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  1. 1. Consuming has rapidly becomeone of the most important ways to express views and values.And when consuming is views and values -companies, corporations and brandswill follow.
  2. 2. PLEASE ALLOW TO INTRODUCEBROOKLYNSOAPCOMPANYBrooklyn Soap is all about great personal hygiene productsof upmost, organic quality. We neither believe indrugstore cosmetics nor in long labels listing never endingchemical gibberish. We cook home-style, with only naturaland organic ingredients.Initiated about three months ago, the idea was inspired bythe small, hip booths at the weekly Brooklyn Flea Marketin Williamsburg, BK.Combining excellence in product development with uniqueapproach in communication, Brooklyn Soap Co. wants togive the natural cosmetics market the Rock’n’Roll that it’shungry fork, turning regular dudes into the dappergentleman. Starting with you, man!THE BROOKLYN SOAP LIFESTYLEVINTAGECORNER-SOPHISTICATEDHIPSTERSWAG.
  3. 3. CLASSY GROOMINGTarget Product Line For Launch:BEARDWASHSHAMPOOBLONDESHAMPOODARKBLACKPEPPERBODYWASHOur product philosophy is quite simple:Creating a comprehendible line of productsthat reflects a dapper lifestyle andappreciates men as men. To Brooklyn Soap,organic quality is a necessity.Production capacities are limited to 100 kg(220 lbs) per week. Our main goal is tointernalize production and decrease variablecosts or to cooperate with a strategic partnerwith high-scale production capacities.CONDITIONERMOISTURIZER/AFTERSHAVEup in thepipeline18 EUR250ML/8.5 FL. OZ.16 EUR300ML/10 FL. OZ.16 EUR300ML/10 FL. OZ.16 / 22 EUR300ML/10 FL. OZ.500ML/17 FL. OZ.PRODUCTIONDEVELOPMENT:STOPTHEWHITE-LABELINGANDBUILDUPOWNPRODUCTION.We are currently in the product developmentstage with 95% of the entire product linefinished and ready for serial production.In combination with the Brooklyn Soap labeland packaging, we are looking to introducecriminally good, organic personal-careproducts to global markets.OURPRODUCTDEVELOPMENT
  5. 5. WHERE IS THE MARKET?MARKET&BUSINESSPOTENTIAL02254506759002007 2008 2009 2010 2011815,00795,00717,00660,00600,00Tab. 1: Natural Cosmetic Market Revenues, Germany (2011)Rev.inMio.€0 %25 %50 %75 %100 %Natural Cosmetics Semi-Natural Cosmetics Conventional Cosmetics90,50 %5,20 %4,30 %Tab. 2: Cosmetics: Consumer Spending as of Segments, Germany (2010)%ofTot.Spendings0 %15 %30 %45 %60 %Natural Cosmetics Semi-Natural Cosmetics Conventional Cosmetics2,30 %7,70 %52,30 %Tab. 3: Cosmetics: Rate of Chance in Consumer Spending by Segment, Germany (2006-2010)%ofTot.SpendingsGermany is the second largest natural cosmetics market inthe world, following the US, with a total size of 815 Mio.EUR in 2011 ($1.05Bn). A strong shift in consumerspending towards natural cosmetics show that this market isa driving force within the entire cosmetics market. (Tab. 2& 3).Brooklyn Soap is aiming for a 7.5% market share in theGerman men’s natural cosmetics segment, which accountsto an estimated market potential of 10.7 Mio. EUR for 2014($14.0M).Source: Statista, 2013
  6. 6. STATUS QUOUNUSEDMARKETPOTENTIALInternationalization of sales is a key success factors for Germanproducers of natural cosmetic products. Small brands growquickly, while their overall profitability is small. Weleda andDr. Hauschka (WALA Heilmittel GmbH) are key growthdrivers of German products in global markets.Natural cosmetics are continuing to emerge, but manyestablished competitors still target a niche group of consumers.Outdated marketing and long-established distributionstrategies show the dilemma of the industry: Smaller producersof great products still believe they are battling bigcorporations’ marketing budgets - wrong!Numbers clearly show that the awareness of and the want fornatural cosmetic products is growing organically.By using the right marketing and distribution channels,Brooklyn Soap will introduce new ways to cater to it’scustomers. eCommerce is a key success factor for a quickinternational roll-out and sustainably gain market shares.Fiscal Year2011Dr. Hauschka Laverana Logona Primavera WeledaAnnemarieBörlindBilanzsummeUmsatzWachstum(2010/11)113.948.371,59 € 15.851.965,95 € 232.236,85 € 12.404.107,43 € 307.458.000 € 16.096.464,02 €104.547.938,45 € 18.730.546,13 € / 12.482.548,55 € 216.682.000,00 € 24.344.273,0129,90 %Lavera:118,6%Laveré: 22,3%Logona: 87,7%Sante: 16,5%33,3 % 9,9 % 10,43 %POSITIONING ANALYSIS: GERMAN NATURAL COSMETICS PRODUCERS (2011)ACHIEVEINTERNATIONALROLLOUTWITHONLINEFOCUS.
  7. 7. FACTS FACTSMARKETING&TARGETGROUPThe natural cosmetic production industry needs to understandthat consumers grow to be sophisticated and emotional abouttheir consumption. Brooklyn Soap Co. is going to introduce atarget group to natural cosmetics, which has widely beenignored by our competitors:TREND-DRIVENYOUNGGENTLEMENWITHANINTERNATIONALUNDERSTANDINGOFTHESELF:TODAY’SURBANMEN.Preview Website: www.bklynsoap.comLaunch: January 17, 2013Total Visits: 83,852Total Pageviews: 103,122Marketing budget spent: Not a single dime!Monetary potential so far: 21,000 EUR in Rev. ($27,000) onpreview website alone.
  8. 8. USE THAT STUFF, MAN!DISTRIBUTIONSTRATEGYOnline Shop Online Retail+ +Special Interest StoresLaunch: 3 Months Post Launch:Stationary retail is going to be pursuit after the first three monthsafter launch of the product line. Target partners are privatebusinesses and special interest stores with an equal dedication andlove for their products.With launch, Brooklyn Soap Co. products will be available Within the first three months after launch,online retailers will be included as distribution channels: Followingregional provenances of online sales and increasing outreach ininternational target markets.
  9. 9. Brooklyn Soap is looking for a 100,000 EUR ($131,000) seed investment tostart production and finally deliver fine products to fine gentlemen - likewe’re supposed to:1. Legal establishment of the company in form of a German GmbH(equates to LLC) - 30.000 EUR (25k paid-in capital stock + legal costs)2. Setting up general administrative structures as well as a first office -10.000 EUR3. Finalizing product development and design - 15.000 EUR4. Investment in production facilities and structures - 30.000 EUR5. Launch inventory - 15.000 EURPaid-in capital stock safety to cover monthly fix costs for pre-saleoperations (Q3-4: 5k EUR / month)Please contact fe@bklynsoap.comWHAT WE ARE LOOKING FORINVESTMENT&OPPORTUNITYSincerely,