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Vote to Make Black Friday National Holiday!


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Black Friday definitely deserves a spot in your schedule, as it allows you to access to dozens, even hundreds of amazing deals, which all result in huge savings - exactly what we need for the Christmas Holiday! Check out the main reason why Black Friday deserves its spot in the National Holiday list!

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Vote to Make Black Friday National Holiday!

  1. 1. With so much of Americans‘ energy stocked up for Black Friday, why isn't it a national holiday yet? We think it's high time the government recognizes our freedom to shop like maniacs, so we posed that question in a recent survey. Here are the results. 0 o o 3 . Q ‘l - W w of Black Friday shoppers ¢ ’ ’ say they find the experience to be fun of American adults go shopping on Black Friday spent on Black Friday States That Abzeady Recognize * * * Black Friday Lucky States ’° s I Not—So-Lucky States of people ages 25-34 7 who make more than 850K a year , . 9. ¢, . (,4. 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 The message is clear; let's give mom and dad a break and make Black Friday a national holiday!