evaluate good practices that social parts, individually or jointly, have enacted to prevent and fight against this phenomenon. Equip the tourism industry with innovative and practical tools for the struggle against child sexual exploitation throughout the whole supply chain.
Il turismo sessuale a danno dei minori è una piaga mondiale che attanaglia in modo particolare Sud-est asiatico, America Latina, Africa ed Europa orientale. I paesi occidentali sono quelli da cui si registrano i maggiori flussi in partenza. I turisti sessuali abusano dei canali e delle reti del turismo per raggiungere le loro vittime. Imprese e lavoratori del settore possono giocare un ruolo prezioso per prevenire e contrastare il fenomeno. Per farlo essi devono imparare a riconoscerlo e a prevenirlo, devono cioè avere le conoscenze e le competenze per identificarlo ed essere dotati di strumenti concreti per impedire a sfruttatori e clienti di utilizzare i servizi turistici per raggiungere le loro vittime. Favorire l’istituzione del tavolo di dialogo sociale europeo del turismo incoraggiando gli scambi e le sinergie tra gli attori sociali di tutta la filiera, a partire dalla condivisione di azioni per la lotta allo sfruttamento sessuale dei minori nel turismo e l’attuazione della Direttiva 2011/92/UE sul tema.Analizzare le modalità con cui i servizi e i canali del turismo vengono utilizzati per scopi impropri e identificare i cambiamenti legati all’uso delle tecnologie di informazione e comunicazione Censire le buone pratiche che le parti sociali individualmente o collegialmente hanno messo in campo per prevenire e contrastare il fenomeno. Dotare l’industria del turismo di strumenti innovativi e pratici per il contrasto allo sfruttamento sessuale dei minori lungo tutta la filiera

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2013 05 19 safe host conference ecpat sscm_eng

  1. 1. C.S.E.C.Commercial sexual exploitation of childrenPROFILE OF A SUBMERGED PHENOMENONYasmin Abo LohaFabio Nestola
  2. 2. Profile of the CSEO phenomenon• Generic data – ECPAT research centre Italy• Origin of crimes• Supply chains• Who is the victim• Who is the offender• Reference norm
  3. 3. DIFFUSION OF SEX TOURISM WITH CHILDRENMAIN CAUSESOBJECTIVE MOTIVATIONS• Increase in number of private air companies, wide offer,competition, generic decrease of tariffs• boom of mass tourism, easy to reach far away destinations• Connivance of some national governments, which will toleratethe phenomenon to favour the arrival of precious currencies• Strong interests of organized criminal organisations• Corruptio of those who should monitor: judiciary authorities,police, bureaucracy
  4. 4. DIFFUSION OF SEX TOURISM WITH CHILDRENMAIN CAUSESSUBJECTIVE MOTIVATIONS• Not in your usual context, no social control, feeling of impunity,shared transgression• Scarce or no perception of committing a crime• Discriminatory attitude, beyond racism “those are not like ourchildren”• Wrong belief that sex with children eliminates risk ofcontracting AIDS
  5. 5. Annual criminal business assesmentTrafficking, child prostitution, commerce inchild pronography 80/ $Nord America 31%Europa 39%Asia 12%Africa 2%Oceania 16%WEB BUSINESS – FLUXESData show last traceable step, whichcould not be the final destination: dueto the specifics of the web, it isimpossible to find out the nationality ofpeople operating through a foreignserver
  8. 8. VICTIM PROFILEAGE GROUP0 – 6* 10%7 - 12 30%13 - 17 60%* Age roup 0-6 years is mainly usedfor the production of images andvideos that are then inserted in thechild pornography industryGENDERM 25%F 75%COSTSInthe USA the average cost sexualservices with a child is 25-30$.It goes from a minimum of 5$(Philippines, Vietnam, Brasil) to amaximum of 90-100$ (Taiwan)
  9. 9. TOURISM FLUXESDeparturesEurope Germany, Holland, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, ItalyAmericas Stati Uniti, Canada, BrasileAsia Cina, Giappone, TaiwanAfrica Repubblica SudafricanaOceania AustraliaMain destinationsAsiaThailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan,Russia, Taiwan, China, Sri Lanka, India, IndonesiaAmericaLatinaBrasil, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, VenezuelaConsiderevole domanda interna, fino a quote del 50%. In particolare in Kenia il38% dei clienti di minori sono locali, seguiti da: italiani 18%; tedeschi 14%;svizzeri 12%; francesi 8%.
