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Intelligent Power

  1. 1. S u m m e r 2 01 3™p.6ReliabilityLike NewCat Reman engines powerwood hauling fleet
  2. 2. © 2010 Caterpillar.All Rights Reserved.Printed in USA.CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow” and the “Power Edge” trade dress, as well as corporateand product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.Cat®Reman ProductsBuilt tough.PRiCed Right.Your truck is more than a chassis and an engine. It’s an investment. And like any investment, your costsdetermine whether you make a profit.That’s why Cat®Reman parts exist: to get your truck back on the road—and keep your business profitable.Whether you need a cylinder pack, turbocharger, waterpump, short or longblock, you get same-as-new qualityand a same-as-new warranty—for a fraction of the new price.or a smart investment today. For more information on Cat Reman parts, visit your local Cat DealerCAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow” and the POWER EDGE tradedress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillarand may not be used without© 2011 CaterpillarAll Rights ReservedPrinted in USA
  3. 3. Intelligent Power™ is published by High Velocity Communications Inc. on behalf of your Cat Dealer. Publisher, Tim O’Brien • Editor, Barry Gantenbein • Associate Creative Director, Jay Blazek • Director of Client Services,Kelly Pemper. Every attempt has been made to ensure specifications are accurate. Because specifications are subject to change without notice, check with us, your Cat Dealer, for the latest information. Some photography pro-vided courtesy of Caterpillar Inc. CAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos and “Caterpillar Yellow,” and the POWER EDGE trade dress, as well as corporate and product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar andmay not be used without permission. High Velocity Communications Inc., 1720 Dolphin Drive Suite D, Waukesha, WI 53186-1489. Intelligent Power is a trademark of High Velocity Communications Inc. Phone (262) 544-6600.Printed in the U.S.A. ©2013 HVC. All rights reserved. Volume 10 Number 1.™S u m m e r 2 01 3CONTENTS410 14 4 Retaining Engines Key to SuccessRefurbishing at 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of new trucks 6 Like New ReliabilityCat Reman engines power wood hauling fleet 9 Keep it FreshProduce hauling tips 10 Regrouping and Retooling for Success Diversity of services, fleet reliability keys to customer service12 Going the DistanceEngines deliver beyond the 900,000-mile mark14 Make More MoneyEconomics favor rebuilt or Reman enginesKeep RollingMedium Duty Precious Metals Overhaul Kits arethe latest addition to the Caterpillar line of genuinetruck engine overhaul solutions. The kits are nowavailable in six cost-effective and simple-to-orderoverhauloptions:Bronze,Silver,Gold,PlatinumPlus,Titanium and HEUI System.The kits are engineered to meet Caterpillar’srecommended overhaul practices, so you can beconfident that you’ll benefit from a reliable, high-quality rebuild. Genuine Cat Parts assembled by theoriginalmanufacturerensurefirst-rateperformance.And warranty protection brings peace of mind.Call or stop by our dealership to learn how the newMediumDutyPreciousMetalsOverhaulKitscankeepyourCatenginesrunningattheirbest mileafter mile.6Cover Feature:Like New Reliability
  4. 4. Retaining EnginesKey to SuccessAt a time when many other trucking companies arestruggling to stay competitive, Kane Transport,Inc. is growing exponentially.The Minnesota-based bulk and petroleum carrier hasgrown from a handful of trucks in the 1970s to morethan 200 rigs today.Growth has been accomplished primarily through theacquisition of other trucking firms, as well as the expan-sion of gasoline hauling services for a major petroleummarketer into the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.“A lot of it has been strategic business growth,” saidPeter Kane, operations manager – Twin Cities Terminal.“We look at who the prospects are, and if they will meshwell with us. We look at whether they’ll fit into a marketthat we’re in, or are they in a new market that we wantto enter.”Acquisitions have enabled Kane Transport, Inc. toexpand petroleum product delivery into the Dakotas,Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois,Indiana, and parts of Canada. (The company also deliversfreight in Wisconsin and Illinois.)