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Hearing and Your Balance


Published on It’s important to note that dizziness is also a symptom of many serious medical conditions.

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Hearing and Your Balance

  1. 1. Hearing and Your Balance At first thought, hearing disorders and balance may not seem to be related, but problems with the inner ear can be the cause of both. Inside the temporal bone there is a knot of fluid-filled bony tubes called the bony labyrinth. If there’s an imbalance of fluid inside the bony labyrinth the result can be dizziness and other problems with equilibrium. Because the cells that make hearing possible also reside in the bony labyrinth, some hearing disorders stem fromirregularities there.It’s important to note that dizziness is also a symptom of manyserious medical conditions. Anyone experiencing dizziness alongwith a feeling of weakness, chest pain, nausea, sweating, headtrauma or shortness of breath should seek medical attentionimmediately. Once your doctor has ruled out any other healthconcerns, he may recommend a hearing specialist.A hearing specialist is not only trained to diagnose and treathearing disorders but can also diagnose and treat balanceproblems. Through testing he can detect what is causing theimbalance and how it is impacting other functions such as visionand hearing. The most common test a hearing specialist mayconduct for a patient complaining of dizziness is theElectronystagomogram or ENG. Choice Hearing Center (330) 556-4249 Hearing Aid Dover Blog
  2. 2. The ENG includes three parts and several subtests. The threemain parts are Oculomotor Analysis where the patient will beasked to perform several visual tasks, Positional Testing wherethe patient will be placed in a variety of body positions to see ifdizziness occurs and Caloric Stimulation which includes directtesting of the ear canal. The evaluation will determine if dizzinessis being caused by a systemic, central or peripheral disorder.Fasting and abstaining from medications and other substancesare necessary to prepare for the test. Due to the physicalpositioning required during the test, women may be morecomfortable wearing pants and low heels.Obviously, treatment for dizziness depends on the cause. Whenhearing loss accompanies equilibrium problems, a hearing devicemay be recommended as part of the treatment plan. Medications,physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, lifestyle changes orsurgery are some of the recommendations a hearing specialistmay make.Ignoring dizziness not only puts you at risk for a fall, it may meanyou are also ignoring a serious condition. If you or someone youlove is suffering with dizziness and hearing loss, speak with yourdoctor or a hearing specialist. Today there are so manytreatments and devices available to help with hearing andbalance disorders that there’s no reason to continue suffering. Choice Hearing Center (330) 556-4249 Hearing Aid Dover Blog
  3. 3. Evaluations like the ENG are painless and your hearingprofessional will answer any questions you have beforescheduling the test.Source: Choice Hearing Center (330) 556-4249 Hearing Aid Dover Blog