  10. 10. OFFENDER PROFILETYPOLOGYPedophile 5%Customary tourist 30%Occasional tourist 65%AGE GROUPfrom 18 to 30 24%from 31 to 40 37%from 41 to 50 20%from 51 to 60 8%Over 60 11%INCOME GROUPmedio - basso 45%medio - alto 50%alto 5%
  11. 11. ALIBIMost frequentexcuses of childprostitution clientsIts a kid on sale, if I dont go with her, someone else willIm actually helpng her and her family, for me its only afew dollars, for them its a fortuneI did not force h er, I did not hurt her, I did not stun herwith drugs or alcohol: she gave her consentI am the victim, she roped me inNon potevo sapere che fosse minorenneIts a cultural thing, in their country its normal… and of childpornography usersIt is a voyeuristic perversionIm satisfied with masturbation, I have never touched achild
  12. 12. NEW TRENDS• In loco material• Phenomenon progressivley movingtowards borders of EU• Female offendersCircumscribed fluxes UE + USATourist differs in typology of requestsAge of victim ----> sexual orientationMultiple partners -----> baby - partners
  14. 14. G. R. 2009 Trafficking in Persons
  15. 15. G. R. 2009 Trafficking in Persons
  16. 16. offender profile - CONCLUSIONS- mainly males- mainly heterosexual, percentages of homosex and bisexhigher than normal demographics- quite young, average age is 30- often have high education level, but no specific social classes- he has some money even though he does not belong to thehighest income range- recurrent strange fact: contact among equals. Find peoplewith which you may share your sexual preferences,experiences, addresses and material
  17. 17. REFERENCE LAWSL. 269/1998L. 38/2006L. 172/2012
  18. 18. COLLECTORScollects, hoards and loves child pornography andpedophilic pornographyCLOSEDCOLLECTORISOLATEDCOLLECTORCOTTAGECOLLECTORHides its “interest”and has relationswith children. He isaware of theseriousness of hisactions.Does not hide its“interest” andsecretely abuses ofchildre. He isconvinced to bemoved by love, onlyafter havingextorted consentInductionExploits chldren,not for profit but toshare experienceswith othercollectors. Justifiesits actioinsaccusing thesystem: it is unableto protect children.
  19. 19. CIRCUITSProduction of images and videos for private use or commercial purposesSINGLE TRANSIENT COMMERCIALAn adult (rarely apartner) formsgroups of childrenor makes use ofpreexistentgroups.Multiple adultsinvolvedChildren are “tested”to assign them a rolein the prostitutionindustry. It is themost complex circuitto identify.Well structured businessactivities. Itsorganisationalcomponents are:produced material,diffusion mechanisms,suppliers, commercialsystem, profit.
  20. 20. CSO Internet classificationTRADER TRAVELERExchanges or collects onlinechild pornography:•Produces•Distributes•PossessesCommunicates onlinewith the child, hemanipulates himpsychologically to obtaina direct encounter
  21. 21. GroomingFrom the english verb “togroom”= brush and clean thecoat of an horse, dog, or otheranimals, clean the fur or skin(itself or by another animal).It is a behaviour observedamong many primates. Thispractice seems to have animportant social value:strengthens social structurewithin a group or in unionsamong animals.
  22. 22. = enticementThe potential abuser and/or exploiter appliespsychological manipulation techniques: attentions,takes care - grooming – of the potential victim.Objective: have total control of the childThis technique is particularly used on the internet,when the offenders feel protected by anonymity:gradual online conquest, for an offline control.