Ibm System i On A Power System Case Story North Dallas Bank & Trust


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Ibm System i On A Power System Case Story North Dallas Bank & Trust

  1. 1. Case Story IBM i on a Power SystemBanking on Stability. “Thanks to Clear Technologies our „core‟ banking hardware and software systems upgrade was a huge success.” The Customer: Ron Williams, CIO, North Dallas Bank & Trust Co. North Dallas Bank & Trust Co.Recently reaching the billion dollar mark in assets, North Dallas Bank, a large The Environment:regional bank located in Dallas, Texas, is considered to be one of the safest banks • 1 System i Serverby Bauer Financial, an institution that sparingly grants a 5-star rating to those banksthat passes its independent analysis of the bank’s financials. The bank prides itself • Jack Henry SilverLakeon providing branded exceptional service with integrity and responsiveness. This System®commitment is apparent: their employees have never had to endure layoffs, and • Runs the bank’s coretheir customers have enjoyed 50 years of continued stability. customer services The Challenge: The Challenge • Software upgrade requires newer OS.To prepare for an impending Jack Henry SilverLake System® release, North Dallas • New FDIC requirement onBank had to make certain their current AS/400 system met the software provider’s vendorsnew OS requirement. Unfortunately, they learned that it did not. To make matters • Tight time-constraintmore complicated, they recently reached a billion dollars in assets, which meant • Stable, efficient, andthat each of their vendors had to meet certain stringent FDIC requirements. “In reliable.the matter of a couple of weeks, we found out that our AS/400 had to bereplaced and that we would need to change the IBM reseller we had used in the The Solution:past to implement and service our system…In the back of my mind I knew our • IBM i on a Power Systememployees and customers access rely on the banking applications that run on our • Solid State Drives (SSD)AS/400 everyday…I wondered how we were going to be able to have a seamless • Hardware implementationtransition…” said Cathy Thornton, Vice President Information Systems. • Deep System i expertise • Cost Containment The Solution“We decided to upgrade from our current AS/400 to IBM’s latest version of theSystem i hardware because of our confidence in its speed, reliability, and most ofall, dependability,” said Cathy Thornton, “the only missing piece was to find avalue-added reseller to install it without any service disruption and eventuallyservice the hardware.” Ultimately, they chose Clear Technologies.“We were immediately impressed by Clear Technologies professionalism and levelof expertise, and most importantly, their willingness to ensure a seamless transitionof our core systems” said Ron Williams. The end result is that the transition was ahuge success, “…normally this type of transition would be nerve-wracking, but For more information www.ClearTechnologies.netClear’s team was able to anticipate and minimize pitfalls, which in the end, or call 972.906.7500ensured a successful project,” said Cathy Thornton, “…we are most definitely ahappy and satisfied customer.” About UsSince 1993, our customers have relied on us to meet their hardware needs. Today, ourcustomers look to us to increase their organizational effectiveness by providingcontinuity, infrastructure, security, and virtualization solutions.