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Case study demonstrating a strategic approach to recruitment. An online recruitment program which has secured a growing network of the right kind of potential employees and established brand/reputation for honest conversation.

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Ellis Jones - Social Networking Recruitment

  1. 1. Leveragingsocial networks.Engaging potential employees and utilising staff networks through socialmedia based recruitment, the risk managed way.
  2. 2. ““ Skills shortage imperils boom Australian Financial Review, March 2011 w. ellis-jones.com.au // t. @ellisjoneslive // p. 03 9416 0046
  3. 3. A confluence of pressures.• All time low unemployment rate, boomers exiting marketplace.• Line managers say ‘get people’ but no understanding of process, time and cost.• Labour intensive administration burden for recruitment team.• Traditional channels (newspaper, head hunters, job boards, trade fairs) expensive and not delivering.• Candidates all communicating using different channels.• Competitors poaching staff and sourcing skilled applicants• Corporate website ineffective as a recruitment and candidate processing tool.• Increasingly difficult to differentiate employer brand. w. ellis-jones.com.au // t. @ellisjoneslive // p. 03 9416 0046
  4. 4. Referral-based recruitment. Recommendations from personal acquaintances or opinions posted by consumers online are the most trusted forms of advertising*. Social network recruitment platforms: • Target the networks of your preferred candidates • Provide a compelling insight to the culture of the employer • Transform employees into advocates • Deliver an easy mechanism for employees to share to peers • Activity (and impact) is highly measurable* Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey w. ellis-jones.com.au // t. @ellisjoneslive // p. 03 9416 0046
  5. 5. Communication map.• Social network recruitment is not ‘badgering’ people on LinkedIn!• A strategic process of understanding the market for good people, profiling social groups and proactively engaging them over time.• Empowering company employees to be advocates via controlled media.• Establishing a multi-point web presence (microsite and social pages) that accurately market the job to each employee segment). A3 version @ http://www.ellis-jones.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/social_network_recruiting_map_A3.jpg w. ellis-jones.com.au // t. @ellisjoneslive // p. 03 9416 0046
  6. 6. Case Study.Problem• Critical shortage of arborists in Australia.• Major advertising/trade fair expenses.• New to social networking. Solution• International social network recruitment strategy.• Content rich blog and FB pages to share the story.• Staff engagement to leverage networks and source content. Outcome www.treescapers.com.au• Pro-active social media targeting drives over 700 unique visitors (from 13 countries) in 1st month. “The feedback is overwhelmingly positive.• Integration of social platforms spreads word quickly. I want to take this opportunity to thank• 600% increase in applications. you and your team for a wonderful result.” Savvas Aidonopoulos, Marketing Communication Manager Citywide w. ellis-jones.com.au // t. @ellisjoneslive // p. 03 9416 0046
  7. 7. The Process.IDEA. Ellis Jones investigates, develops, engages and then accounts for the investment.I Understand Analysis of staff and target Identify content Evaluate key social the market market social network activity creators media channels Review & develop Develop engagement & Develop internal policies &D existing collateral content strategy documentation Identify and develop internal KSIs and Develop Develop web analytics content and contributors ROI Model website and monitoringE A Deploy Implement engagement ROI Monthly site website and content strategies reconciliation reporting analysis w. ellis-jones.com.au // t. @ellisjoneslive // p. 03 9416 0046
  8. 8. Measured outcomes.• Automated database of appropriately skilled candidates, sorted and managed (driving down time and cost).• High brand awareness in relevant social, industry and education/training networks.• Direct conversations with candidates and employees.• Source pool of rich content (video, photo, text) for redeployment in online and traditional campaigns.• Engaged employees build internal and external networks through company channels. w. ellis-jones.com.au // t. @ellisjoneslive // p. 03 9416 0046
  9. 9. Just some of the metrics.• Post-pilot reconciliation against previous annual spend• Site analytics: site traffic, unique visits, sources, content.• e-newsletter use analytics: content, engagement, forwards.• e-news subscriber/candidate database growth and profile/segments.• Social media analytics: follower volume, profile, engagement.• Blog network: content placement, reach, engagement.• Employee contribution: content, personal network development.• Content library: volume of cost free imagery, messaging, video.• Employer brand equity and awareness in targeted market.• Employee segment satisfaction, turnover, engagement. w. ellis-jones.com.au // t. @ellisjoneslive // p. 03 9416 0046
  10. 10. Our competencies.Our people:• Have over a decade’s experience in development of knowledge management systems, employee comms and employer brands.• Led the development of social media as an internal and external engagement tool in Aust and the UK.• Always focused on the investigation, strategy and supported implementation, backing insight with development of technology.• Provide stakeholder engagement and reputation risk management advice (policy, programs, mitigation).• Use the best technology for the job: no more, no less. w. ellis-jones.com.au // t. @ellisjoneslive // p. 03 9416 0046