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Never Been Kissed


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Never Been Kissed

  1. 1. Never Been KissedDirected by Raja GosnellProduced by Sandy IsaacWritten by Marc SilversteinStarring Drew Barrymore David Arquette Michael VartanRunning time 107 minutesCountry United StatesLanguage EnglishBudget $25 million[1]Box office $84,565,230[1]
  2. 2. La película está ambientada en EE.UU en el sur de GlenHigh School fue filmado en la Escuela Secundaria JohnBurroughs situado en la zona de Hancock Park de LosAngeles. Barrimore ganó un premio por su participación enesta interesante film "la actriz más divertida en una películadivertida".
  3. 3. American ska band SpringHeeled Jack U.S.A.submitted a song named"Josie" for the filmssoundtrack.The Simpsons.During thescene, where Josie andAldys are talking to eachother on the football fieldShe Bop" is played During ascene where Josie isremembering her bullying inhigh school.
  4. 4. Aldy’s friend
  5. 5. Mr. Coulson
  6. 6. The cool girls clique
  7. 7. O Rob Jessies brother
  8. 8. O Her editor Rig ford
  9. 9. O This movie is totally cute and awesome.
  10. 10. Trailer Never Been Kissed