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Mobile Asistant Brief


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Multiplatform System for
Mobile Service Subscribers

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Mobile Asistant Brief

  1. 1. Mobile AssistantMultiplatform System forMobile Service Subscribers OLSOFT Company 2011
  2. 2. ContentsThis presentation shows the advantages of “Mobile Assistant” systemintegration for mobile carriers.Brief contents: The difficulties faced by subscribers in managing operators’ services; Existing solutions Mobile Assistant brief description Carrier’s benefits Subscriber’s benefits Mobile assistant system integration description Estimation of resources required for Mobile Assistant system integration
  3. 3. Subscriber’s problems in using carrier’s services Mobile carrier has huge systems of both its own and content provider’s services based on the following platforms: • USSD • SMS • IVR The advantage of this systems is an opportunity to dynamically change carrier’s services. But these systems also have the following disadvantages: • The necessity for subscriber to remember a big amount of numbers. USSD menu service can solve this problem partially • No opportunity to build lustrous design as opposed to the software developed for all platforms • No opportunity of integration with other applications installed on subscriber’s phone • For IVR services , it takes too long for a subscriber to have the required command executed as he has to listen to full record and struggle through it to the item he needs.
  4. 4. System’s components“Mobile assistant” system includes mobile applications (one per each of 7mobile platforms) and a desktop application for configuring filescontaining descriptions of carrier’s services.Contents of mobile platforms: • J2ME for non-touchscreen phones; • J2ME for touchscreen phones; • Symbian for smartphones (Native code); • iPhone; • Android; • Windows Phone 7; • Windows Mobile • Bada
  5. 5. J2ME forPlatforms the touch screen devices Bada Simple New J2ME Samsung Windows Mobile MA Symbian Windows iPhone Phone 7 Android
  6. 6. System’s componentsMobile Assistant allows creating list of services with commands including: SMS Short API cellular numbers company (VAS) Mobile Assistant Regular Links to numbers websites (telephone directory) USSD
  7. 7. System’s components Quick Commandtree-type text can be menu hidden in the Settings
  8. 8. Carrier’s benefitsOperator gets system which makes it easier for subscribers to access services,therefore the following outputs can be expected:1. Growing subscriber’s loyalty2. Growing usage of services, including paid ones, that leads to direct economic effect. For example, usage of short numbers for different services3. Operator gets opportunity to deliver news (e.g. from RSS feed to subscriber’s mobile phone, right into the carrier oriented infrastructure application)4. Operator gets the software platform which can be used as a basis for other innovations. For example, different applications can be integrated into the platform, particularly carrier’s RBT system, such application has already been developed by OLSOFT for IMMO Company (GOOD’OK) on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7 and J2ME. In this case, such RBT app won’t exist as a separate application, but as a “Mobile assistant” menu item5. Offline call-center request voice system can be integrated into the application. Such system is worked out in OLSOFT Company and can be easily deployed on carrier’s side based on “Mobile assistant” platform
  9. 9. Carrier’s benefitsThe usage of “Special Offer” module integrated into“Mobile Assistant” allows to: o Cut expenses on advertising campaigns made for special events promotion (when the offer is targeted for the carrier’s existing subscribers) o Raise the share of subscribers, actively participating in special offers through “Participate” button placed in the app. It means that:  Information about the offer is delivered directly into “Mobile Assistant” application on subscriber’s phone  Subscriber doesn’t have to remember SMS numbers or USSD commands  Subscriber can immediately take part in the event by pressing “Participate” button in description message  Subscriber can find the short number of the offer in news text, thus he can share it with friends and family
  10. 10. Subscriber’s benefits1. Subscriber gets colorful and handy application, which makes it easier for him to interact with carrier services, thus improving his loyalty2. Since “Mobile Assistant” carries features, frequently needed for subscriber (e.g. balance check), subscriber will be actively using such an application, thus rising the possibility of interaction with other carrier’s services
  11. 11. System’s integration description Mobile carrier is provided with ready-to-use applications adjusted for its services In the future, It is necessary to keep services configuration file up to date by using “Services configuration editor” desktop application which is also delivered by OLSOFT Company in the package with Mobile Assistant. New services can be easily added and configured within a few minutes. System is ready to use right after applications are available on mobile carrier’s site or market places
  12. 12. Required resourcesMarketing department:• 1 specialist acquainted with “Mobile Assistant” application capabilities.• Walkthrough time: 2-3 daysTypes of work conducted by marketing department specialist:• Control of tags placement in RSS-feed and configuration files consistency: 0,5 days/month• Service configuration file administration and RSS-feed tag management can be assigned to marketing department, too
  13. 13. About our companyOLSOFT Company was founded in 1991 and specializes on softwaredevelopment in many fields. Today, most of the company’s projects are relatedto mobile phones and devices, based on all popular platforms. The Companyhas a range of successful projects on its account, including projects for Russianmobile carrier “MTS” and content provider “IMMO” .ContactsEmail: office@olsoft.bizCompany web site: http://www.olsoft.bizProject web site: http://www.m-assistant.comTelephone : (+99871) 256-3291