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2013 05 19 safe host conference ecpat sscm_eng

  1. C.S.E.C. Commercial sexual exploitation of children PROFILE OF A SUBMERGED PHENOMENON Yasmin Abo Loha Fabio Nestola
  2. Profile of the CSEO phenomenon • Generic data – ECPAT research centre Italy • Origin of crimes • Supply chains • Who is the victim • Who is the offender • Reference norm
  3. DIFFUSION OF SEX TOURISM WITH CHILDREN MAIN CAUSES OBJECTIVE MOTIVATIONS • Increase in number of private air companies, wide offer, competition, generic decrease of tariffs • boom of mass tourism, easy to reach far away destinations • Connivance of some national governments, which will tolerate the phenomenon to favour the arrival of precious currencies • Strong interests of organized criminal organisations • Corruptio of those who should monitor: judiciary authorities, police, bureaucracy
  4. DIFFUSION OF SEX TOURISM WITH CHILDREN MAIN CAUSES SUBJECTIVE MOTIVATIONS • Not in your usual context, no social control, feeling of impunity, shared transgression • Scarce or no perception of committing a crime • Discriminatory attitude, beyond racism “those are not like our children” • Wrong belief that sex with children eliminates risk of contracting AIDS
  5. Annual criminal business assesment Trafficking, child prostitution, commerce in child pronography 80/ $ Nord America 31% Europa 39% Asia 12% Africa 2% Oceania 16% WEB BUSINESS – FLUXES Data show last traceable step, which could not be the final destination: due to the specifics of the web, it is impossible to find out the nationality of people operating through a foreign server
  8. VICTIM PROFILE AGE GROUP 0 – 6* 10% 7 - 12 30% 13 - 17 60% * Age roup 0-6 years is mainly used for the production of images and videos that are then inserted in the child pornography industry GENDER M 25% F 75% COSTS Inthe USA the average cost sexual services with a child is 25-30$. It goes from a minimum of 5$ (Philippines, Vietnam, Brasil) to a maximum of 90-100$ (Taiwan)
  9. TOURISM FLUXES Departures Europe Germany, Holland, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy Americas Stati Uniti, Canada, Brasile Asia Cina, Giappone, Taiwan Africa Repubblica Sudafricana Oceania Australia Main destinations Asia Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan, China, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia America Latina Brasil, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela Considerevole domanda interna, fino a quote del 50%. In particolare in Kenia il 38% dei clienti di minori sono locali, seguiti da: italiani 18%; tedeschi 14%; svizzeri 12%; francesi 8%.
  10. OFFENDER PROFILE TYPOLOGY Pedophile 5% Customary tourist 30% Occasional tourist 65% AGE GROUP from 18 to 30 24% from 31 to 40 37% from 41 to 50 20% from 51 to 60 8% Over 60 11% INCOME GROUP medio - basso 45% medio - alto 50% alto 5%
  11. ALIBI Most frequent excuses of child prostitution clients It's a kid on sale, if I don't go with her, someone else will I'm actually helpng her and her family, for me it's only a few dollars, for them it's a fortune I did not force h er, I did not hurt her, I did not stun her with drugs or alcohol: she gave her consent I am the victim, she roped me in Non potevo sapere che fosse minorenne It's a cultural thing, in their country it's normal … and of child pornography users It is a voyeuristic perversion I'm satisfied with masturbation, I have never touched a child
  12. NEW TRENDS • In loco material • Phenomenon progressivley moving towards borders of EU • Female offenders Circumscribed fluxes UE + USA Tourist differs in typology of requests Age of victim ----> sexual orientation Multiple partners -----> baby - partners
  14. G. R. 2009 Trafficking in Persons
  15. G. R. 2009 Trafficking in Persons
  16. offender profile - CONCLUSIONS - mainly males - mainly heterosexual, percentages of homosex and bisex higher than normal demographics - quite young, average age is 30 - often have high education level, but no specific social classes - he has some money even though he does not belong to the highest income range - recurrent strange fact: contact among equals. Find people with which you may share your sexual preferences, experiences, addresses and material
  17. REFERENCE LAWS L. 269/1998 L. 38/2006 L. 172/2012
  18. COLLECTORS collects, hoards and loves child pornography and pedophilic pornography CLOSED COLLECTOR ISOLATED COLLECTOR COTTAGE COLLECTOR Hides its “interest” and has relations with children. He is aware of the seriousness of his actions. Does not hide its “interest” and secretely abuses of childre. He is convinced to be moved by love, only after having extorted consent Induction Exploits chldren, not for profit but to share experiences with other collectors. Justifies its actioins accusing the system: it is unable to protect children.
  19. CIRCUITS Production of images and videos for private use or commercial purposes SINGLE TRANSIENT COMMERCIAL An adult (rarely a partner) forms groups of children or makes use of preexistent groups. Multiple adults involved Children are “tested” to assign them a role in the prostitution industry. It is the most complex circuit to identify. Well structured business activities. Its organisational components are: produced material, diffusion mechanisms, suppliers, commercial system, profit.
  20. CSO Internet classification TRADER TRAVELER Exchanges or collects online child pornography: •Produces •Distributes •Possesses Communicates online with the child, he manipulates him psychologically to obtain a direct encounter
  21. Grooming From the english verb “to groom”= brush and clean the coat of an horse, dog, or other animals, clean the fur or skin (itself or by another animal). It is a behaviour observed among many primates. This practice seems to have an important social value: strengthens social structure within a group or in unions among animals.
  22. = enticement The potential abuser and/or exploiter applies psychological manipulation techniques: attentions, takes care - grooming – of the potential victim. Objective: have total control of the child This technique is particularly used on the internet, when the offenders feel protected by anonymity: gradual online conquest, for an offline control.