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Fine~San Diego


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Fine~San Diego

  1. 1. SMSC Helping others live life to the fullest. ASTON Sergio De La Mora MARTIN Leading the luxury pack. MAN OF GOD MAN OF BUSINESS$5.95 Volume 6 issue 8 VINTANA Embracing the unconventional in North County.
  2. 2. Ocean Front | Ocean View | Ocean Close Living West is the expert in the sale of Coastal Real Estate in North County San Diego. We specialize in ocean front, ocean view and ocean close homes and condominiums. We also(858) 227.9220 represent luxury beach vacation rentals. Call today for more information.
  3. 3. 7020 Carroll RoadSan Diego, CA 92121800.300.3997858.549.2000B o y a r s . c o m
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  5. 5. Providing Exceptional Landscape Design & Construction Awards and Recognition• 2012 CLCA 1st. Place award for Small Residential Construction Excellence in Design Build. • 2011 CLCA Landscape Beautification Achievement Award for Design & Installation Excellence in Low Voltage Lighting.• 2012 CLCA 1st. Place Award for Design & Installation Excellence in Low Voltage Lighting. • 2010 CLCA Landscape Beautification Achievement Award for Large California Friendly• 2012 CLCA Landscape Beautification Achievement Award for Small Residential Landscape Construction. Renovation Excellence • 2010 CLCA Landscape Beautification Achievement Award for California Friendly• 2012 CLCA Landscape Beautification Achievement Award for Design & Installation WaterSmart Irrigation Landscape Construction. Excellence in Low Voltage Lighting. • 2010 CLCA Landscape Beautification Achievement Award for Small Design & Build• 2010 & 2011& 2012 Voted Best Landscaper in San Diego by KFMB Mojo Pages. Construction.• 2011 CLCA Statewide 1st Place Award for Best Landscape Renovation Project. • 2010 CLCA Landscape Beautification Achievement Award for Water Feature.• 2011 CLCA 1st. Place Award for Best Estate Landscape Renovation Project. • 20+ Additional Awards and Accomplishments Can be Reviewed on Our Website• 2011 CLCA Landscape Beautification Achievement Award for Small Residential Construction Excellence in Design Build. CA license number 865224 Featured on (760) 295-1980
  6. 6. 5617 Paseo Del Norte Suite 114 Carlsbad, CA 92008 (760) 613.7987ElephantWalkOutdoorFootwear. com
  7. 7. Without Alpine Stained Glass it’s just a door.8 8 8 . g l ass . 0 1 | 6 3 3 1 universit y san diego c a 9 2 1 1 5 | a l pineg l ass . c om
  8. 8. Contents F E AT U R E S San Diego’s Anthology Located in the heart of Little Italy, Anthology allows tourists and 20 locals alike to experience fine dining while listening to spectacular headliners. The venue’s three-tiered layout gives guests in all sections an up-close experience with artists. Local Finds at San Diego’s Upscale Boutiques You don’t have to fly to Paris’ Champs-Élysées or scour Rodeo 26 Drive in Beverly Hills to find some of the most unique couture clothing and fashions. San Diego houses exquisite boutiques, catering to SoCal’s taste for luxury and refinement. Power, Beauty and Soul Among luxury cars, few names carry more weight behind 30 them than Aston Martin. The chapel where mechanical prowess and absolute luxury can come together to be joined in holy matrimony. Hometown Pride Summer always serves up a host of fun trends to try. From 50 statement-making prints to cool new color combos, discover tons of new outfit ideas for the Summer season. 40 On The Cover | Sergio and Georgina De La Mora Cover Photo By: Ed Brown from EA Brown Studio Sergio De La Mora, a man on a mission to turn hearts throughout San Diego. 24 New in Town 34 Life to The Fullest 56 The Weighted Truth Keep up with San Diego County’s latest St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center is home Muscles don’t know the difference additions and changes to the local busi- away from home for nearly 400 develop- between a dumbbell, a gallon of milk or ness scene. mentally disabled adults. a suitcase.10
  9. 9. Oh, so that’s why they started calling it a great room.Whether it’s exquisite furniture or custom-designed interi- ors by Susan Spath, you’ll find everything you’ve always wanted at Kern & Co. 130 S Cedros Avenue, Suite 100 Solana Beach, CA 92075 (858) 259-7722 •
  10. 10. LETTER From The EDITOR When Father Junipero Serra first set his eyes on San Diego in 1769, he famously sang the area’s praises. “Thanks be to God, I have arrived at this port of San Diego,” the mission founder wrote. “It is beautiful to behold and does not belie its reputation.” More than two centuries later, Serra’s assessment still rings true. And beyond our coastal climate and hillside slopes, our culture contributes to the appeal and fullness of our much-lauded lifestyle. We enjoy a flourishing arts community, pristine sand and surf, the lure of fine dining, an engaging entertainment scene and a thriving economy of business and tourism. This is our home. And for this very reason, our August issue is wholly dedicated to celebrating San Diego living. From intimate shows at Anthology to dishes served at the newest Cohn restaurant to treasures uncovered in local boutiques, we unapologetically revel in all the beauty our city has to offer. And we acknowledge that San Diego is more than just a pretty face—it’s a city with a heart. This issue features Sergio De La Moda, pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Diego, one of the largest in thenation, and author of “The Heart Revolution.” And we highlight the efforts of St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, a home away from homefor nearly 400 developmentally disabled adults. We hope that you enjoy this tribute to our beautiful city. Jeanette Calo Cheers, Editor-in-Chief Daniel Jewelry & Gift 1241 Prospect Street • La Jolla, CA 92037 • 858-454-8001
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  12. 12. Published by FINE MEDIA GROUP, LLC P U BL I S H E R John Winfield A S S OC I AT E P U BL I S H E R Heather Winfield C R E AT I V E D I R ECT O R Willie Daniels E D I T O R - I N -CH I E F Jeanette Calo M A N A G I N G D I R EC T O R B r a d F ro e s e Spec ial Events A ssistant McKenna Hester S OC I AL M E D I A Lo g a n B ro y l e s INTERNS Danielle Hans S a r a h H u ff m a n Julia Rado La u re n R o w l e s Christinna Splinter Ta y l o r S a v i t t CONTRIBUTING WRITERS J e a n e t t e Ca l o J o y c e “ JLy n n ” G o n z a l e z Jason Karp S a r a n H u ff m a n Machel Penn Shull L u k e Tr a v i s CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS E d B ro w n - E A B ro w n S t u d i o [ c o v e r ] Scott Mahoney Essy Ghavameddini [back cover] S AL E S L i n d a M cC a l l Joni Laguens Nicolette Laverty S ALE S I N Q U I R E S 760-908-5729 E D I T O R I AL S U B M I S S I O N F I N E M E D I A O F F IC E S 770 Rancho Santa Fe Road, Encinitas, CA 92024 FINE magazine is your source for high-end luxury, lifestyle and living. We target more than 40,000 affluent readers in print and an additional 300,000 digital recipients each month. FINE magazine is your guide to the newest developments, the most exclusive places and the latest trends in FINE dining, art, jewelry, wines, fashion and real estate. Our distribution covers San Diego County.We currently offer a Microsoft Tags and QR-code options on selected listings, products and services, so across the country, day or night, you can instantly access additional information right on your smart phone. Through a variety of marketing programs, our publication takes you everywhere from behind-the-scenes of VIP San Diego events, to the cutting edge of luxury living and the people who define it.
