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Loja Travel Guide - JoGuru.Com


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Loja travel guide- Best time to visit is from May to September. La Banda park, Church of Santo Domingo are few attraction to mention here. Find out more about Loja travel on

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Loja Travel Guide - JoGuru.Com

  1. 1. Loja Travel Guide
  2. 2. Weather Forecast For Tourist Any time is Good ! Avoid – June &July
  3. 3. 5 Best Thing To See In Loja Church of Santo Domingo
  4. 4. La Banda Park
  5. 5. Vilcabamba
  6. 6. National Park
  7. 7. The Puerta de la Ciuda
  8. 8. Thank You !To know more on travel destinations, sightseeing, accommodation and reviews visit