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× ophthalmology job site offers one click search for ophthalmic technician and ophthalmology jobs


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Boston (MA): is offering one-click job search to ophthalmic technicians and professionals to facilitate faster information on new ophthalmology jobs to job seekers. The site aims at becoming a one-stop location for ophthalmic technicians to evaluate new ophthalmology job opportunities and also be a cost effective ophthalmic job posting resource for administrators.

The easy Click to Post-a-Position or Find-a-Position feature at the homepage makes EyeBuzz an easy to use job search engine for ophthalmic clinical positions like ophthalmic technicians, ophthalmic photographers, ophthalmic scribes, and ophthalmic nurses and billers. Job seekers can register themselves at the site to post their resumes, receive job alerts of emails while ophthalmic administrators and ophthalmologists can register to post jobs, search resumes and also receive resumes by email. The site’s easy to use search function make job searching simple, fast and effective.’s intelligent search and matching saves jobs seekers the trouble of searching through hundreds of jobs and brings the candidates and recruiters together at one platform.

According to Jane Shuman, President of, “As the number of jobs for ophthalmic technicians, ophthalmic photographers, ophthalmic scribes, and ophthalmic nurses continue to surface, job seekers will have the option to keep themselves updated on the latest job postings and take up the best-suited opportunity through”. offers both keyword and city/state based search for ophthalmology job openings. “The search feature in is simple to use and I was able to find many jobs that suited my requirement in a short span of time.” stated an Ophthalmic Technician who recently took a position in Boston after applying through In addition to postings made directly on, ophthalmic job vacancies from other online job sites, periodicals and other agencies are also added to the site every day.

Since ophthalmology is a constantly changing and challenging field, also provides valuable ophthalmologic information for ophthalmic technicians to keep connected to our field through Twitter and other media. EyeBuzz can be found at with constant updates on the latest in ophthalmology jobs and other useful information for ophthalmology professionals. Over the next year, will be adding an ophthalmic technician blog, ophthalmic practice/technician resources and a classified section dedicated to the needs of the eye technician.

EyeBuzz™ aims at providing an ophthalmic clinical personnel recruitment and ophthalmic career opportunity resource. As the site grows, it will continue to add additional valuable ophthalmic resources for eye care professionals. The unique and innovative features of the website make it an indispensable recruitment resource for ophthalmic clinical positions like ophthalmic technicians, ophthalmic photographers, ophthalmic scribes, and ophthalmic nurses.’s intelligent search and matching saves jobs seekers the trouble of searching through multiple websites and hundreds of jobs and brings the candidates and recruiters together at one platform.

For more details, please visit and “Catch the Buzz”.

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  1. 1. ophthalmology job site offers one click search for ophthalmic technician  and ophthalmology jobs Boston (MA): is offering one‐click job search to ophthalmic technicians and  professionals to facilitate faster information on new ophthalmology jobs to job seekers.  The site aims at becoming a one‐stop location for ophthalmic technicians to evaluate  new ophthalmology job opportunities and also be a cost effective ophthalmic job  posting resource for administrators.  The easy Click to Post‐a‐Position or Find‐a‐Position feature at the homepage makes EyeBuzz an easy to use job search engine for  ophthalmic clinical positions like ophthalmic technicians, ophthalmic photographers,  ophthalmic scribes, and ophthalmic nurses and billers. Job seekers can register  themselves at the site to post their resumes, receive job alerts of emails while  ophthalmic administrators and ophthalmologists can register to post jobs, search  resumes and also receive resumes by email. The site’s easy to use search function make  job searching simple, fast and effective.’s intelligent search and matching  saves jobs seekers the trouble of searching through hundreds of jobs and brings the  candidates and recruiters together at one platform. According to Jane Shuman, President of, “As the number of jobs for  ophthalmic technicians, ophthalmic photographers, ophthalmic scribes, and ophthalmic  nurses continue to surface, job seekers will have the option to keep themselves updated  on the latest job postings and take up the best‐suited opportunity through”. offers both keyword and city/state based search for ophthalmology job  openings. “The search feature in is simple to use and I was able to find  many jobs that suited my requirement in a short span of time.” stated an Ophthalmic  Technician who recently took a position in Boston after applying through In  addition to postings made directly on, ophthalmic job vacancies from  other online job sites, periodicals and other agencies are also added to the site every  day. Since ophthalmology is a constantly changing and challenging field, also  provides valuable ophthalmologic information for ophthalmic technicians to keep  connected to our field through Twitter and other media. EyeBuzz can be found at with constant updates on the latest in ophthalmology jobs  and other useful information for ophthalmology professionals. Over the next year, 
  2. 2. will be adding an ophthalmic technician blog, ophthalmic  practice/technician resources and a classified section dedicated to the needs of the eye  technician.  EyeBuzz™ aims at providing an ophthalmic clinical personnel recruitment and  ophthalmic career opportunity resource. As the site grows, it will continue to add  additional valuable ophthalmic resources for eye care professionals. The unique and  innovative features of the website make it an indispensable recruitment resource for  ophthalmic clinical positions like ophthalmic technicians, ophthalmic photographers,  ophthalmic scribes, and ophthalmic nurses.’s intelligent search and  matching saves jobs seekers the trouble of searching through multiple websites and  hundreds of jobs and brings the candidates and recruiters together at one platform. For more details, please visit and “Catch the Buzz”.  About is an ophthalmology clinical job site specializing in catering to the  needs of both ophthalmic job seekers and ophthalmology employers. The site is aimed  at providing a one stop recruitment resource for ophthalmic clinical positions like  ophthalmic technicians, ophthalmic photographers, ophthalmic scribes, and ophthalmic  nurses. Jane T. Shuman, C.O.T., C.O.E., President of Eyetechs, Inc., is a nationally  recognized authority on clinical flow, scheduling and technician education. She worked  in a high volume ophthalmology practice for over fifteen years and founded Eyetechs  Inc. in 1999. Media Contact Jane Shuman   1 Devonshire Place   Boston, MA 02109 Keywords/Tags: ophthalmic technician jobs, ophthalmology jobs, ophthalmology job,  ophthalmic jobs, eye technician jobs, ophthalmic technician, ophthalmic assistant, eye  technician, ophthalmic technician jobs,