“We’re aggressive,” said Kane. “We like to think thatwe are making the sound decisions necessary to be suc-cessful for the next three decades.”In growing the company, Kane learned that he can’tcontrol all aspects and must delegate responsibility tohis 180 employees.Strong employees are essential to the company’s suc-cess. “We rely on our people,” said Kane. “They knowthe market, and have a great drive to become better. Wework well together, and know we’ll find a solution toany problem.”Long LifeKeeping Cat®engines far longer than in the past isalso key to Kane Transport’s success. “The savings fromrunning the older Cat engines are compensating for theheavier and more complex new truck builds,” Kane said.Forty-two of the company’s fleet of primarily Peterbiltand Kenworth tractors are powered by Cat engines (425hp C13s).Refurbishing at 1/4 to 1/3 the costof new trucks4
  5. 5. Eleven of the Cat engines run like new after beingrebuilt with Platinum Precious Metals In-frame OverhaulKits. Many of the Cat engines are 10 years old, and arenear or exceed 1 million miles. “They’re well-maintainedtrucks, and with the overhauls, the engines are runninglike new,” said Kane.Previously, Kane Transport had sold or traded in truckswhen they reached 800,000 to 900,000 miles.“Now, who knows? As long as the frame and the caband the chassis are fine, we’ll keep them,” said BrandonSmith, service manager at the Inver Grove Heights, Minn.facility. “How can we lose with the overhauls? It’s like put-ting a new engine in the rig, and the overhauls includeany technology upgrades.”Improved power and fuel economy are added bonusesthat enhance efficiency and reduce costs.Success GuaranteedThe rebuilt engines are backed by OPT (OverhaulProtection for Trucks), which includes a four-year war-ranty on all components inspected or replaced duringthe overhaul.When work is completed at a Cat Dealership, inspectedcomponents are backed by warranty. “If we have acamshaft with a million miles on it, and it passes theinspection, it’s covered by the warranty,” said Smith.Components, such as pre-coolers and oil coolers, arealso covered by warranty when replaced at the same timeoverhauls are done. “When we do the overhauls, we dowhatever else needs to be done to keep them runninganother four years,” Smith said.Overhauls are done at Ziegler Cat, and the trucks areback on the road quickly—typically in two days. TheZiegler Cat Service Department is always available toanswer any engine questions company technicians mayhave. “They’ll walk us through it. They’re willing to helpus,” said Smith.Other than engine overhauls, Kane Transport techni-cians do all other refurb work.“We’ll clean them up. We might paint the frames.Steering wheels, seat cushions may need to be replaced,”said Smith. “When we’re finished, it’s like having a newtruck.”The work saves the company quite a bit of money.Refurbished rigs typically cost one-quarter to one-thirdthe cost of buying a new truck.The company employs five mechanics at the TwinCities facility, and another seven in Sauk Centre, Minn.“We have an excellent group of techs,” Smith said.A strong preventive maintenance program is also essen-tial to engine longevity. Oil sampling and oil changes at20,000 miles are key components of the program. “Oilis sampled every oil change,” Smith said.In addition, technicians have been tracking mainte-nance and repairs for each unit by computer since late2011. “Drivers also let us know when they experienceany problems, or hear unusual noises, and we take careof them,” said Smith.Company technicians also repair trailers. Petroleumand gasoline are hauled in 43-foot, four-compartment,9,500-gallon tankers. Asphalt is transported in 7,500-gallontrailers, and bio diesel is moved using single-compartment,8,500-gallon tankers. In addition, the company uses 10flat bed trailers to move freight.The rigs continue to deliver petroleum and otherproducts, and Kane Transport keeps growing.The trucking company now called Kane Transport, Inc. wasfounded by Joe Kane and his brother, Louie, in 1949 in SaukCentre, Minn. The brothers delivered gasoline and fuel oilin western Minnesota and eastern North Dakota using asingle truck.A second truck was added in 1966, and a third in 1972.When Joe passed in the 1970s, his wife, Lucille, headed thecompany. Joe and Lucille’s sons, Dave, Tom, Bob, and Mikeexpanded the company in the ‘80s and ‘90s.Today, the company is headed by Bob’s children, Angela,CFO; Pete, operations manager; and Patrick, vice presidentoperations.From a single-truckfirm in the late 1940s,the Kane family—andtheiremployees—havegrown Kane Transportinto one of the largestpetroleum commoncarriers in Minnesota.“The company hasevolved over time, andwill continue to do so,” said Pete Kane.The one constant in the ever-evolving company—the Kanefamily.Third generation leads Kane Transport, Inc.Brandon Smith, left, and Pete Kane.5