  13. 13. S t y l ish F urniture F O R E X T R A O R D I N A RY H O M E S Newly Expanded Patio Store. n Custom Sofa & Sectionals made in 7-10 daysINTERIOR + EXTERIOR FURNITURE. CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA | 760.729.3100 | SkylarsHomeAndPatio.comSkylar’s Home & Patio is a store where quality, price, and service matter. Located in the village of Carlsbad in sunnySan Diego, we offer a wide array of home furnishings. Our experts have over 12 years of home decor experienceto help you furnish every room of your home. Our showroom is stocked with hundreds of selections for indoor andoutdoor living. We feature Made in the USA furniture and specialize in custom sectionals and sofas.
  14. 14. Contributors Ed Brown | The owner of EA Brown Studio, has expanded on his master’s degree from the New School of Architecture and Design with his studio work, where he brings the same intuitive understand- ing of lighting and sense of compositional harmony to capturing countenances. Ed’s eye and skill for direction make him an able capturer of time’s transient moments. Joyce “Jlynn” Gonzalez | Joyce is a freelance writer who received her Bachelor’s degree in journalism and English literature from Point Loma Nazarene University. At the onset of her journal- ism career, Joyce was editorial director for Volunteer San Diego and wrote for San Diego Business Commerce. Danielle Hans | Danielle Hans is an up-and-coming stylist who recently spent time in London observing British and European fashion. Danielle has always had a passion for fashion and is excited to have the opportunity to bring a young and contemporary perspective to FINE magazine. Sarah Huffman | Sarah is an English major at Biola University. When she returns in the fall, she will be writing for The Point, her university magazine, and editing The Inkslinger, its literary journal. She is excitedly planning her first European trip to explore the sights of England, Ireland and France after graduation. Jason Karp | Dr. Jason Karp is a nationally-recognized running coach, 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year. He holds a doctorate in exercise physiology and is founder of Dr. Karp’s Hot Bod Boot Camp in San Diego. Jason writes for international running, coaching and fitness magazines, and he is the author of five books and a frequent presenter at national fitness and coaching conferences. Machel Penn Shull | Machel Penn Shull has been writing featured articles for FINE Maga- zine since 2009. As a freelance writer, she also writes her own newspaper column in Rancho Santa Fe called “Machel’s Ranch.” Her articles have appeared in several magazines and newspapers in Southern California. Luke Travis | After graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in English, Luke began work as a grant-writer for the Community Rejuvenation Project—a nonprofit organization committed to blight- abatement and child-development. Luke is a monthly contributor to FINE Magazine, and continues to work as the Bay Area Correspondent for BxC Baron, a music journalism website that seeks out new and emerging talent.16
  15. 15. Living [ ADVERTORIAL ] A WELL-RESTED Smile Dental treatments can help with sleep apnea symptoms.Lifestyle For more info contact:Luxury Smiles By Valentina 4313 La Jolla Village Drive Suite K4, San Diego CA, 92122 (858) 888-0457| Valentina Obradovic, D.D.SA WELL-RESTED Smile D o you regularly feel tired and have trouble Fortunately, there are a variety of treatments available. concentrating even though you get seven or eight The type of treatment recommended will depend on the hours of sleep most nights? Does your partner individual situation of each patient. The most basic treatment regularly complain about your snoring? If so, you may be is behavior therapy. Sometimes just avoiding alcohol, sleeping suffering from sleep apnea, a common sleeping disorder that pills and other sedatives before going to sleep is all that’s can have long-term negative health effects. needed to correct the issue. In other circumstances, patients Fortunately, sleep apnea can be addressed through dental have seen improvement by switching from sleeping on their treatments. As the owner of Smiles By Valentina in San Diego back to sleeping on their side. and Adriatic Dental in San Marcos, I have been able to help For more moderate or severe cases of sleep apnea, there many patients deal with this problem. are other treatment options including medications that Sleep apnea occurs when a person stops breathing for encourage breathing during the night or even a continuous short periods while asleep. Those with sleep apnea can have positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, a mask that patients their sleep interrupted over a hundred times during the night wear during the night that forces their airways open with and not even be aware of it. The body doesn’t respond well pressurized air. However, many patients find the CPAP device to all these interruptions. After all, sleep is the body’s primary to be very uncomfortable. recovery mechanism. Symptoms of sleep apnea include: Luckily, your local dentist may have a more comfortable alternative. As an experienced dentist, I usually prescribe an • Fatigue Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT)—a custom-made mouthpiece, • Difficulty concentrating similar to a retainer, that moves the lower jaw forward so the • Extreme sleepiness during the day airway remains open throughout the night. Another option at • Increased blood pressure your dentist’s disposal is a DNA Appliance, which is similar • Increased risk of stroke • Increased risk of heart attack and heart failure to an OAT, but actually encourages changes in your jaw and • Increased risk of diabetes teeth structure to permanently eliminate sleep apnea. • Increased risk of depression Most dental interventions for sleep apnea are ideal for • Worsening of ADHD mild-to-moderate cases of the disorder. If sleep apnea is severe, your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon for surgery. The most common form of sleep apnea is obstructive If you or someone in your family is suffering from the symptoms sleep apnea (OSA), a condition in which the airway is blocked of sleep apnea, schedule an appointment with your dentist right during sleep by soft tissue in the back of the throat. Sleep away. Please feel free to call me with questions at 760.591.3434 apnea can affect anyone, including men, women and children. or visit our website at Or stop by In many cases, an individual doesn’t even know that they have Smiles By Valentina in San Diego or Adriatic Dental in San sleep apnea. Marcos. We can’t wait to see your well-rested smile!18
