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Eric T Burton - Weight Training Mistakes To Avoid


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Eric T Burton likes to work out and is personal trainer in Dallas, Texas. Here are common weight training mistakes that you need to avoid out.

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Eric T Burton - Weight Training Mistakes To Avoid

  1. 1. { Eric T Burton: Weight Training Mistakes To Avoid Eric T Burton – Personal Trainer in Dallas, Texas
  2. 2. Eric T Burton has experience in weight training, which also means he is aware of many of the common mistakes that novices make, such as the following:
  3. 3.  Weight training isn’t about trying to impress others by lifting weights that you are not ready for. In fact, that will often lead to injury and demotivation. Instead, your focus should be placed on developing your technique so that you can get good repetitions out of each of your sets. Do this instead of trying to push yourself to your limitevery time. Using Too Much Weight
  4. 4.  Few people are going to be good at every aspect of weight training, which means sooner or later you will find something that you don’t excel in. Some people try to avoid these areas, often because they are concerned about being out-performed by others in the gym. This is a mistake, because failing to focus on areas where you are weaker means you won’t improve. Avoiding What You Are Bad At
  5. 5.  Each of your workouts should have specific goals in mind. These can range from completing a set amount of repetitions at a certain weight or trying to lose a few pounds, but the important thing is that the goal is there. If you don’t have goals, you will struggle with motivation and be unable to structure your training. Not Having Goals
  6. 6. { Eric T Burton is a weight training enthusiast and personal trainer in Dallas, Texas. Eric T burton has passion about gym training, running, basketball. About Eric T Burton
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