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How Booking System Works in Advanced Uber Clone?


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Here we are talking about the advanced uber clone booking System and list of the services offered to the user including food ordering, taxi booking, fly or two-wheeler booking and so on. Know more info visit here:

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How Booking System Works in Advanced Uber Clone?

  1. 1. How Booking System Works in Advanced Uber Clone?
  2. 2. Advanced Uber Clone App with Comprehensive Services ● Taxi On Demand App ● Parcel Delivery On Demand App ● Food Delivery On Demand App ● Air Flight On Demand App ● UberMoto On Demand App
  3. 3. How Advanced Uber Clone App Works Tap to Booking Get Driver Details Guide and Track Start Ride
  4. 4. Users can book a fly vehicle, taxi, parcel delivery, ubermoto using the website as well. Booking from Web Panel
  5. 5. Also in the Android app and iOS app users can book taxi ride, Corporate Rides or business rides, food delivery, ubermoto ride, courier service, fly service. Book Taxi using Android App & iOS App
  6. 6. In the Cubex2020 package Kiosk app available for Android and iOS. Set KIOSK in all hotels of your city where users and tourists can book a taxi without fill many details. Taxi Book from Kiosk App
  7. 7. Optional Advanced Features of Cubex2020 ● Call Masking ● Surge Pricing ● In-app Notification ● Internal text chat ● Pre-integrated Payment Gateways
  8. 8. CubeX2020 Color Templates Choose different color templates for your business logo and get customer attraction in a speedy way.
  9. 9. Contact us +1 (858) 427-0668 (Worldwide) uber-clone-2020/