  6. 6. ReliabilityLike NewCat Reman engines powerwood hauling fleet6
  7. 7. One hundred miles deep in the big woods of NorthMaine, a Western Star tractor powered by a Cat®C-16 engine hauled a trailer brimming with firtrees toward a company-owned woodlot.Hauling loads of 40-foot logs miles through the woodsis hard work, and tough on equipment. To meet thechallenge, Northern Timber Trucking, Fort Kent, Maine,utilizes 17 Western Star tractors powered by Cat C-16Reman engines (600 hp).“We work in the woods, off-road. A lot of our work ishauling big loads to Canada,” said J.R. Theriault, a driverand member of the family that has owned and operatedthe company for 40 years. “We do some on-road work inspring and again in the fall when it’s too muddy to workin the woods.”Installing Cat Reman engines into glider kits (whichreplace virtually everything in the tractor but the engine)maintains uptime and reliability. “When we’re working100 miles in the woods, we can’t have breakdowns,” saidTheriault. “That’s why we run Cat Power. We’ve had noproblems with the Cat engines—they’re very reliable.”Northern Timber Trucking began installing Cat Remanengines in 2008, and has replaced all engines in the fleetover the past five years.For the rigors of off-road trucking in North Maine,the power of the C-16 engines is essential. “It’s a toughengine,” said Theriault.Like-New PerformanceCat Reman engines provide excellent productivity andefficiency at an affordable price, and are remanufacturedusing only Genuine Cat Parts. State-of-the-art techniquesand advanced remanufacturing processes return eachengine to like-new specifications.In addition to like-new performance, Reman engineslower repair and operating costs, improve uptime, andinclude an upgrade of critical design improvements,dynamometer testing, and warranty protection.Continued on page 8The Facts• Herman Theriault is president of NorthernTimber Trucking. Herman’s wife, Claire, servesas secretary, and the couple’s seven sons areall employed by the company.• Fort Kent is Maine’s northernmost town.• The city lies across the St. John River from thesmall town of Clair, in Madawaska County, NewBrunswick, Canada.• A fort, named for Governor Edward Kent, wasconstructed in what is now the city of Fort Kentbetween 1838 and 1840. It was built to assertMaine’s authority and protect American settlersduring the bloodless Aroostook War.7
  8. 8. Northern Timber Trucking’s Remanengines come complete from the fac-tory with a same-as-new warranty,and an option to purchase additionalinsurance.The extended warranty cover-age purchased by Northern TimberTrucking enables the company toavoid unexpected costs that can wreakhavoc on the equipment budget andadversely affect the bottom line.The engine warranty work is com-pleted by Milton Cat technicians. “Theservice is very good,” said Theriault.Reman engines run by NorthernTimber Trucking are covered by five-year warranties. “By the time they’recomplete, it’s usually time for enginerebuilds. When we do that, we receiveanother warranty,” Theriault said.The Long RunIn this way, Northern TimberTrucking has kept the fleet of Catengines running years longer thanother trucking companies.A strong emphasis on maintenancealso helps keep the fleet runningefficiently and reliably. “We do main-tenance every week,” said Theriault.“That includes weekly greasing.”When working in rugged condi-tions, reliable starting and strongperformance are essential. Cat Power—and Cat Reman engines—provideNorthern Timber Trucking with themuscle to complete the work in someof the roughest conditions truckersface anywhere in North America.8
