What Is a Customer Service Hero?


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On January 28, 2013, we introduced a new way to define ideal customer service. We had a lot of fun putting together our concept of Hero-Class Customer Service™, a concept that stems from the belief that every delivery of superior customer service involves a hero of some sort.

We thought a Slideshare presentation would be a great way to capture the different qualities that make up Customer Service Heroes.

From Superman to Spiderman, here is what it takes to be Customer Service Hero.

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What Is a Customer Service Hero?

  1. 1. What is aCustomer Service Hero?©Copyright 2013. CTS Service Solutions. All Rights Reserved.By Adam ToporekJune 13, 2013
  2. 2. customersthatstick.comIn 2012, we began searching for a term todescribe customer service that is bothamazing in its quality and impressive in itsdelivery.For years, we had used many of the usualterms…
  3. 3. customersthatstick.com World-class customer service Platinum-level customer service 5-star customer service… but those terms mean different things todifferent people.
  4. 4. customersthatstick.comWe wanted a term that …and…Had a specific meaningWas not overused
  5. 5. customersthatstick.comHero-ClassCustomerServiceTMAnd so was born…
  6. 6. customersthatstick.comSo, what is aCustomer ServiceHero?
  7. 7. customersthatstick.comThe phrase Hero-Class CustomerServiceTM embodies the conceptthat every delivery of superiorcustomer service involves a heroof some sort.
  8. 8. customersthatstick.comIn a world filled with poorservice, administrative hassles,and a digitally-distractedpopulace, the attention and focusgreat customer service reps givetheir customers makes themheroic…
  9. 9. customersthatstick.comHere are the qualities of aCustomer Service Hero.Coincidentally, many of ourfavorite superheroes have thesame qualities…
  10. 10. Impenetrable Skin(Superman)Customer facingprofessionals areoften on the receivingend of anger andblame. CustomerService Heroes musthave a thick skin.
  11. 11. The Right Tools(Batman)Like Batman’s utilitybelt, Customer ServiceHeroes have the toolsat their disposal todeliver a greatcustomer experience.
  12. 12. Invisibility(Invisible Woman)Customer ServiceHeroes have theability to bepresent, withoutbeing seen or heard.
  13. 13. Hyperawareness(Spiderman)Customer ServiceHeroes sense problemsbefore they go too farand take proactiveaction to address thembefore damage isdone.
  14. 14. Ability to Thrive inDifficult Environments(Aquaman)Customer ServiceHeroes have the abilityto thrive inenvironments thatothers cannot -- anddoing so only makesthem stronger.
  15. 15. Secret IdentityCustomer ServiceHeroes know to puttheir professionalcostumes or game-face on when they areon the job.
  16. 16. Super Speed(The Flash)Customer ServiceHeroes are lightningquick. Even when thesolution is not notquick, the responseshould be.
  17. 17. Thrives On a Team(Justice League ofAmerica)Some jobs are too big forone person. Sometimes,even the best CustomerService Heroes cannot doit alone.
  18. 18. customersthatstick.comSo, that’s what it takesto be a CustomerService Hero!Will you be someone’shero today?
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