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  17. 17. LivingLifestyleLuxurySAN DIEGO’S ANTHOLOGY San Diego’s Anthology The hottest supper club puts our city on the musical map. By Machel Penn Schull I n the 1930s and 1940s, supper clubs reigned in the United Anthology is the vision of Howard Berkson, real estate States. A close kin to the speakeasy, but without required developer who wanted to create “a contemporary version of secrecy, the supper club gave its clientele a meal and a the great supper clubs of the 1930s and 1940s in downtown night of entertainment together. San Diego, where he could combine his shared passions for Decades later, Anthology revived and enhanced the concept live music and fine dining,” marketing coordinator Casey Pukl in San Diego. Located in the heart of Little Italy, Anthology says, recalling Anthology’s beginnings. allows tourists and locals alike to experience fine dining while “It was the influence of growing up in Chicago where every listening to spectacular headliners. neighborhood had its local spot to go and listen to great The venue’s three-tiered layout gives guests in all sections live music,” Pukl explains. “This experience led Howard an up-close experience with artists, who perform live in an and Marsha Berkson to conceptualize and start working on intimate dining setting. The atmosphere is only increased bringing this vision to life.” when the lights dim, and a blue neon light casts an ethereal Seating more than 250, Anthology’s musical line-up features glow while high-vaulted ceilings lend incredible acoustics, Latin, jazz, blues, classic rock and more. Sacha Boutros, an giving the featured artist a chance to be heard performing live international Latin and jazz singer, has been performing at in an intimate dining setting. Anthology since the venue opened in 2007.20
  18. 18. August at Anthology Lusisa Maita, world music, Aug. 1 Thunder Road, classic rock, Aug. 18 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, swing jazz, Aug. 3–4 ABBA Fab, classic pop rock, Aug. 18 Jumping Jack Flash, classic rock, Aug. 3 The Brides of Funkenstein, funk rock, Aug. 19 Brian McKnight, R&B and soul, Aug. 5–7 Salvador Santana, indie rock, Aug. 22 Jesca Hoop, folk rock, Aug. 8 Albert Lee, Americana, Aug. 23 Tal Wilkenfeld, funk jazz, Aug. 9 Lalah Hathaway, R&B and soul, Aug. 24–25 Back to the Garden, classic rock, Aug. 10 Eric Johnson, blues rock, Aug. 25 Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra, flamenco jazz, Aug. 11–12 Christopher Cross, singer/songwriter, Aug. 26 Maria De La Paz, pop, Aug. 13 Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet, mainstream jazz, Aug. 28 Anthology House Band, jazz and R&B, Aug. 14, 21 Eleni Mandell, singer/songwriter, Aug. 29 Grandmothers of Invention, classic rock, Aug. 17 Kristen Hersh, singer/songwriter, Aug. 31 For times and ticket prices, visit “I love Anthology,” says Boutros, who recently performed Leaf Farms Confit Duck Leg Cassoulet.a tribute to her mentor Red Holloway, who passed away in This fare can be enjoyed while listening to a host of headliners,February. which in the past have included Alanis Morissette, Brandi “My tribute concert was one week after his birthday,” Boutros Carlile, Michael Bublé and Natalie Cole. August headlinerssaid. “I just recently got back from tours to Europe, and was include Brazilian pop artist Luisa Maita, R&B singer Brianthrilled to be back at Anthology, performing in my hometown.” McNight, swing band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and jazz group To celebrate five years in San Diego, Anthology expanded its Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet.hours at the beginning of the year. It may be a trendy supper From swing to Flamenco jazz to the Blues, Anthology’sclub, but Sunday brunch and lunch from Tuesday to Friday playlist is sure to please—and to put San Diego on the map.are now available. Executive Chef Todd Allison, a San Diego “The owners Howard and Marsha Berkson … have built anative, is the mastermind behind Anthology’s impressive world-class music venue in San Diego,” Boutros said. “I ammenu, which includes small plates like Creamy Chipotle Mac pleased to say that I have had all my CD-release events there,and Cheese and Crispy Baja Calamari, or full-sized entrees and whenever I tour I spread the word about our gem in Sanlike Pan Roasted Sea Bass, House Made Fettuccini and Maple Diego.” 21
  19. 19. RIVER ESTATES | Rancho Santa Fe, CA Call For Current PricingCrafted by Jim Ford this single level home sits on 1.69 acres in the desirable gated community of River Estates in Rancho Santa Fe.With over 9000 square feet this home has it all including: a chefs kitchen, guesthouse, library, theatre, wine cellar, wet bar, dramaticloggia, 6-car garage, 9 dramatic waterfalls and picturesque views from nearly every room. Superior quality and details throughout withdistressed exposed beams, natural stones, travertine, marble, onyx, granite, intricate moldings and cobbled pavers. Amazing light anddrama from the walls of windows and large disappearing lift and slide doors. JEFF COLE 760.525.7787 DRE#01389839
  20. 20. award-winning interior design services A Unique Collection of Fine Home Furnishings and Accessories Proprietors Maria Barry & Cindy Cerenzie Del Rayo Village Shopping Center • Le Dimora 16089 San Diequito Rd, Ste. H103 • Rancho Santa Fe Store Hours: Monday - Thursday 10:00 - 6:00 • Friday 10:00 - 7:00, Saturday 10:30am - 7:00pm • Sunday 10:00am - 2:00pm (858) 759.2709 Maria Barry Sandy Garrett Rose Wiltshire Melanie Haimsohn Lisa Larkin Suzi Jones Jen Snyder Cherry CamerinoCo-Owned/Designer Designer Designer Designer Designer Designer Design Associate Accessory Specialist
  21. 21. New in TownLiving Meet San Diego’s latest additions.LifestyleLuxuryNEW IN TOWN Aerial View Family TraditionS To get the best view of San Diego, you may want to jump out Now open in Little Italy is Isola Pizza Bar, the first restaurant in San of a plane. Tsunami Skydivers recently opened in Oceanside, Diego by acclaimed chef Massimo Tenino. Created from Tenino providing thrill seekers with the only coastal skydiving experience family recipes and made with double zero flour imported from in Southern California. Operating out of the Oceanside Italy, Isola’s pizzas are hand-tossed and baked al forno a legna, Municipal Airport, Tsunami Skydivers caters to both first-time in a wood-burning oven. Pair one of 15 pizza options with wine and experienced divers. Divers jump from 13,000 feet for a one- from Tenino’s family-owned winery in Italy, and follow it up with of-a-kind, breathtaking view of the coast. homemade gelato. | | Morning Session The New Happy Hour To celebrate turning two years old, as well as the addition of Herringbone, “Top Chef ” Brian Malarkey’s fifth San Diego Chefs Eric Meyers and Jasa Joseph, Sessions Public in Point Loma restaurant, recently opened its doors. The La Jolla restaurant recently announced “Taps & Toast,” a cheeky take on Sunday features an Oyster Hour, Monday to Friday, from 4 to 6 p.m. brunch. Standout new dishes include the Sweet Potato Hash and Guests can unwind in the shade of Herringbone’s olive trees the Stuffed French Toast with challah, sautéed peaches and while enjoying dollar oysters paired with discounted beer, wine honey cream-cheese filling. Bottomless mimosas and beer-centric and cocktails. In addition to dinner, the restaurant also serves full- brunch drinks complement the brunch, which opens at 10 a.m. service lunch from Monday to Friday, and brunch on Sunday. | | herringboneeats.com24
  22. 22. 1 Local FindsLiving Find the couture you crave at San Diego’s upscale boutiques.Lifestyle You don’t have to fly to Paris’ Champs-Élysées or scour Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills to find some of the most unique coutureLuxury clothing and fashions. San Diego houses exquisite boutiques, catering to SoCal’s taste for luxury and refinement. Whether you are seeking a chic look for the races or the latest cocktail dresssan diego’s upscale boutiques for your next black-tie event, you can find just what 2 you’re looking for at these local boutiques. By Joyce “Jlynn” Gonzalez 3 Star Fashion Boutique 1110 Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla 1. Ricco Antonio silk charmeuse evening gown accented with cowl neckline and low backline. 2. Wilhelmina chiffon trapeze dress with white satin finish hemline. 3. Judith Leiber jewel-encrusted penguin novelty clutch. 4 4. Colorifics translucent dress sandals with crystal embellishments. Daniel Jewelry & Gift Boutique 1241 Prospect St., La Jolla 1. Judith Ripka 18-karat white gold with diamonds and black onyx 2 bangle bracelet with matching ring and diamond-cut crystals with pearl long chain necklace. 1 2. Daniel Jewelry & Gift square tanzenith diamond ring, cushion-set aquamarine diamond ring, pear-shaped sapphire and diamond drop earrings, and round set diamonds and sapphires with a modern choker necklace.26
