We both love to ski and both want to try          I am a practicing Christian, but have been dating  snowboarding next win...
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Dating dumb & smart statement cards


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Dating dumb & smart statement cards

  1. 1. We both love to ski and both want to try I am a practicing Christian, but have been dating snowboarding next winter. We are serious a guy who is Muslim. I really like him but it reallyabout school and both read a lot, but we like to bothers me when he refers to Jesus as simply a party and have fun too. “prophet.” He says if I really love him, I’ll convert. I’m into heavy metal; she’s into her parent’s I’m not ready for sex and it goes against myoldies. It bugs me how optimistic she is about beliefs. My partner tells me I’m uptight. everything. She likes talking about politics,which I think is a bore. But she’s hot and when I really want her to like me. I think if I act like I we kiss it’s awesome. know a lot about what she’s into, she’ll like me back.I’m really active and love being outside. He’s a couch potato and pretty quiet. I like to try new I don’t have to be perfect. I am who I am. There things and he never seems to want to. We are things that I do want to improve aboutmostly just watch videos when we’re together. myself. But my motto is like me for who I am. But I think he’s really cute and I like all the attention and affection. My boyfriend is so cute. But I don’t like whom he hangs with or how he dresses. I think I can We both tend towards the “glass is half full, change him, though. not half empty” attitude towards life and lookon the bright side. Even though the pressures are there, we’re both deciding to hold off on At first I thought she’d never like me if she knew sex. We both believe sex is a big deal. After I was friends with Nick, who everyone thinks iswe finish high school is a better time to make weird. But Nick and I have been friends since we those decisions. were kids. I couldn’t pretend not to be friends with him just to seem cool to her.I really value self-control and honesty, but my girlfriend seems to live from moment-to- I know he’d like me to be part of his crowd, but I moment without thinking about how her just don’t feel comfortable around his friends. actions hurt and affect others. They are way too fast and I have to pretend I’m someone I’m not around them. It doesn’t feel right. I don’t think this relationship is going to I really don’t want to have sex. I’m not ready work.and it goes against my beliefs. But my partner tells me everyone’s doing it and I’m justuptight. I guess I should just get over it and go ahead and do it. DUMB/SMART STATEMENTSMy religious beliefs are very important to me. My girl/boy friend isn’t very religious, but respects me and shows a real interest in finding out about my beliefs.