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Jimmy key ss 2011 presentation


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Published in: Lifestyle
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Jimmy key ss 2011 presentation

  1. 1. 2011 Spring & Summer Themes *Reflections (Spring) *Maverick (Summer) *Toxic Dreams (Hot Summer)
  2. 4. Embroideries, Transparents, Metalic and Shiny Fabrics. Old looking jeans, Piece dyed pants and Vintage Men’s Shirts.
  3. 7. A Country Style Small Flowers Bıg Pockets Patchworks Maxı Dresses Checks Shırts and Shorts wıth Patterns Old Lookıng Jeans
  4. 10. Looser and Boheme Fits Coloured Prints Patterned Fabrics Shınny Colours Asimetric Blouses Loose Pants Trıcots wıth big holes