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Kardashian clothing for sears


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Just bought a pair of cute cowboy Frye boots but don’t know how to wear them and don’t know which clothes will match with the pair? Then you definitely need some help when it comes to wearing them.

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Kardashian clothing for sears

  1. 1. Kardashian Clothing for SearsThis year the Kardashiansisters made the nationexcited fortheirKardashianclothing line to be soldexclusively at the 400stores of Sears nationwide.The Kardashian clothingline was launched onlydays before Kim’s weddingthis year.Kim has teamed up withher sisters Khloe and Kourtney along with Bruno Schivi’s Jupi International in orderto create the line which embibes “Kim’s glamorous red carpet looks, Kourtney’s moreBohemian chic vibe and Khloe’s rocker style” according to a statement made.Kardashian clothing apparels range from $42 for most of the tops to $99 fordresses and jumpers. Aside from just apparels, the brand also carries accessoriesfrom handbags to jewelry. Shoes and intimates are sold as well, making it soon to bea one-stop store for all the essential Kardashian needs.The fans will definitely get more from the Kardashians, aside from watching theirreality tv show, they could also take dibs with the items they sell.The Kardashiona Kollection, as what they call, offers the customers designer looksand appeal at prices that are approachable and affordable. At the pre-sale on Sears’website before the launch, the collection has managed to get their vintage aviatorstyle sunglasses to be sold-out with a price-tag of $30.“Each Kardashian sister is a trend setter in her own right, bringing their unique
  2. 2. styles together raises the bar for fashion at Sears.” according to John Goodman, theexecutive vice president of Apparel and Home for Sears.The collection of clothes were made available on August 25 this year and since thenew season is kicking in, rest assured that the collection will always have somethingto offer.The collection is pegged to expand in the future and offer more items where acustomer can just stop by and purchase what he or she needs without having to go intwo or more different shops. Kardashian clothing at Sears is definitely a greataddition to the fashion industry as it gives customers or fashion divas more choicesto buy clothes from. The glamour style of Kim is definitely a winner for a lot ofwomen while the style of the other two sisters would definitely give the customersmore options and a unique appeal.Aside from being available in hundreds of Sears store nationwide, a customer canalso buy the items conveniently online through the website and the items willeffortlessly be delivered to the customer’s doorsteps.