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Don MacNaughton 12 Laws of Performance Bodyfit March 2012


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Don MacNaughton offers motivational advise on building and maintaining an effective workout routine..

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Don MacNaughton 12 Laws of Performance Bodyfit March 2012

  1. 1. 7 Ways QX_12 Reasons 19/01/2012 14:37 Page 2 Starting block 7 MISTAKESg! you’re Pro The experts tell us what most of us are doing wrong during our sessions and how to get it right… Workout bably Makin GOING THROUGH 1 BEING AIMLESS Perhaps you have a rough goal of wanting to lose weight or get better at your sport, but you need to set specific, smaller targets that will get you closer to achieving your overall aim. “It’s a well known fact that preparation is the key to success,” points out ‘sports shrink’ Don MacNaughton, author of The 12 Hidden Laws of Performance (£8.99, HeadShrink Publications). “Considerable research has been done in this area and THE MOTIONS It’s not enough to simply get your backside into a gym – you need to make each training session count. “It’s not the hours you put in, it’s what you put into the hours,” Don quips. “Some gym members seem to be there every day – yet they never seem to improve their fitness or change their body shape,” he says. “They wonder why other gym goers have made enormous progress by only working out three times a week for no more than one hour each time,” he results show that keeping a daily training diary can be says. “It shows that a winning effort has little to do with enormously helpful. A diary allows goals to be set on a daily quantity of effort but everything to do with quality.” basis and makes recording results a form of daily analysis.” Follow Don MacNaughton on Twitter @donmac007 IGNORING THINKING SIT- WEIGHTS “A lot of women think they’ll UPS = SIX-PACK bulk up if they use weights, The sad truth is that abs work alone won’t in fact it would take at least give us a waist like Cameron Diaz’s. “Just 2-3 very intense resistance training doing stomach crunches twice a week won’t sessions per week for this to begin to get the result you want. A toned midriff has a lot happen,” explains Paul Sampson, PT and to do with your diet, as well as doing the correct managing director of the International exercises,” Paul tells us. “One of the best moves for Training Club ( “The most abs is actually a squat, which targets your core common mistake is not having a muscles as they act as stabilisers, and this ultimately correctly designed programme, or just hits other body parts at the same time.” It pays to doing your own thing in the gym hoping have a pro on hand who can supervise you to make to achieve results,” he adds. So, don’t be sure you perform this exercise correctly and to get afraid to ask the gym staff – that’s what the most out of it, plus you’ll be improving your butt: they’re there for! “For bums and tums, do squats!” adds Paul. 16 Bodyfit