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How to create a garden in your balcony


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How to create a garden in your balcony

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How to create a garden in your balcony

  1. 1. How To Create A Garden In Your BalconyGreenery in your balcony provides a place of retreat. No matter how small itcreates a quiet place to retreat in the midst of a fast paced lifestyle. Gardeningis also a major stress buster. Fulfilling your green thumb in an apartmentbalcony requires planning and turning your terrace green is an art. Be preparedto spend a lot of time and energy in maintaining your green space.The Start upMake a clear start up plan for your flat balcony. Mark out a zone for plants anda clear demarcation for your seating area or chairs. Make sure you leaveenough space between pots for cleaning. If you dry clothes on your apartmentbalcony and if space permits, install a screen that demarcates your gardenfrom the utility space.The DesignSpend some time on your balcony to figure out how much sunlight it receives.This will help you make your choice of sun loving or shade loving plants. If yourapartment is in Cochin or Trivandrum, make sure you get the direction ofrainfall also correct. West facing balconies receive more sunlight. Place yourpots aesthetically, not in a line. Place your pots in clusters or islands. Plan thecolour combinations of the pots, flowers or leaves. Make sure you vary the sizeor girth of the pots.The PlantsYou don’t have to make all your decisions at once and buy all your potstogether. Just keep adding to your garden. If your flat or villa is in tropicalCochin or Trivandrum you have the luxury of mixing ornamental plants withherbs and veggies. Other tropical plants include Anthurium’s, Spathiphyllumfor flowers and Diffenbachia, palms, ficus and philodendrons for their leaves.They also do well in the shade. Your herbs and greens need more sunlight andthe easier varieties to grow are spinach, coriander and mint.The PotsThe green lung of your flat or villa can be made more fun by varying theshapes, sizes and colors of the containers or pots. You can add creativetouches by up-cycling old coffee mugs, wooden crates, wooden basins, cans,bottles, etc. make optimum use of railings and walls for climbers. Hangingmulti colored mugs with a collection of your favourite plants in them lookgreat.
  2. 2. The AccessoriesIf your flat or villa in Cochin or Trivandrum is small, it doesn’t mean you have toscrimp on accessories. Hang up wind chimes, bells, Chinese lanterns at nichesplaces. A cheaper option will be to hang up fairy lights in between the pots orover your climbers. Adding interesting elements like a small water fountain willadd those magical sounds to your evenings on the balcony. You can even addsculptures in nooks in your balcony garden.Who says you can’t have your piece of paradise in an apartment or villa?Change the concrete jungle effect with your very own garden.