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Feminist 15years slideshow


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On December 3, 2010, threw a party at New York City's Idlewild bookstore where icons Gloria Steinem and Eve Ensler gathered along with members of the board and advisory board and many longtime friends, supporters and colleagues—a vertitable who's-who of feminist media and activism—to celebrate the 15-year anniversary of the web site and the launch of Marianne's book, Daring to Be Ourselves: Influential Women Share Insights on Courage, Happiness and Finding Your Own Voice.

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Feminist 15years slideshow

  1. 1. The board and advisory board
  2. 2. Gloria Steinem and Marianne Schnall
  3. 3. Marianne Schnall’s book Daring To Be Ourselves
  4. 4. Marianne Schnall, Eve Ensler and board member Karen Obel
  5. 5. Marianne Schnall and advisory board members Sarah Jones and Carla Goldstein
  6. 6. Marianne Schnall, Eve Ensler and V-Day’s Purva.
  7. 7. Author Carol Gilligan and Code Pink’s Jodie Evans
  8. 8. Sarah Jones, Marianne Schnall and Carol Gilligan
  9. 9. Eve Ensler and NoVo founder Jennifer Buffet
  10. 10. Gloria Steinem, Marianne Schnall and founding Ms. Editor Rita Waterman
  11. 11. Yana Walton, Melissa Silverstein, Lauren Wechsler-Horn, Marianne Schnall
  12. 12.’s Amy Richards (of Ask Amy) and son, Gloria Steinem
  13. 13.’s Karen Obel MCs the event
  14. 14. Guests enjoy the speeches
  15. 15. Gloria Steinem gives her speech
  16. 16. Marianne Schnall thanks Gloria Steinem
  17. 17. Marianne Schnall gives her speech
  18. 18. Eve Ensler gives her speech
  19. 19. Women Without Borders founder Edit Schlaffer, Marianne Schnall, author Kim Rosen
  20. 20. Charreah Jackson (interviewed in the book), board member Scheherazade Jafari
  21. 21. Charreah Jackson (interviewed in the book) and Marianne Schnall
  22. 22. Tish and Snooky, founders of Manic Panic and donors to the event
  23. 23. What Is Enlightenment? Editor Elizabeth Debold, Marianne Schnall, author Wendy Shanker
  24. 24. Gloria Steinem and Carol Gilligan