  23. 23. No matter what your windows need, we’ve got you covered.Top name brands, best prices, guaranteed!Let Show Blinds show you what we can dofor your windows and for your budget. • Experienced designers with years of experience. • No one beats our pricing guaranteed. Mini Blinds • Free in-home consultation. Woven Woods • Most orders can be installed within a week. Cellular Shades • Professional installation guaranteed. Real Wood • Superb customer service for years to come. Faux Wood Top down/Bottom Up Roller Shades Roman Shades (800) 439.1206
  24. 24. 3 1LivingLifestyle 4Luxurysan diego’s upscale boutiques 2 Boutique de Marcus 685 2nd Ave., San Diego 1. Marcus Hanish purple sequins mini cocktail dress. 2. Princess Purses black satin beaded cocktail purse. 3. Black velvet vintage dress with lace detailing, re-designed by Marcus Hanish. 4. Princess Purses leather handbag with fringe detailing. 3 4 5 2 Hot Rock Jewelry Store 861 Sixth Ave., San Diego 1. Linda Rocco Design HRJ pendant with opalized nautilus fossil, clear quartz, fumed peyote, 14K-gold-filled wire wrap. 2. HRJ crystal fashion bracelet. 3. HRJ crystal fashion earrings with carved roses. 1 4. Linda Rocco Design HRJ ring. 5. HRJ crystal fashion necklace and earrings.28
  25. 25. LivingLifestyleLuxurypower, beauty and soul Power, Beauty and Soul Aston Martin’s latest models lead the luxury pack. By Luke Travis Among luxury cars, few names carry more weight behind is the successor to Aston Martin’s indomitable One-77 model, them than Aston Martin. It is the preferred vehicle of James which was widely considered one of the word’s finest sports Bond, the chapel where mechanical prowess and absolute cars. The name for the car is derived from a partnering Italian luxury can come together to be joined in holy matrimony, coachbuilder that has been in collaboration with Aston Martin forever and ever. on aesthetic and performance aspects of the design. With the brand currently thriving under new ownership, The car itself is an engineering marvel, purportedly classes of new models are being released every year, with 2012 demanding more than 2,000 hours of labor for the production looking to be one of the most groundbreaking yet. of a single unit. As one might expect, it is a V-12, with more The most notable new-release is the 2012 Vanquish, which than 510 horsepower beneath the hood. With an interior that was discontinued for a hot minute in 2007 before being boasts leather hand-stitched quilting seats and carbon-fiber reintroduced this year. It is a racehorse of a car, carrying a V-12 dash displays, the Zagato is luxurious enough to suit even the engine with 565 horsepower and a body made of exclusively most discriminating of tastes. carbon-fiber materials to make it lighter and faster. The new For those wishing to get behind the wheel of one of these Garmin cabin interface, LED displays, and 15- speaker sound beauties, San Diego European Motorcars LTD has a wide system all forecast stunning luxury that will satisfy even the selection of Aston Martins for immediate sale, in addition to most fastidious of speed and performance junkies. The combined force of these features, together with the an inventory of Lotus and Jaguars to choose from. You can Vanquish’s impressive specs has led officials at the Concours also contact Aston Martin personnel through the website d’Elegance Villa d’Este, renowned elegance competition for ( for more assistance. classic and vintage cars, to christen it “the ultimate expression There are a host of other models being re-released this year of Aston Martin design ethos, engineering innovation and for the Aston Martin line as well, all representing a broad technical ability.” spectrum of prices and configurations. If you crave the open Even so, it will be a long climb to the top if the Vanquish road and have a healthy penchant for style and adventure, then wishes to outperform its near cousin, the Zagato. The Zagato it might be time to see what Aston Martin has to offer.30
  26. 26. 2012 Aston Martin zagato The Aston Martin Zagato is an engineeringmarvel, purportedly demanding more than 2,000hours of labor for the production of a single unit. 2012 Aston Martin zagato 2012 aston martin vanquish2012 aston martin vanquish interior 2012 aston martin zagato interior 31
  27. 27. THE “NO FEAR” Estate ESTATE LA COSTA’S FINEST GOLF ESTATEEnter the 200’ gated drive to this custom contemporary masterpiece, situated on a 3/4 acre premium view lot with 150’ of GolfCourse Frontage. This one of a kind estate boasts 5700 sf, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths. The finest quality featuring 24” Limestoneflooring, solid Maple cabinetry, 24’ walls of windows, gourmet kitchen with SS appliances, triple bull-nose Granite, a freefloating staircase, a separate media / guest suite with private entrance. The outdoor entertainment area features hundreds ofspecimen palms and is complete with a full outdoor kitchen, slate decking, fire-pit, pool, spa, and for the car enthusiast a fullyinsulated 6+ car garage. “Movie Star Quality” for the most discriminating Buyer. OFFERED AT $2,395,000 Scott Warren Liz Molina 619-889-7733 858-583-9777 DRE # 00580262 DRE # 01324648
  28. 28. 6989 CORTE LANGOSTA - CARLSBAD, LA COSTA RIDGEStunning Monterey Ranch style home in exclusive, gated La Costa Ridge for sale! This 5 bedroom, 5.5 bathroom home sits at the end of a quiet culde sac & features private entertaining spaces, plus your own custom putting green. Greet guests in your private interior courtyard w/granite bar, log-gia & fireplace. Gorgeous upgrades abound, including: natural stone floors, wrought iron staircase, stainless steel appliances, upgraded cabinets &granite counters, mud room, plantation shutters, four fireplaces, fire ring... did we mention storage galore & immaculately clean? WOW! OFFERED AT $1,299,9003200 CORTE PACIFICA - Carlsbad, La Costa RIDGE - $1,299,900 10967 Riesling drive - scripps ranch, wine country - $615,000 (760) 436.6484 | | For more listings or information please visit us online at
