GSM Intercom System


Published on A GSM intercom, or cell phone network intercom enables you to place two-way communications at a gate or door without having to run wires to it. It will call you on a landline or cell phone no matter where you are and you can press a button on your phone to open the door or gate. You can also send text messaging to open the gate.

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GSM Intercom System

  1. 1. Cell Phone Network Entry Intercoms Eliminate ExpensiveWiring and Enables Text Message Door or Gate OpeningNormally, installing a telephone entry intercom system requires • Tough yet attractive vandal resistant entrydigging a trench between the entry and the building it serves. That units.not only messes up the landscaping, but it’s also very expensive. • No range limits (just requires cell phone service at the mounting point)With the Infinite-Range Wireless Cell Phone Network Intercoms byRoveTec, the entry intercom connects to the same cell phone • Calls both mobile phones and land linesnetwork that a mobile phone uses so no wiring is required. Just • Rings up to 3 telephone numbers in sequenceapply power, add cell phone service to the intercom, program when the call button is pressedsome settings using text messaging, and you’re ready to go! • Available in keypad and non-keypad versionsAnd unlike standard telephone entry units, a cellular intercom can • Gate/door release relay built in, simply keycall any landline or cell phone no matter where in the world it press to openis...not just a phone inside the building. That gives you unlimited • Compatible with any door or gate opener thatmobility to ensure you never miss a visitor. needs a switch closure to operate • Send SMS text message to the intercom toEven while you’re away, you have the ability to activate a gate trigger, latch or unlatch the relayopener or electric door lock by pressing a key on your telephonekeypad while you’re talking to a visitor. Or you can send a text • Access control for up to 100 numbers usingmessage to the door or gate anytime to unlock or open it. In the caller ID, at no call cost (ring intercom to openevent of a party or other situation where you want your gate to gate or door)remain open, you can send a text message to latch the gate in the • Using a limit switch (a burglar alarm-typeopen position. When you want the gate closed again, send switch), users can send SMS to the intercomanother message to close it. to check if their gate or door is opened or closedIf you have visitors who need regular access, you can enter their • Open access mode – any non-stored numbertelephone number into the intercom so they can call it and the gate can call the intercom and press * to open whenwill open based on their phone’s Calling Line ID. Now any cell using a can become a remote gate or door opener. • Remotely programmable through text messag-As long as a gate or door is within range of a cell phone tower ingbased on GSM service (AT&T and T-Mobile in the U.S.), then this • Can be powered from a gate operator supplyintercom is the solution for communication and access control. or solar power.
  2. 2. Send a text message to a security gate to temporarily open it, latch it open, or check its status People allowed automatic access such as delivery drivers, landscaping personnel, friends, family members, or anyone who needs access to the property simply place a call and the door or gate opens. Item #: IO1012 - Vandal-resistant stainless steel call point Item #: IO1020 - Watertight transmitter module Item #: IO1018 - Vandal-resistant stainless steel housing - Internal antenna - Vandal-resistant stainless steel call point - Black acrylic faceplate - Call point dimensions: 7.75” x 4” x 2” - Access control keypad - Access control keypad - Extra loud speaker for noisy locations - Watertight transmitter module - Lighted call button - Internal antenna - Top mount vandal-proof puck antenna - Call point dimensions: 11” x 4” x 2” - Gooseneck pole mounting holes - Dimensions: 5.5" x 10.3" x 4.1" (top) • Let family members enter the house if they forget their keys -- even if nobody is home. • Use your cell phone instead of rushing over to an intercom to answer the door or gate • Let delivery people in with instructions onItem #: IO1019 where to leave packages. Item #: IO1021- Vandal-resistant stainless steel housing • When landscaping personnel call you, latch - Vandal-resistant stainless steel housing- Black acrylic faceplate open the gate so they can get in and out. - Black acrylic faceplate- LED backlighting- Lighted call button • Use text messaging to latch a gate open for - LED backlighting parties or events. - Lighted call button- Access control keypad - External antenna- External antenna • Enter family member’s phone numbers so they can use their cell phone to open the door - Dimensions: 7.6" x 5.7" x 1.5"- Dimensions: 11.7" x 5.7" x 1.5" or gate. Technical SpecificationsRange Unlimited using cellular network Antenna Quad band 3dBi high-gainSupply voltage 12V D.C. (110-120v adapter included) Power consumption 200mA dial, 45mA standby, 27mA keypadIP Rating IP45 Output 1 1 x N/O or N/C relay volt freeGSM Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz Type Momentary and latchingWiring N/A Caller ID access 100 numbers or pass code mode