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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) on Electronic Control Unit


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FAQs for Electronic Control Unit Development Services. Automotive ECU Hardware & Firmware Development. We have partnered with OEMs’ & Tier-I suppliers for automotive control units projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) on Electronic Control Unit

  1. 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Electronic Control Unit
  2. 2. This is an honest and a humble attempt by our Automotive Business and Technology Leadership teams, to answer all your frequently asked questions. However, for more specific queries, please get in touch with our team for more detailed conversations and demos! Kuldeep Singh BUSINESSMANAGER Ratish Bhat BUSINESSMANAGER Get in touch with Our Team Talk to Our Automotive Leaders
  3. 3. FAQs | Electronic Control Unit Q1. Can you share your team’s experience with different microcontrollers for automotive ECU development? Ans: We have delivered several automotive ECU design projects, based on a wide range of microcontrollers, during our 12+ years of automotive product engineering services journey. Here’s a list of all MCUs, along with the use case, with which our team has hands-on experience: • TI Microchip NXP- Automotive Sun-roof System • NXP MPC Micro Series– Electronic Power Steering (EPS) ECU • Renesas NXP MC Platform– Motor Control Systems • Infineon – Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles, DC to DC Converter for Solar powered EV charger • ST Microelectronics– Automotive Sunroof System Q2. How can your team support us for integration of an application software to an existing microcontroller platform? Ans. We offer multi-faceted support that starts with Board Support Package (BSP) development. We will partner with you to develop all the low-level drivers and APIs required for the integration. If you already have a BSP provided by the chip vendor, we can help you with the necessary BSP customizations (if any) and also develop all the interfaces needed for integration of the application software with the micro-controller platform. As part of the integration support, the project deliverables will consist of: • APIs to help the application fetch the required data from base software modules (BSW) • API documents, to help your in-house team execute the integration
  4. 4. FAQs | Electronic Control Unit Q3. Can Embitel provide CAN/LIN compliance testing services? Ans: Yes, our automotive ECU development services also include in-vehicle network compliance tests for LIN and CAN. The system is tested under stress conditions to check its stability. For example, we will send data at 500 Kbps through LIN or send multiple signals simultaneously. Many such error scenarios will be created in the testing tool and software’s behavior will be investigated under these stress conditions. Project Reference: We performed CAN and LIN compliance testing of an automotive roofing system for one of our US based customer. The result of the test-case scenarios helped our team to deliver a stable software solution. We could also ensure that the software stack performed as expected, under all vehicle environments and operating conditions. Q4. Can you help us integrate 3rd party stacks (eg. Vector Tool based software stacks) with existing application software and low-level drivers? Ans: Yes, we can provide support for integration of 3rd party stacks with MCAL Layer and application software. Following components are offered as part of integration service: • Communication Stack (UDS, Bootloader etc.) integration • MCAL development and integration
  5. 5. FAQs | Electronic Control Unit Q5. For what kind of automotive ECUs can you provide development support for? Ans. We provide support for development of a wide range of automotive control units. Enlisted below are a few automotive ECUs for which we have partnered with OEMs and suppliers: • Body Control Module • Motor Controller- DC Motor, BLDC Motor, Induction Motor • Electric Vehicle ECUs – Battery Management System, • ECUs for Adaptive Lighting systems Q6. Which control algorithm software have you developed for the Motor Control system? Ans. Embitel has the experience and expertise on a plethora of control algorithms for the motor control system. We develop algorithms for both open and closed loop control systems: Have a look at some of the software we have developed for motor control systems: • Field Oriented Control (FOC) Algorithm: Developed by both manual coding or Model Based Development (MBD) with MATLAB • Proportional Integral (PI) Algorithm • Speed Control Regulation Algorithm • Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Algorithm for closed-loop control system using MATLAB • Soft Start/ Soft Stop Algorithm for controlled motor starting and stopping • Software Start/Stop Algorithm • Current Regulation Algorithm
  6. 6. FAQs | Electronic Control Unit Q7. Does Embitel provide support for tool-specific testing services? Ans. Yes, we have the expertise in handling any 3rd party tool-specific unit testing requirements. The 3rd party tools that we have provided support for, include QAC, RTRT, MxDev tool, PolySpace, and more. Q8. Can you provide support for HMI development and other PC utility tools development for vehicle diagnostics and ECU re-programming applications? Ans. Yes, we do possess all the required skill-set for development of PC based interface software. We have developed Human Machine Interface (HMI), configuration tools, mobile apps, PC utility tools to help our customers manage ECU reprogramming and vehicle diagnostics applications HMI Project Reference: We developed a configuration tool for a customer to create codes for thousands of signals in a CAN DBC. If done manually, it would have taken 30-40 days to complete this task. However, it took just a few minutes to complete the same task, using our configuration tool. Q9. Is calibration protocol support provided as part of ECU software development services? Ans. Yes, Calibration protocol support for both XCP and CCP based calibrations are provided. In addition, we also provide UDS based vehicle diagnostics calibration. (Please contact us to know more details and success stories on Electronic Control Unit)
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