  29. 29. LivingLifestyleLuxuryTranquility Farms Life to the Fullest SMSC encourages the developmentally disabled to embrace their potential. By Sarah Huffman Tucked away on a hill in El Cajon lies a little-known affected by SMSC for three years. Here, Heidi has opened sanctuary. Complete with an organic garden, junior Olympic- up and even had the opportunity to join a dance troop— sized pool and several multi-purpose classrooms, St. Madeleine something she or her mother never thought possible. Sophie’s Center is a home away from home for nearly 400 “Parents begin looking at their children’s abilities rather than developmentally disabled adults. just their disabilities,” Turner says. For more than 35 years, SMSC has offered adults with This day program—or “Life Program” as it is referred—is disabilities ranging from autism to epilepsy to Down syndrome unique for each student. Every year, on the student’s birthday, the opportunity to live independently. Whether through staff members sit down with students and their caretakers to academic tutoring like reading or math, social interaction like draw out a yearlong plan based on their goals, which vary from gardening or swimming, or practical guidance like filling out simply tying their shoes to applying for a job. job applications or preparing for job interviews, SMSC strives Depending on these goals, they attend classes, explore the to empower disabled adults to experience and understand community, volunteer at homeless shelters and orphanages and their capabilities as part of society. are even employed in the community or on campus. Through “Every day there are new stories,” Debra Turner, executive its various programs, SMSC strives to show that “people with director of SMSC says, “and I’m sure there are many more disabilities really can make a difference in society,” Turner that we don’t even know about.” says. Heidi is an especially shy disabled adult who has been greatly Mark Rimland, former student, embodies this very principle34
  30. 30. The 35th Annual “Haute with Heart” Fashion Show Fundraiser When: Saturday, Aug. 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Where: Hilton San Diego Bayfront Details: Limited VIP runway seating available. Proceeds benefit St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center. For more info, visit Through its various programs, SMSC strives to show that “people with disabilities really can make a difference in society.” Debra Turnerof SMSC. He has risen in his trade to become the resident more disabled adults can have the opportunity to “live fullerartist at the Edgeware Gallery in the Kensington District of lives” and “participate in some of life’s simplest pleasures.”San Diego. An adult with autism, Rimland’s illustrations are The 35th Annual “Haute with Heart” Fashion Show andfeatured in a recently published children’s book “The Secret Luncheon, produced by television personality LeonardNight World of Cats.” Simpson, is SMSC’s biggest event of the summer—and Rimland’s work is also available at Sophie’s Gallery, which this year should be better than ever. Held on Aug. 18 at thedisplays student-made jewelry and art to benefit SMSC’s Hilton San Diego Bayfront, this year’s show will featureprograms. With three locations in El Cajon and San Diego, student musicians, dancers and artists, as well as live and silentstudents sell one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces and plant auctions. Redondo also said to expect “new, exciting things.”arrangements made from the organic garden. SMSC is more than a day program for disabled adults. It is Program directors say they hope to see great development an encouraging haven that allows students to seek their ownof SMSC, which is primarily recognized in East County, in independence and to understand their potential.the coming years. Jeff Redondo, event coordinator, explained For more information on St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center,the desire for more exposure throughout San Diego County so visit 35
  31. 31. SdSellsSanDiego.comOLIVENHAIN NEW LISTING Contemporary single story masterpiece with beautiful westerly views! This custom home, built in 2002, was meticulously designed and planned to maximize the use of large windows providing much natural light, aspiring ceilings and spaces that create an open flow of indoor/outdoor living. Main living areas were created to be open as one magnificent great room. One bedroom/bath, plus bonus room upstairs with total approximate square footage of 6,451sf on 1.27 acres of private land. OFFERED AT $2,650,000 IN ESCROW 3.75 ACRE PARCEL AVAILABLEOLIVENHAIN, CA OFFERED AT $2,895,000 OLIVENHAIN, CA OFFERED AT $999,000 To view more photos or information on our listings visit: SUE DE LEGGE GINA DE LEGGE 760.207.7749 760.579.8108 DRE#01304408 DRE#01746528
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  33. 33. LivingLifestyleLuxuryIT JUST WORKS It Just Works Vintana embraces the unconventional in North County. By Jeanette Calo S ometimes dining nirvana comes from unexpected marching to her own drumbeat. places — from a food truck or a hole-in-the-wall spot. “Everything about this North County location is And sometimes it comes from a car dealership. unconventional,” says David Cohn, who founded the Cohn Located in the penthouse level of The Centre at Lexus Restaurant Group with his wife Lesley. “After hearing about Escondido, Vintana offers modern California Cuisine the space over time, we weren’t sold on the idea, but the alongside a stunning panorama of rolling hills, stunning moment we laid eyes on it, we immediately identified its skyscapes and the latest-model luxury cars. potential. We’re known for taking risks, and we embrace these The Centre at Lexus Escondido is a pleasantly odd place. In one-of-a-kind locations.” addition to its role as a “super car dealership,” it includes a golf The choice was a wise one. Everything about Vintana is light, simulator, business center, private library and planned retail airy and fun, from the initial lift up the glass elevator to the space, not to mention the oodles of square-footage available to restaurant, to the friendly staff, to the open-air Lenai dining, rent for special events like weddings. complete with firepits that urge diners to linger over cocktails. Weddings? At a car dealership? It’s this very peculararity that The interior style is contemporary and chic without trying too first draws people to Vintana. hard. The focal points of the dining room are the impressive “People are very surprised by it,” admits Cynthia Peterson, glass chandeliers and the 17-foot windows that capture the restaurant’s floor manager. “They wouldn’t have imagined gorgeous vistas, no matter the time of day. Sunset views are a restaurant of this caliber.” rivaled only by night-time cityscapes, lighted by the Bellagio- Curiosity may draw people in, but it’s the food and ambience style fountains below. that will make them stay. Vintana is the latest venture by the The cuisine at Vintana is just as original as its venue. The Cohn Restaurant Group, which is no stranger to San Diego’s menu is equally familiar and unexpected, mixing a variety dining scene. Owners of such top venues as The Prado and of trusted-and-true flavors with creative combinations. For Island Prime/C Level, Cohn has long been a county favorite. example, a signature dish that has been generating a lot of And if the Cohn restaurants are a family, Vintana is the buzz is the Blackberry-Glazed Bison Spareribs — fall-off- quirky youngest sibling, displaying traces of her lineage while the-bone ribs served on a bacon-pecan corn waffle with local38
