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Why Uber for X is for Everyone


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Check out our best uber for x apps & launch handyman, laundry, food delivery business etc. Get custom Uber for X script at reasonable prices for iOS & Android with white lable solution. For more info:

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Why Uber for X is for Everyone

  1. 1. Why Uber for X Is for Everyone
  2. 2. What is Uber for X? ➢ “Uber for X” concept, at it's simplest can be defined as generating/ aggregating demand on mobile devices which is then fulfilled by offline service providers. ➢ Uber for X software solution & app has been designed to keep up with the rising need of on-demand service provider solution. ➢ Entrepreneurs looking to kickstart in the on-demand service industry, now have the perfect white label Uber for X platform to use.
  3. 3. The Industries that Uber for X is Disrupting ➢ Transportation & Logistics ➢ Fashion and Style ➢ Food and Grocery Delivery ➢ Beauty and Wellness ➢ Housework ➢ Medical Consultation
  4. 4. Uber for X Key Features ➢ Book or Schedule Service ➢ Live Tracking ➢ Booking History ➢ In app message and calls ➢ Map Integration ➢ Alerts and notifications ➢ Ratings & Reviews
  5. 5. Benefits of owning platform ➢ quality of home service professional ➢ Instant deliveries ➢ more conventional applications ➢ Customizable & Whitelabel ➢ Fastest Time to Market
  6. 6. Uber for X Industry Overview
  7. 7. Developing Uber for x platform for different industries like transportation & logistics, doctor and medical solution, food and grocery, housework, beauty and other industries
  8. 8. If you have a great idea for Uber for X then you need to get your research done and then approach a development company so that they can get you set up and running so that you can give your customers an efficient service.
  9. 9. Contact Us +1(858)427-0668 (Worldwide)