  10. 10. 2013 Spring Savings Specialsexpires June 30, 2013BENDIX BRAKE SHOE KIT $42.95* exchange* Installed price per axle, labor only $169.0016.5” X 7” “Q-Plus” shoe kit. Includes 2 shoes and hardware kit.23,000 pound rating. Part# KE4707Q23KPREMTUFFLINE BRAKE SHOE KIT $32.95* exchange* Installed price per axle, labor only $169.0016.5” X 7” “Q-Plus” shoe kit. Includes 2 shoes and hardware kit.20,000 pound rating. Part# RK6204707QBRAKE CHAMBERSAlumiline 30/30 brake chamber complete.$34.95 STANDARD STROKE - 2 Year warranty. Part# 3030TA2A$38.95 LONG STROKE - 2 Year warranty. Part# 3030TA3ANEW CLUTCH SPECIAL $1,499.99Includes: Resurface flywheel, pilot bearing, clutch brake,parts and labor. 2 year clutch parts and labor warranty.2050# torque clutch 15.5” X 2”. Made in USA. NEW!Part# EZ208925-82H2 YRCLUTCH PARTAND LABORWARRANTYFAN CLUTCH KIT 324.95**CALL STORE FOR SPECIAL INSTALL PRICE.Gold Top high torque fan clutch rebuild kit for mostHorton applications. Part# | | All Makes and Models | Parts and Service
  11. 11. For additional parts and service specials,visit the back of this catalog for all Ring Power locations.ONE STOPTRUCK CENTER.Bumper to Bumper Service, Salesand Parts, Extended WarrantyPrograms, and Zero PercentFinancing Options.DIAGNOSTICCOVERAGE FOR:Vehicles including Freightliner,International and Kenworth.Engine Coverage for Cat, Detroit,Cummins, and more. Enginecomponents including Allison,Bendix, Eaton, Haldex and MeritorWABCO.CAT’S EYE $119.95/pairCheck your tire pressure in a blink of an eye!100PSI with stainless steel hoses. Part# 6100-AB001LED LIGHT $12.95/pair4” LED Stop/turn/tail light. 24 high output diodes. Fits all popularmounting grommets. Part# G4002-3full service locations throughout North and Central Florida.chassis dynos (Daytona, Orlando, Palm Bay, Tampa, Ocala, Lake City)engine dynos dedicated service bays.1462 101124367101291115131485
  12. 12. • Air Compressor• Air Conditioning Heating• Alternators Starters• Axles• Batteries• Brakes• Clutches• Drivelines• Electrical Instruments Controls• Engine Cooling Radiators• Exhaust• Fuel System• Steering• Suspension• Throttle Control• Transmission• Windshields, Wipers Washer• Wiring• DOT inspections• Trailer and cargo bodies,undercarriage decking• Contract towing• Pre-arranged after-hours service• Drop-off service• Chassis vehicle inspection service• Preferred Maintenance Contractsmultiple-year service intervals• Competitive engine ECU componentdiagnostics• Auxiliary Power Units• Body Shop at selected repair centers• Paint Shop at selected repair centers• Diesel Particulate Filter cleaningTRUCK REPAIR SERVICESADDITIONAL SERVICESWE SERVICE ALL MAKES AND MODELS!We offer full-service truck repairs and can handle any of your fleets repairs.We have the experienced technicians and diagnostics tools to allow us towork on more than just Caterpillar engines.247
  13. 13. Produce hauling tipsHauling produce coast-to-coast or to points inbetween can be lucrative, but your drivers musttake some precautions to help ensure fresh fruitsand vegetables arrive at their destinations in good shape.Here are ive tips that may help you and yourdrivers:1. Be especially careful with temperature-sensitiveproducts such as strawberries, tomatoes, greenonions, lettuce, and pretty much any leafy greenvegetables. If these products freeze, they’re junk.Drivers should pulp the load as it is being loaded toensure produce isn’t damaged before it becomes yourcompany’s responsibility. There are certain typesof items that should not be on the trailer togetherbecause of temperature differences or ethylene gas.Loading a sensitive product like strawberries witha hot product such as oranges, for instance, is aninvitation for trouble.2. When your drivers haul a variety of products ina single load, they must be aware of all shippingtemperatures. Temperatures should be on the bills.If there is a discrepancy between the temps onbills and what your drivers are told, have themcall the dispatcher to determine the correct temp.Temperature guidelines can be strict—1 degree toolow or too high can make a difference whetheryour driver can unload or not. And don’t forget thetemp recorder—it’s there to protect your company’sinterests.3. Your company’s drivers have a right to be on thedock watching shippers load produce onto yourrigs. Drivers also have a right to count the casesand check the pulp temperatures to make sure theyaren’t loading it too hot or too cold. Drivers shouldpulp at least every fourth pallet, and open a boxand smell and taste the produce. Typically, accessto the dock isn’t a problem. But if the shipper oranyone else tells drivers that they can’t do this, getit in writing on your bills or via fax/email beforethe product is loaded.4. Steps must be taken to ensure refrigeration units areoperating properly. Drivers should always arrive atthe shipper with full fuel in the reefer. Some ship-pers won’t let your