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Paradise lost


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Paradise lost

  1. 1. USE OF LANGUAGE IN LITERARY TERMS IN PARADISE LOST Saba Ashraf  Roll # 11021502-032  Bs-English  Semester 5th 
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION     Paradise Lost is an epic poem in blank verse by the 17th-century English poet John Milton. It was originally published in 1667 in ten books, with a total of over ten thousand individual lines of verse. The use of language is supreme and sublime. The language he uses in War like speeches of Satan is another feature of epics. . Through these speeches, the poet actually explains the background and the scenery, the characters themselves speak fully explaining their thoughts, feelings and motives. Milton once again seems at the top, while presenting the war like speeches of Satan, who emerges as a giant leader with all heroic qualities inspiring all the readers . In Book-1
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION the language he uses in Satan first speech shows his leadership qualities.  “What though the field be lost, all is not lost,The unconquered will ……… immortal hate”  The use of similes, metaphors and allusions are another ingredient of epic writing and„Paradise Lost‟ is the best blend of this quality. Especially Book-I can aptly be declared as one of the best example of Milton‟s skill in using similes and metaphors 
  6. 6. LITERATURE REVIEW  Raleigh says “we must remember that Milton poetical style has a greatness and sublimity hardly attained by any other English poet.”  Arnold says “ Milton of all our English race is by his diction and rhythm the one artist of highest rank”
  7. 7. RESEARCH OBJECTIVE My objective is to prove that how the use of language and literary devices by Milton makes his work a master piece of English literature.
  8. 8. RESEARCH QUESTIONS Did Milton "Corrupt our Language"? How much is important the role of language in paradise Lost? What role literary devices plays in Paradise Lost?
  9. 9. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY I have used both methodology qualitative and quantitative.
  10. 10. DATA COLLECTION I have taken the data from Book 1 of paradise Lost.
  11. 11. DATA ANALYSIS Milton wrote Paradise Lost in dignified, lofty, melodic English free of any colloquialisms and slang that would have limited the work's timeliness and universality.  Milton writes in a very elevated, allusive, and dense style.  Milton is often not satisfied with one meaning from a word, but will make it do double duty. Words derived from Latin served this double purpose. To the ordinary reader they convey one meaning and to the scholar they suggest another. This gives a suggestive power to Milton's language 
  12. 12. DATA ANALYSIS o o o o The use of similes, epic similes, imagery and allusions are ingredient of epic writing and 'Paradise Lost‟ is the best blend of this quality. Paradise lost is an epic poem “ an epic is a long narrative poem in elevated style about the exploits of superhuman heroes” one of most characteristic device is his use of similes (; refers to the practice of drawing parallels or comparisons between two unrelated and dissimilar things, people, beings, places and concepts) “ as when a prowmling wolf , whom hunger drives to seek to hunt for prey…”
  13. 13. DATA ANALYSIS A striking feature of Milton's style in Paradise Lost is his use of epic similes. These go far beyond the limits of comparison, and are expanded to draw complete pictures. Satan's huge bulk is compared to the huge Leviathan, who may be mistaken for an island:  created hugest that swim the ocean stream Him, haply slumbering on the Norway foam The pilot of some small night-foundered skiff. 
  14. 14. DATA ANALYSIS Imagery  Milton imagination embrace the whole universe. The world of Paradise Lost is the supernatural world peopled by God, the angles and the devils . Even the adam and Eve, being the inhabitants of paradise.  These supernatural beings best suited to Milton imagery than human beings. 
  15. 15. DATA ANALYSIS Allusion  An essential quality of Milton's poetic style is its allusiveness. He, no doubt pressed to the service of his poetry all that he observed in life and nature; but his vision was often coloured by his knowledge.  Classical and Biblical allusions are most abundant. 
  16. 16. DATA ANALYSIS Dr. Johnson called attention to the peculiarity of Miltonic diction saying that it is so far removed from common use that an unlearned reader when he first opens the book, finds himself surprised by a new language . T.S. Eliot points out, “it is not based upon common speech or common prose, or direct communication of meaning. It violates the accepted rules of English grammar and syntax, so much so that Dr. Johnson said that he "wrote no language".  Many modern critics have condemned Milton's style 
  17. 17. DATA ANALYSIS However, there are many critics who defend Milton against these charges. C.S. Lewis maintains that the essential requirement of an epic style is continuity. Milton produces this stylistic continuity and in order to do this the idiom and rhythm of normal speech have to be altered.  A sane critic is justified in giving these remarks;  “There is nothing in English literature, but Paradise Lost”  According to Matthew “ Milton is the supreme master of the Grand Style” 
  18. 18. CONCLUSION    To conclude it would be very apt to remark that “Paradise Lost” fulfills all the requirements and the convictions laid down by the classics and is one of the best epic ever written in English literature. A sane critic is justified in giving these remarks; “There is nothing in English literature, but Paradise Lost” English literature will remain indebted to Milton for his remarkable and glowing piece of literature for all the ages. Milton following the classical tradition matches his own purpose i.e.“ justifies the ways of God to men” and has transformed the classical secular epic into a theological and universal one. He actually has enriched the epic tradition and it is apt to say that„ Paradise Lost‟ is the best example of the tradition and the individual talent.
  19. 19. REFERENCE  John Milton ,Paradise Lost Book 1, New Kitab Mehal Publications. 2007.Print.