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She likes to give head


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I bought a house in the suburbs. I liked the area I lived in, because it allowed me to go out and ru...

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She likes to give head

  1. 1. She likes to give head I bought a house in the suburbs. I liked the area I lived in, because it allowed me to go out and run with concerns about traffic. After some time running my normal route, one afternoon I caught up with a young woman who was running well. I started to get into step with her and asked if she minded companion. She said it does not matter. We did a few more miles, and then we finally ran back to my house. I found out that his name is Holly. She actually lived a few houses from my place. We were both pouring sweat, so I asked her if she wanted to go inside for a cool drink. I found out that Holly was in her early twenties, she still lived with her parents. I gave her a good looking over. She was tall with long brown hair tied back her when she went out running. We went to my house and I went to the refrigerator to get a few bottles of water. Holly was wet up to her bra. I could see her nipples poking against the shirt that she was wearing. I managed to find out that Holly was the only one and not see anyone at the moment. I was damn horny and I wanted to hit the Holly pretty bad. I thought that gave me the eye as well. There was only one way to find out. I put a water bottle on the floor and I stepped closer to Holly. She put water down as well and we had a kiss there in the kitchen. This is one kiss led to much more. Our bodies pressed together soon and I reached down and put her hand on his chest. Holly let a low moan. I had hoped that this will lead to more. I told her that we should go back to his bedroom. Holly did not seem to have any problems with it. Once we got back into bed we started to undress. Holly had medium sized breasts and nipples were hard, probably because of all the traffic. I quickly got out my running clothes and got on the bed. I pulled Holly near to me. Her nipples pushing into my chest. I lowered my hand and ran my fingers through her sweaty folds. It seemed that Holly is all hot and bothered. It was not long after Holly broke away and pushed me back. She got between my legs and grabbed my dick. I was already half hard when Holly lowered her head and took the shaft in her mouth. It was the moment because every woman gave me head. Holly was soon bobbing up and down on my rod. I pushed my hips up as he sucked my cock all the way down to the root. Soon I felt her one hand grabbed my balls. Damn, that good feeling. Holly sucked on his rod for a few minutes, and then told me to raise my legs up. I felt Holly finger probing ass. She slid her digits into my hole as she continued to make my penis into her neck. I tried to control it. I did not want to cum so soon. Holly had to find his prostate. Her fingers massaged me and my penis felt the urge to let go. Holly jammed another finger in my hole and I could not stand it any longer. I pushed my penis into her mouth as far as I could, and I exploded. Holly's head snapped back shortly. I saw her swallow when I spit the seed of my neck. Holly even lift. She swallowed every hot bunch of my cream I had the belly. I must say that my body was shaking when every drop of me that could. I know that I had a full tank that day. When Holly finally pulled back some of my lost white foam dripping from her lips. "God must be full," she said. She smiled when I tried to get the best head I've had in a long time. Holly got out of bed and went to
  2. 2. the bathroom. She cleaned up the cum that was on her mouth when she returned. "I should go, my parents and I had to go to supper." "Maybe next time we'll run ..." I tried to finish his sentence, but Holly cut off me. "I want you inside me next time," she said. It was in my mind before Holly spoke. Holly put his running clothes. As I walked her to the door and kissed me hard with these cum-stained lips. Off went Holly. I stood at the door naked when I saw her running down the street to his house. She did not want to leave before I got her phone number. Late at night I got a text from her. "Ron, I want to feel like you're deep in my pussy the next time you come."