drivers on the lot without atleast ¾ of a tank. Drivers should also check the oil,and carry some oil to add, if needed. Drivers shouldalso carry a long set of jumper cables. If they hookto a reefer that won’t start, the cables quickly provetheir worth.5. Washouts depend on the shipper. Some producesheds have a hose available for your drivers to use,no charge. You don’t want to put your drivers inthe position of showing up with a trailer that hasn’tbeen washed out, and being forced to find the near-est washout (which may not be very close). Tryingto cheap your way out of a washout can cost youin the long run.Of course, good driving practices also apply to helpprotect the load. Above all else, stay cool, but not frosty,and produce delivery will be a valuable segment for yourtrucking business.Keep it Fresh9
  14. 14. Diversity of services, fleet reliability keys to customer serviceMany factors contribute to the success of anytrucking company that has stayed in businessfor any length of time. This is especially truefor PC Trucking Enterprises, Inc., Gary, Ind.Diversity of equipment and services is one component.“We’re kind of a one-stop shop in Northwest Indiana,”said P.J. Wiltjer, owner and president. “It’s one of the keyreasons that we’ve done as well as we have. If one marketfalters, another picks up.”Since its beginnings in 1976, the company has regroupedand retooled to enter a new marketplace niche approximatelyseven times. Consequently, PC has acquired almost 100trailers providing dump truck, flatbed, lowboy and trans-fer services. They provide outstanding flexibility to meetvirtually any customer need.Transfer services include: transporting aggregate forconcrete and asphalt plants, heavy hauling, the use offlatbeds and drop deck trailers to meet fabricators’ needs,and the transport of scrap, demolition material and trash.Reliable ServiceA reliable, dependable fleet also contributes to PCTrucking’s bottom line.The company runs 31 tractors. All are Kenworth T800s.All are powered by Cat®engines (3176, C12, C13, C15, andC16 models). Power ranges from 430 hp in small blockC12 models to 550 hp and 650 hp in the C15 and C16engines that are used for heavy hauling.Engines have run between 450,000 and 650,000 miles.Typically, PC works within a 200-mile radius of companyheadquarters in Gary, but will travel farther if necessary.Regrouping andRetooling for Success10
  15. 15. “We can’t afford engine failure. When we tell a customerthat we’re going to be there with five trucks, that’s exactlywhat we do.”– P.J. WiltjerPresident“We’ve been to Colorado and Texas, when the customerneed arises,” Wiltjer said.Services provided by Cat Dealership, Patten Industries,Inc., have helped the company remain true to Cat Power,and help keep PC Trucking in the black. “Patten alwaysaccommodates us. They do whatever they can to help uswith OPT and warranty programs,” said Wiltjer.OPT (Overhaul Protection for Trucks) provides extendedwarranty protection on all components inspected orreplaced during overhauls.Over the years, Patten technicians have completed ahalf-dozen or so engine rebuilds with Platinum PreciousMetals In-frame Overhaul Kits to increase engine life andrestore power and performance.When an engine reaches 500,000 to 600,000 miles, adecision is made on when to schedule an overhaul. “It’sgood business to do the overhaul when it’s convenientfor us to take a truck out of service for a few days,” saidWiltjer. “We can’t afford engine failure. When we tell acustomer that we’re going to be there with five trucks,that’s exactly what we do.”Internal engine services, such as major overhauls, aredone at Patten. PC Trucking’s three technicians performall other service and maintenance work.Preventive Maintenance“We go overboard on preventive maintenance, becausewe don’t want the engines not starting or failing on ajob. That’s very important to us,” said Wiltjer. “We’reselling service.”Every two weeks, all tractors are greased and inspected,including tire depth and wear. PC also utilizes oil sam-pling to help spot any developing problems and to keepuptime high.Preventive maintenance includes a move to syntheticoil. As a result, oil changes have been expanded to 15,000-mile intervals. “It saves on labor, and filters,” Wiltjer said.The company’s bottom line is also improved throughthe use of Cat Reman parts, which are at least 1/3 less thanthe price of new, according to Rob Sons, shop manager.“You can’t tell the difference between Reman and new.They look and perform like new. The only way that youknow they’re not new is the boxes are different,” he said.Reman parts that PC Trucking uses include waterpumps, water coolers and turbos.Resilience and ResolveSince the recession began, PC Trucking has madegreat efforts to reduce costs, wherever possible.The company lost its largestaccount when the economysoured, and had to sell at a losssome of the specialized equipment used for the work.The company’s fleet is less than half the size that it wasbefore the economic downturn.The loss forced the company to look at the way it didbusiness, and refocus its commitment to serving custom-ers. “We’re working to grow our customer base, and thatmeans an emphasis on service,” Wiltjer said.Diversity of services helped save the company, andWiltjer hasn’t forgotten that lesson. “That account was75 percent of our business. We’ll never do that again,”said Wiltjer. “In the future, I don’t think we’ll go thathard into one account.”Hard times continued in 2011, when Wiltjer’s businesspartner, and brother, Stretch, passed away unexpectedlyfrom a heart attack at age 46. “He was my check, my bal-ance. He was the office, and I was the field,” Wiltjer said.“We were a great business fit.”The loss of his brother changed Wiltjer’s role in thecompany.“I’m driving, wrenching, bidding jobs—anything thatneeds to be done. I’m wearing 10 hats,” Wiltjer said. “Ihave to be thoroughly involved in the company, andsurround myself with good people. Fortunately, I havea great staff.”Quality personnel in the shop and behind the wheelhelp Wiltjer keep the focus on customer service. In additionto Sons, Wiltjer relies on general manager Norm Brown tohelp oversee internal operations and meet customer needs.To Wiltjer, the company isn’t simply a paycheck, it’spart of his family’s history. Wiltjer’s parents, Paul andCynthia, started PC Trucking. Wiltjer and his brotherhand-washed trucks, buffed trailers, and handled anyother jobs that needed to be done when they were kids.He’s been with the company full-time, since joiningas a driver when he graduated from high school in 1982.His 22-year-old son, Tim, is now learning the ropes atanother trucking firm, and is expected to take the helmof PC Trucking when the time is right.And just like his grandparents, dad, and uncle, the com-mitment to customer service that Tim undoubtedly haslearned from his family will be a great asset as the companyevolves in pursuit of continued success.
  16. 16. Engines deliver beyond the 900,000-mile markThe Small family’s roots run deep in Edenton, N.C.Family-owned Virginia Fork Produce Co. is locatedon land the Smalls have owned since the 1930s.Leonard Small, Sr., who founded the company, was bornin a home (since razed) that once stood on the property.Today, the farm supply, produce and trucking businessis headed by West Small, president, and Leonard Small,Jr., vice-president. Their brother, Don Small, operatesthe family farm, which produces watermelon, peanuts,sweet corn and snap beans sold by the company. WestSmall, Jr. also works for Virginia Fork Produce Co.When the company began in 1970, the primary sourceof income was peanuts. The product was purchased fromarea farmers, dried, and then sold to peanut processingcompanies. The company expanded with the purchaseof adjacent farmland, which was used to grow produce,cotton and peanuts. “That’s how we started trucking, byhauling our own product,” said Leonard.In the summer months, the company’s trucks primar-ily haul their own produce. Other months, the rigs haulproduce, meat, frozen food, like shrimp, and a varietyof other products. “We started that to give the truckssomething to do in the winter,” Leonard said.The company owns two long-distance tractors, and alocal truck that generally stays within a 200-mile radiusof Edenton. The long-distance rigs work primarily alongthe East Coast and in the Midwest.Virginia Fork Produce Co. also employs 10 owner-operators who work as private contractors for the company.“They haul for us for three months, and we arrange loadsfor them during the other nine months,” said West.Cat PowerAll three company-owned tractors are Kenworth (twoT600s and a T800). All of the tractors are powered byCat®C15 engines (475 hp). “Kenworth and Cat enginestogether seem to be the best combination for the workGoing the Distance12
  17. 17. that we do,” Leonard said. “The C15s have plenty ofhorsepower, and good mileage.”The company’s first Cat engine was purchased in 1980,and Virginia Fork Produce Co. has run Cat power exclu-sively since that time. Power, performance, and excellentdealer support have kept the company loyal to Caterpillar.The two tractors that the company currently utilizesto run long-distance routes have both exceeded 900,000miles. That’s the kind of performance that Virginia ForkProduce Co. relies on to deliver product on-time, yearafter year.In the past, the company would have sold or traded ina tractor that hit 900,000 miles. But since the recession,the Smalls have kept tractors longer than that becauseit is less expensive to run an older truck than buying anew one.Compared to buying a new rig, a Platinum PreciousMetals In-frame Overhaul of an engine costs approximately$130,000 less, and is backed by an extended warranty.“That goes a long way in today’s economy,” said Leonard.Virginia Fork Produce Co. had one of the C15 enginesoverhauled last year at Cat Dealer, Gregory Poole EquipmentCo. The engine had run 918,000 miles at the time theoverhaul was done. “We didn’t have any real problemswith the engine,” said West. “We can’t be down, so wedecided to do the overhaul. It’s more expensive to runan engine until it needs an overhaul.”Technicians at Gregory Poole Equipment Co. completedthe work in less than a week. “That was key,” said West.At the same time that technicians did the overhaul,they also replaced the air compressor, oil pump, oil coolerand both turbos. “We knew we hadn’t changed any ofthose things in the years that we owned the trucks,” saidWest. “After 900,000-plus miles, it was time.”All the work is covered by OPT (Overhaul Protectionfor Trucks), which provides extended warranty protec-tion on all components inspected or replaced duringoverhauls. “That shows how confident Caterpillar is intheir products,” Leonard said.The Rest of the StoryThe engine in the other long-distance tractor has run905,000 miles, and it is expected to be overhauled thisyear. “We’ll get to 920,00 to 940,00, and do it,” said West.The Smalls aren’t sure how long they will run thetrucks, but believe the overhauled engines may be goodfor another 900,000 miles.An emphasis on preventive maintenance is key to theengines’ long life. Virginia Fork Produce Co. changes oilevery 20,000 miles. Also, the company makes sure thatCat filters are always used. “We don’t run anything butCat filters,” said West. “They’re so much better than theaftermarket filters. They’re more solid.”As the tractors accumulate more miles, the companyhas started changing the transmission fluid every 250,000miles, which is more often than in the past.Of course, the rigs are the tools that the company usesto make a profit. Drivers are the ones who actually earnthe money. Drivers must be on-time, dependable, andunfailingly polite to customers.The Virginia Fork Produce Co. has been fortunateenough to employ excellent drivers over the years, andthat has been a huge plus to the company’s bottom line.And at Virginia Fork Produce Co., success is a familytradition.“We can’t be down, so we decided todo the overhaul. It’s more expensiveto run an engine until it needs anoverhaul.”– West SmallPresidentLeonard Small, Sr. left, and West Small13
  18. 18. Make MoreMoneyResourceful owners are hedg-ing their bets by investing inexisting trucks, rather thantaking on the high cost of new trucks.This phenomenon has proven to beparticularly beneficial for ownersof trucks powered by Cat®engines.Caterpillar and Cat Dealers are readywith multiple, ready-made solutionsthat make economic sense for youroperation. Precious Metals OverhaulKits for medium- and heavy-duty trucksare proven, very popular options. Forsome owners, Reman engines are theoption of choice.Save 60% to 75%Updating existing trucks runs thegamut from a focus on the engineonly to complete rebuilds includingother driveline components, the cab,interior and repainting. Compared tothe cost of buying new trucks, you cansave 60 to 75 percent of the cost forgreat-performing, warranty-protected,refurbished trucks. Bottom line: you’llhave reliable performers that will helpyou make more money for the nextthree to six years.Some owners of predominantlyCat powered fleets are even purchas-ing used trucks of the same vintageas presently owned with the expresspurpose of rebuilding them. Othersare powering glider kits with over-hauled or Cat Reman engines. YourCat Dealer can help you determine thebest option for your operation basedon the condition of your trucks andengines and your plans for continu-ing to run them another 300,000,500,000 or one million miles.Reasons to RefurbishIn addition to the dramaticallylower costs, owners of Cat poweredmedium- and heavy-duty trucks expressmultiple reasons for continuing to runtheir existing trucks as shown below.To make more money with yourCat powered medium- and heavy-duty trucks, see your Cat Dealer forcomplete details about Precious MetalsIn-frame Overhaul Kits and the fullrange of Cat Reman engines, partsand components.Learn from Your PeersAsking others about their experi-ences running upgraded Cat enginesand refurbished trucks will likely helpyou decide the best approach to maxi-mizing your ROI. Here are some shortexcerpts taken from recent issues ofIntelligent Power that reveal the thoughtprocesses utilized by others.Economics favor rebuiltor Reman engines1. Lengthening the useful lives of their trucks and Cat truck engines2. Adding warranty protection without mileage and hour limitations3. Restoring power and performance to like-new standards4. Increasing fleet reliability5. Achieving better fuel efficiency compared to new trucks6. Receiving favorable rates and terms from Cat Financial7. Avoiding the high costs and financing charges associated with the purchase of new trucks8. Improving the return on the fleet capital investment9. Increasing trade-in or resale value14
  19. 19. Almost Like NewThe NMC Truck Center in Omaha has completed sevenPlatinum Precious Metals In-frame Overhauls. “They’ve donea great job, and we’re glad we have them on our side. You bringin a truck for a major engine overhaul on a Monday, and thattruck is up and running on Thursday. What more can you askfor? Our Cat Dealer is always there to help us.”Mario SilvaPresidentMasil Refrigerated Transport, LLCOmaha, Neb.Peace-of-Mind ProtectionPlatinum Precious Metals In-frame Overhauls at Ziegler Cat are generallycompleted when engines reach 600,000 to 700,000-plus miles. Kohlwesplans to run the 11 rebuilt engines for at least another four years or 400,000miles. “I’m going to overhaul each of these engines at least once. What reallydrives that is the warranty, which is honored at any Cat servicing dealer inthe U.S. and Canada.”Brad KohlwesVP of Heavy HaulArgee Transport Co.Des Moines, IowaStop-and Go DeliveryThe 42 Cat C7 engines poweringthe fleet were purchased in 2006, andhave run an average of approximately100,000 miles. “I think it’s better toreplace everything with a Cat Remanpackage and it’s all covered by war-ranty. It’s a better way to invest ourmoney. This is nothing like over-the-road trucking, where engines will gofor a million miles. Weshoot for 12 years, and200,000 miles.Carver SeayFleet ManagerChesbay DistributingChesapeake, Va.Using Both OptionsIn conditions where dependabilitycan be a lifesaver, Cat engines areproven performers. “With our extremeapplications, we try to draw the lineat 450,000 miles on an engine. Thenwe shut it down and rebuild withPlatinum Precious Metals In-FrameOverhaul Kits.” In addition, tractorsare rebuilt with rolling glider kits,typically powered by Cat Remanengines. The company has completedsix glider kits, so far, and has threemore on order.Terry DavisOperations MaintenanceSupervisorGardener CompaniesLincoln, Me.Going for a Second MillionRing Power completed PlatinumPrecious Metals Overhauls on fourengines. “They’re still great trucksand engines. We ran all of the 2000and 2001 engines well over a millionmiles before we had to do anythingto them. We made the decision tokeep the older trucks and sent themto Ring Power to do the work. Weprefer the Cat engines. It’s what weknow, what we trust.”Carrie PhillipsPresidentDixon Auto Transport, Inc.Jacksonville, Fla.15
  20. 20. Six reasons Cat®Advanced High Efficiency engine oil filtersare the best in the industry:1. Spiral roving and beading creates pleat stability that traps and holds particles2. Properly cured filter media ensures superior performance and long life3. One-piece aluminum base plate delivers long life4. Strong nylon center tubes prevent metal contamination5. Heavy-gauge canister provides structural strength6. One-piece molded urethane end caps eliminate leaksAdd it up, and Cat Advanced High Efficiency engine oil filters provide you withunmatched performance and long life. Call us to schedule your next oilchange or to order oil filters.Squeaky Clean Engines247INTELLIGENT POWER1720 Dolphin Drive Suite DWaukesha, WI 53186-1489