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360stratego Executive Summary

  1. 1. 360stratego The Challenge In today’s Economy, more effectiveness and efficiency is a must for any company. Because Marketing & Communication activities represent between 7 and 30% on average of most companies’ turnover, this department will need to continue delivering even stronger Brand Demand at lower costs possible. At the same time, the universe of touch points (contacts) brands can use to connect with their consumers or prospects has massively increased. This is making the choice for marketers more complicated. Even more, the output metrics are coming from so many different sources that it is impossible for marketers to compare the effectiveness and efficiency of each of these activities. The Mission 360stratego helps companies optimizing their marketing and communication budget in order to deliver more Brand Demand with same or less costs. How: Single Currency 360stratego is an authorised representative of the Market Contact Audit® or MCA® owned and developed by Integration Marketing and Communication Ltd. The MCA Metrics are referenced as Best Practice and Industry Standard in Marketing Measurement: • The ARF Research Review of Integration's Market ContactAudit Methodology • MCA validation undertaken by Amitava Chattopadhyay, Professor of Marketing at INSEAD • ANA Marketing Accountability Task Force Findings • Corporate Executive Board The MCA Metrics are comparing the effectiveness of any touch point being from:  Mass Media: TV ad, radio, outdoor, magazines,...  Digital: website, email newsletters, portals, social networks,…  POS: poster in stores, packaging, sales representative,…  Indirect: recommendation from a friend, from a doctor, from mothers,…  1-to-1: sample received at home, direct mail, coupons received in magazine,…  Sponsoring: cultural, musical, sports events,… Combined with their respective costs, we can assess the efficiency of each touch point; decide which activities to continue/stop/start and optimize marketing and communication costs overtime. The MCA Metrics are also reporting how consumers are experiencing each brand in a given category. This is an essential metric as each brand will have a score which represents the outcome of all their integrated marketing and communication activities; importantly, we can also look at each touch point in isolation to understand which activity is contributing the most to building their Brand Experience. Finally, the MCA Metrics are strongly correlated to Market Shares (average 80% and above) and any deviation would mean a change in Marketing Mix performances. For example, if a brand has generated many interactions with its consumers but that it did not translate into market shares, it means that the Brand Demand has been growing but that other elements of the marketing mix have become less competitive … in this case, more communication budget would certainly not resolve the business issue… 360stratego – Executive Summary - September 2009 1
  2. 2. 360stratego How: Customized Process “What is measured, improved” (Peter Drucker) and having robust Marketing Metrics like MCA Metrics is one thing, but there is also the need for a process to be put in place in order to be able to act upon the MCA Metrics and manage its Marketing and Communication budget effectively and efficiently. 360stratego has a customized process based on clients’ needs and organization capability: • if the client can identify a MCA Leader inside its organization, 360stratego will coach and train him/her so that he/she can become the MCA expert inside the company. • if the client does not have the resource to appoint a MCA Leader, 360stratego will lead the process involving potentially: Project Management Training / Coaching of stakeholders Data Collection (cost per contact, market shares) Reporting of Diagnostics Actions Recommendations Marketing, Communication, Advertising and Media agencies debriefing Results The MCA® has been used across more than 23,000 brands among 560,000 consumers across more than 200 categories in 90 markets. It has been used by 65 of the world’s top 100 brands and this is what some MCA users say: Integration's MCA is an innovative tool that addresses an urgent need of the industry: It analyses the whole communication portfolio in a category from a consumer point of view. It also looks at the ROI of the various activities and thus helps making marketing accountable. And it's no magic. It is based on a simple and solid consumer interview, from which a wealth of data is derived. Hans Ulrich Krause, Global Media Research, Procter & Gamble MCA is a unique model to measure the impact of our marketing communications activities on the consumers' brand experience. It complements researches aimed to measure the brand image in order to have a comprehensive view of marketing communications activities effects; The metrics are simple and easy to share with managers from different backgrounds; MCA can be used as a platform to manage the marketing communications in an integrated way; Based on MCA results, we modified our marketing plan in a selected market by identifying areas of brand experience relevant to the consumers: The sales in the period for the specific products grew by 30% and positive changes were measured for "trustworthiness" and "good quality products" in our brand tracking; Last but not least, Integration is a very professional and dedicated team that can support the client from the outset of the research to the implementation of the learnings. Vincenzo BRUGALETTA, Global Integrated Communication Manager Indesit Company For more information and/or for case studies Please contact C. Guillick, Managing Director - 360stratego (cguillick@360stratego.com) or visit our website www.360stratego.com 360stratego – Executive Summary - September 2009 2
  3. 3. 360stratego All rights to the Market Contact Audit ® ( MCA® ) belong to Integration Marketing & Communications Limited . 360stratego is a representative of the MCA and is authorized to use the MCA materials. 360stratego – Executive Summary - September 2009 3