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Making Love To The Admissions Office -- #heweb14 #tie10


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Enrollment management -- what we all used to know as "admissions" back in the day -- is more data-driven than ever before. The funnel is changing, and communication streams are getting more complex. Ensuring that your web team and enrollment team are on the same page is a great way to make sure that your school is maximizing its potential to enroll the right students. Higher enrollment (yield) = more $$ = more HighEdWeb! (What else are you going to do with that? Hire an assistant?!)

This was session #tie10 in the "Technology in Education" track at HighEdWeb 2014.

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Making Love To The Admissions Office -- #heweb14 #tie10

  1. 1. Making Love To The Admissions Office: Enrollment Management 101 for Web Professionals Chris @cdorso Nicole @nlentine #tie10
  2. 2. ADMISSIONS TERMS 101 “stealth applicant” “buying names” “fast app” “double depositing” “yield” “retention” “student who wants to be a doctor but failed HS biology”
  3. 3. Applications 27,681 26,776 27,466 30,260 33,683 Admits 11,387 10,527 11,023 11,961 13,935 Acceptance Rate 41.1% 39.3% 40.1% 39.5% 41.4% Deposits 3,008 2,744 2,909 2,968 3,141 Yield 26.4% 26.1% 26.4% 24.8% 22.5% Enrolls 2,734 2,517 2,674 2,708 2,852
  4. 4. Thank you! #tie10 Chris D’Orso @cdorso Assistant Director, Enrollment Communications Stony Brook University Nicole Lentine @nlentine Senior Assistant Director, Admissions Champlain College