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Proof of coverage_pdf_9392240


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Proof of coverage_pdf_9392240

  1. 1. 10/26/2011Lockton Risk Services 800-803-9552P.O. Box 410679Kansas City, MO 64141-0679 Gemini Insurance Company 10833Bruce Carmichael - Advantage Inspection42-335 Washington Street Ste. F #15Palm Desert, CA 92211A Professional VKPL010168 11/06/2011 11/06/2012 Aggregate $1,000,000 Liability Each Claim Limit $1,000,000 Claims Made Policy Retro Date: 5/18/06 Deductible $1,500***See Attachment for Additional Coverage Information*** Proof of Coverage9392193 1111157
  2. 2. AGENCY CUSTOMER ID: 1111157 LOC#: ADDITIONAL REMARKS SCHEDULE Page 1 Of 1AGENCY NAMED INSUREDLockton Risk Services Bruce Carmichael - Advantage Inspection Professionals, LLCPOLICY NUMBER: VKPL010168CARRIER NAIC CODEGemini Insurance Company 10833 EFFECTIVE DATE: 11/06/2011ADDITIONAL REMARKSTHIS ADDITIONAL REMARKS SECTION IS A SCHEDULE TO ACORD FORM,FORM NUMBER: ACORD 25 FORM TITLE: Certificate of Liability Insurance LIMITS Each Claim Limit - Jobsite Premises $1,000,000 Limited Mold Inspection Coverage - Aggregate Limit $100,000 Limited Mold Inspection Coverage - Each Claim Limit $100,000 Proof of Coverage as Respects to Work Performed by Named Insured.homeinspcert