  34. 34. Photo By Cynthia PetersonPhoto By Mark Nagelgreens and a blackberry-bourbon gastrique. wonton. There is also a choice of several fresh, sustainable “I wanted it to be original,” says Executive Chef Deborah seafood dishes and signature steaks, as well as several inventiveScott, a partner of the Cohn Restaurant Group and the side dishes like Pomegranate Molasses Brussels Sprouts andmastermind behind Kemo Sabe, Indigo Grill and Island Sweet Potato Pork Belly Hash.Prime/C Level. To celebrate the arrival of a Cohn restaurant to inland “The menu is diverse and eclectic, but I keep it grounded in North County, Vintana brings some of the charm of its sisterSouthern flavors,” the Virginia native said. restaurants to the area. Like 333 Pacific, the bar serves 102 For starters, don’t miss Chef Deborah’s Roasted Nut- different vodkas. And Island Prime’s Mud Pie — coffee iceCrusted Brie, served with jalapeño jelly, honey-roasted garlic cream, Oreo cookie ganache and almond brittle — tops theand grilled ciabatta. Also popular is the Charcuterette, dessert menu. Pair it with a Mexi-Coco Coffee — Patronwhich features bacon-wrapped dates, spiced mixed nuts, blue Coconut, Kahlua, and coffee-pineapple whipped cream. Orcheese, pecorino, prosciutto, spicy giardiniera, spiced olives for a lighter finish, try the blueberry and peach crisp with starand fig-molasses baguette. It’s the perfect complement to therestaurant’s extensive beer and wine list, representing a wide anise-mascarpone ice cream.range of brews and vintages. Like its locale, Vintana is adventurous and edgy, ready to Scott’s signature entrees include the Black Pepper Bacon- prove that the unconventional works.Wrapped Pork Tenderloin and the Pan-Seared Sea Bass — How? It just does.white bean pistou, grilled artichoke, chorizo, roasted potatoes Vintana is open for lunch and dinner daily. For moreand lemon-poppy seed brown butter, topped by a stone crab information, visit 39
  35. 35. LivingLifestyleLuxurySPIRITUALITY & LEADERSHIP Man of GOD, man of business Sergio De La Mora, a man on a mission to turn hearts throughout San Diego. By Luke Travis Photography Courtesy of Ed Brown S ergio De La Mora is a man of God. His posture, manage his own landscape design company. By the time countenance and speech all reflect his faith and Sergio was born, his father had already taken out a convictions. If he could not speak, there is no mortgage on a home in Santa Barbara. doubt that he would find a creative and relevant way to “My father’s work ethic was exceptional,” De La spread the word of God with more passion and conviction Mora recalls, “and he was determined to make his family than words could convey. But he can speak, and he has successful.” used that gift to become the founding pastor, along with Despite his father’s success, Sergio struggled growing his wife Georgina, of one of the nation’s Top 10 Fastest up as the youngest of six children. With two older brothers Growing Churches (Outreach Magazine), Cornerstone and three older sisters, attracting attention was always a Church of San Diego. challenge. De La Mora has already built his reputation as one of the “With my oldest brother, there is a picture of every most inspirational Evangelical ministers on the West Coast, single event of his life,” he explains with a laugh, “but and he is poised to continue growing his congregation into pictures of Sergio are the day he was born and the day he one of the most innovative and influential in the nation— graduated from sixth grade.” Quite a contrast from today which is no small feat considering his humble beginnings. as he now commands the attention of so many both in San De La Mora’s family story is as American as apple pie. Diego and throughout churches across America. His father, an immigrant from Guadalajara, left Mexico Growing up, De La Mora and all of his siblings worked seeking a better life. Despite only three years of schooling, for their father’s landscaping business. He remembers the De La Mora’s father was able to build and successfully summers of his youth, spent working with his father: “As40
  36. 36. The challenge, which runs parallel to thegoals of his congregation, is “to live, love,and lead with your heart.” Estate Shown: For information or to schedule an appointment for a personal showing of Bella Vista please contact Ken Wiilson at Ken Wilson Realty: (O) 619-437-4150, (M) 619--994-3329, 41
  37. 37. LivingLifestyleLuxurySPIRITUALITY & LEADERSHIP long as I can remember, all of my brothers and sisters remembered, and that small church was the very church worked in the company,” De La Mora says, “My sisters of which he would ultimately become a Youth Pastor and would help my dad write out his invoices because their later be sent from to start Cornerstone Church of San penmanship was better.” Diego. The work was hard, but it did eventually pay off, as De De La Mora quickly realized he could use his radio La Mora now knows the names of almost every plant in position to help share his newfound perspective on the California, which makes for excellent conversation during world. He sold his old turntables and became a Christian hikes — that is, when he can find the time. radio host on Saturday nights, during hours that were A strong work ethic and strong family ties to the family definitely not prime time, but it was from there that his business didn’t do much to quell Sergio’s pioneering spirit legacy began to take legs. though, especially as a teenager. At the young age of Sergio De La Mora is a man of God. But he is also a 12, he was sponsored by two skateboard companies and man of business. He has a business mind and his church, proudly claims to have been the only Latin skateboarder which is incorporated, is a church of business. But it is the in the area. But peer pressure got the better of De La business of turning hearts back to God that De La Mora Mora’s young, impressionable mind, and he was coerced now handles, and handles well enough to merit great into joining a local gang. This was a difficult time for him. praise from the considerable body of believers that have “I had lived a life of violence and I had tasted drugs come to rely on him for guidance. at a very young age,” he says of his dark days, without In his early twenties, along with his brothers, De La much elaboration. His affinity for deviancy quickly faded, Mora inherited the family landscaping business. At the however, when De La Mora became a DJ at a local radio time, it had 15 employees, had earned his father enough to station, after which he soon experienced a revelation that start buying apartment complexes in the area and was set to would change the trajectory of his life forever. expand even more under proper guidance and judgment. De La Mora is a man of God. As if to prove that no Spurred by De La Mora’s entrepreneurial expertise, the means are too shallow to spread the gospel, De La Mora’s business thrived and he reaped the benefits of his labor. By own journey started with a single piece of paper: “It 28 years old, De La Mora had 30 people working for him, was a flyer that induced me to go to a small church,” he owned two homes, and several rental properties.42
  38. 38. It was clear that the young millionaire had found a Commerce, because the first thing I wanted to do beforesecure footing in Santa Barbara when God called him starting the church was get in touch with all the keyto relocate. “Our pastor asked us if we would consider business leaders in the city.” On that first weekend in 1998,starting a new congregation in Chula Vista,” De La Mora De La Mora started two new companies: Sal and Brothersexplains, “and I was really nervous about leaving.” Landscape, Inc. and Cornerstone Church of San Diego. It was a defining moment for De La Mora, and one he Sergio, the man of God and Sergio, the man of businessdid not take lightly. As he confesses, “I asked myself if I had met at last, and in this case, they made a truce.was to die today, would I die a happy man? And I realized Since its inception, Cornerstone Church of San DiegoI would not say I would die a happy man if I didn’t plant has gone from a church of 7 people to 600 membersthis church.” meeting at Hilltop High School, to now a multi-campus, The decision was made. And so plant he did, but this city- wide conglomerate with more than 6,000 members.time, he wasn’t planting for landscape design. An ambitious The current facility in National City, boasts a beautifullyDe La Mora wanted to see his sapling grow quickly, so he renovated auditorium and 30-foot waterfall in the lobby,set out to grow it in the best way he knew how. recently won the prestigious award for First Place in “I immediately joined the Chula Vista Chamber of Commercial Design throughout all San Diego. 43
  39. 39. LivingLifestyleLuxurySPIRITUALITY & LEADERSHIP With the help of Lena Brion of Brion Design, De Mora, whose challenge encourages readers to “live, love La Mora transformed the 26,000- square-foot multiplex and lead from your heart.” theatre into a 50,000-square-foot 1,200-seat sanctuary/ “The Heart Revolution” has become the rallying cry performing arts center with a professional quality lighting for Cornerstone Church of San Diego. The idea is broad sound system with which De La Mora’s wife, Georgina, and inclusive, but in its most distilled iteration, it is a leads worship each week to the growing congregation. “holistic approach to living a healthy life” that includes Much of De La Mora’s success is due directly to his “becoming physically healthy, intellectually healthy, wife’s encouragement. “In a moment of transparency, emotionally healthy, spiritually healthy, relationally I told my wife I didn’t want to start this church in San healthy and financially healthy.” Diego,” he says with great emotion, “I asked her, ‘Who Cornerstone Church of San Diego currently has would hear me preach?’ And she said ‘I would come and campuses in National City, La Jolla, Escondido in San hear you preach,’ And that was enough for me.” Building Diego as well as in Arizona and Mexico City. De La Mora the church has always been, in all respects, a team effort, speaks weekly at the National City and La Jolla campuses, with both of them at the helm. and broadcasts weekly via video in Escondido. The target As the momentum behind Sergio and Cornerstone communities in Escondido, and especially in National City Church of San Diego began to grow, Baker books are historically under-served, and the church does a great approached De La Mora and offered him a book deal. The deal of community-focused events to provide a platform result was “The Heart Revolution: Experience the Power for hope through life counseling and assistance. of a Turned Heart,” released in 2011. A promotional The church in La Jolla, however, is one that is tour followed, in which De La Mora visited over 52 major particularly close to De La Mora’s heart. Growing up in cities across the nation, into Mexico and even overseas the affluent city of Santa Barbara, he retains a special bond to Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. The book, with affluent communities. His strong conviction is that according to De La Mora, is not so much an autobiography “in a community like La Jolla, what people often ignore is as it is a church manifesto. the relational pain that exists in the hearts of youth and “It was conversational and it was written so that people families.” This is the universal pain, as he describes, that could take the 40-Day Heart Challenge,” explains De La happens “behind closed doors,” and for which he believes44
  40. 40. Cornerstone Surf Camp Surf camp is designed as a mentorship program to help kids strengthen their confidence, build physical endurance, develop leadership skills, and encourage goal setting practices.the gospel is the “universal cure.” difficult thing for him to do in his life, “following God into This past summer, De La Mora partnered with TV the unknown.” It was a difficulty which — for him — layPersonality and Fashion Forward’s, Leonard Simpson, to in dealing with intangibles, “When you follow God to starthost the Beyond the Runway Fashion Show to raise funds a new church, there isn’t a product you’re selling, therefor a 5 Day Surf Camp in La Jolla. In its inaugural session, isn’t anything tangible you can base success on, so I hadDe La Mora and his team of licensed instructors gave 60 to come up with a new definition of success.” That newunderprivileged youth from throughout San Diego, some definition of success, Sergio describes, is “fulfilling yourof whom had never even touched a surfboard before, the God-given mission in life.” And for this man of God andopportunity to explore the beautiful beaches of San Diego a man of business, Sergio De La Mora has found that newwhile strengthening their confidence, physical endurance, definition of success in turning the hearts of youth andand leadership skills. For every one of the participants, families by starting a Heart Revolution throughout Santhis has been a summer of transformation and renewed Diego and throughout the nation.confidence for their future. Right now, De La Mora is looking forward to the For more information aboutupcoming skate camp that Cornerstone is hosting this fall, Cornerstone Church of Sanand searching for a suitable husbands for his daughters, Diego scan the QR code tostarting with his eldest who just recently earned her PH.D the right, or visit:at Arizona State University. Sergio feels at last that he has finally, in his own words, turningthehearts.commade the leap from “success to significance”, a leap thatwas only made possible doing what he says was the most 45
  41. 41. T H E P O W E R P R O P E R T I E S . co mPRIVATE OASIS AT ENCINITAS RANCHThis is it!! Looking for that large lot with total privacy, views and golf course frontage yet only 1 1/2 miles to the beach?This is one of a kind! Over one acre with a huge private tropical paradise garden in your backyard. Home features4 bedrooms / 2 baths with master bedroom upstairs. Venetian set travertine floors throughout, gourmet chefs openkitchen, spa style baths, gorgeous master suite with romantic fireplace, view balcony, large walk-in closet and privateoffice/retreat. Exquisite grounds with hot tub, private vegetable garden and zoned for horses. OFFERED AT $1,395,000 - $1,495,000 Danny Power | 760.519.9293 DR E # 0 1 3 1 6 5 7 8
  42. 42. Peter Lik’s Endless Summer Beach House MISSION BEACH, SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIARooftop Pool & Spa Resort! Lounge 30 feet above the white sands of the Pacific Ocean on your private sun-kissed rooftop deck at 708 San JosePlace. It is equipped with a pool and spa. Enjoy 360-degree views of the Sandy Beaches, the Pacific Ocean, and Mission Bay from La Jolla to SeaWorld, Point Loma and the Coronado Islands. This one-of-a-kind 3-bedroom masterpiece includes the fine art and design of world famous masterof photography Peter Lik. The home boasts modern elegance, yet it’s warm and inviting. Retracting glass walls open to create the ultimate indoor/outdoor experience. No expense was spared in construction, from the poured-in-place concrete walls, floors, countertops and cabinetry to thebrass rocky mountain hardware fixtures and a solid brass kitchen sink. You will also find a Wolf cooktop and SubZero refrigerator. It has incrediblelighting including LEDS and directional pin beams. Collect a Peter Lik original, for this beach house is truly one of a kind! $2,995,000 Ron Fletcher 858.472.2700 [ DIRect ] CA DRE #01268956 ALL INFORMATION DEEMED RELIABLE BUT NOT GUARANTEED.
  43. 43. Would you stake your company’s reputa-tion on next month’s results? We would. “Darren’s fresh, energetic enthusiasm and passionate“Darren’s methods have proven to be invaluable to “The training Darren Cecil provides is an excellant desire to help his clients find and develop theour company. After implementing even the basic investment in the success of any company. He is not professional sales person within each of us is infectious.sales principles found in his training we noticed only knowledgeable and an excellant communicator, If you believe you are already at the top of your gameimmediate, exponential increases in our profitability.” he personalizes the training to your specific business. you’re probably thinking you have no need to meet a I highly recommend his service.” person like Darren, right? His persona goes way beyond what he does. I encourage you to get to know him and find out for yourself.” Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative sales and sales management training. For more than 40 years, Sandler has taught its distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology, which has helped salespeople and sales managers take charge of the process. Our training is designed to create lasting “performance improvement” rather than the motivational “quick fix” typical of many seminar-based training programs. To help you accomplish your goals, Sandler provides “reinforcement training,” a system that combines quality materials along with access to ongoing training workshops and individual coaching sessions. To learn more or register to attend visit: www.sdsales.sandler.comDarren Cecil Personally619.295.2222
  44. 44. 1034AvenidaAmantea.comPanoramic white water coastline and city light views This well maintained, recently remodeled split-level home enjoys panoramic, South-facing views of the ocean with white water coastline, Mission Bay, Point Loma and glistening city lights in the evening. Located on a large private lot in the coveted Muirlands neighborhood, this home offers a European style cooks kitchen which opens up to a large deck overlooking the expansive flat backyard with room for a pool. This traditional style home with hardwood floors is filled with light and includes a large formal living room with fireplace, dining room, family room, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms plus an optional 4th bedroom room which can be used as a guest suite, media/game room, office or cabana, and an oversized, extra deep two car garage with storage. OFFERED AT $1,299,000 Kerri K lein 858.692.3983 7734 Herschel Avenue, Suite A La Jolla, CA 92037 DRE# 01856679 www.KleinBrokerage.com7734 Herschel Avenue, Suite ALa Jolla, CA
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  46. 46. Hometown PRIDE Photography By Scott Mahoney Creative Direction By Heather Winfield Styled By Danielle Hans Shot on Location at Point Loma Nazarene University Models McKenna Hester Julia Rado Taylor Peter Splinter Styling Assistant Christinna Splinter Photography Assistant Stacey Dixion Clothing and Accessories Mister B’s Maggie B’s Detour Mog & Rue Shoes Me Artisans Jewelry
  47. 47. Taylor in Just USA pants, Free Peopleshirt and jacket from Detour, shoes fromShoes Me and jewelry from ArtisansJewelry.
  48. 48. Julia in J Brand pants and Escada Sportsweater from Maggie B, shoes from ShoesMe and jewelry from Artisans Jewelry.McKenna in Escada Sport pants, Bossshirt and Paige jacket from Maggie B,shoes from Shoes Me and jewelry fromArtisans Jewelry.
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  51. 51. LivingLifestyleLuxuryTHE WEIGHTED TRUTH The Weighted Truth Beginners need not be intimidated by weight training. By Dr. Jason Karp H ave you ever walked through a gym and been appearance and self-image, it has many functional benefits as intimidated by all the dumbbells, barbells and well. Stronger muscles improve posture and coordination, support machines that put you in awkward positions best joints and reverse the loss of muscle tissue that comes with aging. reserved for privacy of your own home? Well, you’re not alone. Weight training also increases bone density, reducing the risk of If you’ve never lifted weights before, it can be daunting, and when osteoporosis. you consider the different types of exercises, the amount of weight Many people stop weight training because they don’t see to lift, the number of repetitions and sets and the amount of rest immediate results. Although physiological changes begin to occur between sets, you practically need a Ph.D. to understand it all. after your first session, these changes are mostly neuromuscular But don’t worry: Muscles don’t know the difference between a in origin for the first couple of months, so your brain becomes dumbbell, a gallon of milk or a suitcase. Lifting weights in a gym better at “speaking” to your muscles and recruiting them for tasks, is not much different than lifting your four-year-old to reach the much like changing from a dial-up modem to DSL cable. To see monkey bars. When done correctly and combined with other external changes in your muscles, you need to stick with weight exercise, weight lifting can change the way you look. training for a few months. While many people begin lifting weights to improve their physical To get started, follow these simple guidelines.56
  52. 52. What exercises should I do? How much weight should I lift? Although gyms offer an array of weight machines and free First, find out how strong you are. Ask a qualified trainerweights to train your body’s more than 600 muscles, start with at your gym to test your maximal strength by finding out thejust one exercise for each major muscle group (see Sample most weight you can lift once, called your one-rep max.Strength Training Program). If you want a leaner look with greater muscle endurance, Machines guide movements and are designed to change lift lighter weights, about 60 to 70 percent of your one-represistance throughout your joints’ range of motion to max. For stronger muscles with an increase in muscle size, liftaccommodate the joint angles at which your muscles are heavier weights, about 80 to 90 percent. If you cannot getstronger. Free weights, on the other hand, cannot change your maximal strength tested, choose a weight that will maketheir resistance while you lift them — a five-pound dumbbell you fatigued by the end of each set.remains five pounds throughout the whole movement. If you’re a woman who is worried about getting bulky, don’t While it is always better to train movement than to train fret — it probably won’t happen. Since women have muchmuscle, beginners should start with machines to train the less testosterone and other muscle-building hormones thanmajor muscles and then train more specific movements with men, they are less prone to getting bigger muscles. Geneticsfree weights. To minimize fatigue, train large before small ultimately dictate your specific response to weight training.muscle groups, alternating between the lower and upper body. The hard-bodied women you see on the covers of fitness 57