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How to assess the business viability of a lifescience technology

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Dynomics consulting services

  1. 1. Biotech and medtech consultants for venture funds, industry and tech transfer offices.Services1. CONSULTING Product or Technology Assessment Comprehensive assessment of all aspects concerning the business opportunity of your biotech or medtech technology. We partner with key experts in each field, and provide a range of services for your project analysis: 1.a. Draft Assessment. 1.b. Product viability. 1.c. Business Plan. A 2-week qualitative A 2-month complete assessment A 4-month complete assessment assessment interviewing key with secondary data, interviewing involving field experts, primary internal researchers. The key internal researchers, and a market research of key players basic check for early stage thorough analysis of publicly and KOLs, providing a full road technologies. available information. The must- map and business plan. The basis have for preparing spin-outs and for raising significant venture obtaining seed funding. funding. Lifescience Corporate Strategy Also, if you are an established corporation and want to enter the biotech and medtech sectors, or improve your current position, we can assist you in developing the best strategy that fits your company capabilities.2. FINANCING Venture Fund Strategy If you want to create a successful venture fund in the lifescience arena, we help you designing the strategy and connecting you with national and international strategic investors. We have worked successfully with tech transfer funds, accelerator funds and later-stage venture funds. Start-up Fund Raising If your product or technology has been successfully analyzed by us, we can assist you in obtaining public and private funding, connecting you with a broad investors’ network and coaching you during the process.3. INTERIM MANAGEMENT If you are a start-up or want to spin-out a company in the biotech and medtech sectors, we can act as interim CEO and implement an early strategy until consolidation. Your opportunity to access experienced management in a capital efficient and flexible way to get your business off the ground.
  2. 2. Biotech and medtech consultants for venture funds, industry and tech transfer offices.Track RecordTruly international. Working experience based in the USA, Germany, the UK and Spain, with a truly internationalapproach. Managed multinational teams of experts.Real world experience. Lead launch strategy for multiple new products globally. Integrate technology, IP, clinicaldevelopment, CMC, regulatory, PRA & marketing.Business Development. Closed licensing deals of up to $300mn. Out-licensing and in-licensing experience.Pipeline prioritization. Target product profiling, valuation and risk assessment.Consulting expertise. More than 30 products analyzed to date in biotech and medtech, for multinationals,startups and tech transfer offices. Focus on disruptive innovation technologies.Broad professional network. Broad national and international network of investors and professionals in thesector. Raised over €30 million in venture capital in the past.Partnerships We are the lifescience advisors for the IESE Business Angels & Family Office Network. We have an exclusivity agreement with ONE to ONE as Lifescience Industry Experts with access to all their corporate finance expertise. We act as business advisors for m+vision, the consortium between the MIT and the Madrid Region to support joint innovation in medical devices. We collaborate with TTS Ltd in creating and developing outstanding international tech transfer events, like the TTS Biomedtech 2013. We are members of the Biospain’s Investment Jury, to help them evaluate new biomedical technologies.
  3. 3. Biotech and medtech consultants for venture funds, industry and tech transfer offices.Examples of technologies analyzed to date Pharma/Biotech Advanced Therapies Medical DevicesPDE5 inhibitor for treatment of Dendritic cell autologous Multiparametric microchip forpulmonary arterial vaccines loaded with tumor detection of biofilms inhypertension. antigen for cancer treatment. implanted catheters.Estrogen receptor β for Cultured autologous Impedimetric sensor device fortreatment of BPH. melanocytes on a nanofiber endotoxin detection. scaffold for vitiligo treatment.ADP receptor inhibitor for Flat electrode arrays fortreatment of acute coronary Biodegradable nanofiber cochlear implant atraumaticsyndrome. polymer for direct surgery. chemotherapy delivery inPDE5 inhibitor for treatment of glioblastoma treatment . Interactive real-time platformbenign prostatic hyperplasia. for biological soft tissue LSCD corneal regeneration with mechanical behaviourRNA‐sequencing biomarkers for simulation. limbal tissue cultured oncancer diagnosis and prognosis. polymeric scaffolds. Magnetic resonanceDNA marker-based kit to predict Biodegradable drug eluting elastography system to improverectal cancer response to stents with nanofiber polymers. brain imaging.neoadjuvant RCT. Robotic computer assisted Wound healing nanofiberPDE5 inhibitor for treatment of surgery for transpedicular spine bandages with drug deliveryPeyronie’s disease. fixation. technology.WRAPUP©. Our proprietary product assessment approach Relevant Is there a real unmet need for your tech today? Profitable Unique How profitable and cashable is it? Will it stay competitive in the future? What Achievable Protectable What risks & barriers may prevent success? Can it be protected from copyists?
  4. 4. www.dynomicsbmt.com Now follow us at: